Can You Feel My Heart

This is a Bring Me The Horizon fan fiction.. I love them:')
Yeah.. Um, there is some swearing used in this xD If you don't like it, don't read it.


1. Chapter One

My lungs were hurting from screaming and singing so loudly. It didn’t even feel real. I felt like I was going to faint. He looked at me. This is the best day of my life. Wow. This is amazing. I’m so glad I found out about these amazing people. They saved my life.


"Ash!" I heard someone call my name. "Ash!"

I opened my eyes.

"Ash! Wake up!" My mum was sat next to me.

I sat up slowly. I really want to see them in six months.. I can’t stop thinking about it.

"What?" I asked.

"Guess what?" She seemed excited.

"What? Oh God.. You didn’t get me another weird.. Thing from work?" I rolled my eyes.

We both giggled a bit.

"No..." She had a massive smile on her face. I noticed her hands were behind her back. "Look.."

She showed me what she was holding.

I almost screamed. Oh. My. God.


I hugged her tightly, excited.


I went downstairs and had a quick breakfast. When I ran back upstairs, I could hear my sister singing along to Justin Bieber.

"Turn that shit off," I yelled at her as I walked past her open door, which she then slammed shut.

I was laughing as I skipped back to my room.

I put Bring Me The Horizon on shuffle and opened my wardrobe. I picked out my Drop Dead ‘Eat Shit And Drop Dead’ tee – Male, because it’s baggier. I also took my skinny jeans off their shelf and my Dr Martens.

I love this outfit so much. I put some make up on, making sure my eyes looked dark. Then I straightened my hair. Well, my hair is quite short. So I decided to style it like L from Death Note. I love that anime.

I looked okay. I tidied my room, well.. By ‘tidied my room’ I mean threw everything in the wardrobe. Now the wardrobe looked a mess. But did I really care? No. I stared at all my posters, I have no idea how many there were.

I put my wristbands on – all 17 of them. Well, some were bracelets. One of my bracelets was part of ‘The Bracelet Project’ it had blue, orange and yellow beads on it. I wore it all the time, along with my All Time Low wristband and my own handmade Metallica wristband. I didn’t really need a Bring Me The Horizon one because I had so many other BMTH things.

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