Christina Frost: We Meet Aagain *Zayn Malik/1D FanFic*

Christina Frost is a normal 17 year old. Her brother Zayn Malik is in a band called 1D and they both havn't seen each other since Zayn had go on Xfacter. Now while Christina is going on a job intervivew, she finds out shes going to be 1D asistant manager. What will happen to Zayn and Christina? Will Christina fall in love with one of the lads? Will he break Christina heart? Find out here.


2. Job interview -PART 1

 I got awaken from the sound of my alarm clock. My job interview was less then an hour away, I needed to get ready now. I got up from my beds and made myself to the bathroom. I took a good 5 minute shower bathing myself and washing my hair. I did my hair first so i wouldn't ruin my cloths. I blow dry it and left it down like I always have. I went back into my room to change into my work outfit that I brought 2 weeks ago. It was a nice white blouse, black slacks, and black 2- inch heels. Yes, i know am a 17 year old but i have to look my best to get the job, right?

 After I was done, I went downstairs to greet my mother with a morning kiss on the cheek. "Morning mom". I cheerfully said with a smile. Mom had made me orange juice, pancakes, eggs, and bacon. "Morning love, i remeber how every morning you and Zayn would race each other down to see who ate the fastest"' She said with a small smile before turning back to her coffee. "Dont worry mom, he will come back. Just wait". I said trying to give her a smile. I hurry up and ate the rest of my food and grab my black purse and went to my car. "Bye mom! I'll text you if i get the job". I said while walking out the door. "Bye sweetie, good luck". Was all i heard before walking out.

 I had a brand new red car that mom had gotten me for my 16 birthday. I never drove it since. But, this is the day i can ride it. I got in and buckle my self. I look at my notes to this address where the job interview was at. After 20 minutes of driving,I got to the interview. I look at my paper to see if I had the right address. Yep, I did. Well here it goes. I walked into the building and let me tell you, it was huge. I made my self to the elevators with 2 blond haired girls getting in to. I was playing around with my phone until I heard one of the girls spoke. "I can't wait! I hope I get this job! Harry will be mine once and for all". She squealed. "Omg! Me too! I can finally have my Nial!". The other blonde hair said.

A/N: Hey guys! Chrissy here! So, there might be 2 or 3 parts to this chapter! Please don't be mad..I just love to give alot of details to help the reader understand better. Well I hope you like this chapter, I ben daydreaing how i should do it.



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