In Your Dreams

"'Sometimes I just hate her!' She yelled, slammimg her foot on the gas. It all went black, and I've been here ever since," I told the boy sitting next to me. "So, where are we anyways?" I asked. This place was weird.

"Oh, we're just in your dreams."

Anna was diagnosed semi-comatose after her best friend got them into a car crash. Now, she's in the land of her dreams. But, what will she do when she realizes, she's stuck there?


1. Parties and Crashes

  "You wanna go to a party?" Lynn asked, showing me her phone. Apparently, it was another one of Kalie's parties. Kalie, oh Kalie, why do you throw so many parties, get so drunk, and other things? I'd never know.

  "What time is it?" I asked, still putting the top coat on my nails.  

  "Ten-thirty," She said, pointing to my clock, "Lets go! It'll be so much fun!" She coaxed. She knew I wasn't going to budge. She's my wild child, and I'm her wallflower. "And, you'll probably see Jeremy there, too."

  "Fine, just to get you to shut up," I laughed. So I've liked Jeremy for a while now. I just don't want her to broadcast it to our entire grade. So, I went along, and opened my closet.

  "What should I wear?" I asked, pulling my two favorites. One was a studded dress (with matching bracelet, and earrings.), and TRUFFLE Suedette Platform Wedge Ankle Boots. The other was a coral floral dress, white denim jacket, nude pumps, and matching bracelets and earrings.

  "One, of course. It's a party, duh." She explained picking up the dress I'd just put down. "And, I can rock coral better than you can." She said, flattering herself, as usual. "That, and Jeremy would just eat you-"

  "Okay, I get the idea!" I said, grabbing my stuff, and shooing her into my closet to change. Five minutes later, we stood in front of my mirror, doing our hair. "Are you sure I should curl it?" I asked. "It'll only un-curl."

   "If your so insistant on looking worse than you should, then hand me the curler. " She whined. "But if your going to leave your hair like that, you might want to put this on." She said, tossing me a beanie. I'd adjusted it onto my head, and grabbed the keys from my bag. 

  "Lets go!"She said, turning the curler off. She always looked good, even when the rain messes up her hair, she looks good. We ran down the stairs, and slammed the door behind us, before sliding into my car. we slid into the car, and turned the ignition. Tonight was going to be amazing. 


  Pulling to Kalie's driveway wasn't as hard as I expected it to be. The partiers actually cleared a path big enough for the car to squeeze through this time. Last time, everyone was dancing, or passed out drunk in her driveway.  The front door swung open, and the football team came flooding out to greet Lynn, and ignore me, like always. 

  Lynn's an amazing friend, and she's really sweet. But everyone likes her, even me, the kind of person to hate that person. Being Lynn's friend actually has some perks. We get invited to all of the parties, cheerleader sleepovers (courtesy of Lynn), and every summer, Lynn throws a huge movie night with all of the populars. And, if Lynn goes somewhere, she's bound to drag me with her.

  "Here comes the party queen!" One of the boys shouted, and everyone clapped. Lynn took a gentle step out of the car, and waited for me to come around the side. "and friend." He added, trying not to sound rude.

  "And friend is right." She muttered, "What idiots."

  "I know. We gotta find Kalie." I replied.

  "And Jeremy. I haven't seen him in so long," She added, laughing a little, "Is he still cute? I heard he got a bad haircut."

  "No," I said linking arms with her, and leading her around Kalie's house, "His haircut wasn't bad. And, what do you think I think?" I said, trying a tad of sarcasm.

  A single glance back, and I run into someone. Of course.  I looked up, and I'd suddenly realized my mistake. It was Jeremy.

  Even worse, he was holding Kalie on his back. I looked behind me, and there were the stairs. 

  "Excuse me, sorry." He mumbled, carrying her through the crowd. We all knew what was going on, and my crush on him ended in that moment. 

  "Ooh, you ran into your future boyfriend!" Lynn teased, "So, what'd he say?" 

  I faced her, and plainly said : "I will never date that filthy piece of pond scum. " and let go.


  I sat in the passengers seat, as Lynn drove us back to my house. "I should've known this was going to happen." I said, the tears still running down my cheeks. Lynn patted my back, one hand on the wheel. 

  "It's okay, Anna. I shouldn't have thought of going to that party. Kalie's always stirring trouble." She said, catching a hint of anger in her voice. "Sometimes I just hate her!" She yelled, slammimg her foot on the gas.

  We would've been fine if we weren't on a busy street. But we were. 

  We jerked forward, the windshield shattered, sending glass flying. The air bag hit Lynn in the neck, and she sat there, unmoving. 

  And then, I saw nothing but black, cold, darkness.

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