Is It Love? Or Am I Dreaming?

Brianna has had a hard life. She cuts. Suicide attempts 5. She has been bullied. Her father walked out on her and her brother. Her mother is always busy. And she's been through abusive relationships. She doesn't believe in love. Whenever she falls in love, she just ends up hurt. Her only friend, Kristy, is always there for her. And Kristy and her 10-year-old brother, Greyson, are the only one that she cares about. But will that change when she meets none other than Louis Tomlinson?
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3. Chapter 3

*Louis's POV*

"Brianna?" I asked questionably. She looked up with wide eyes.

"Oh. Em, hey Lou." she finally spoke

"You guys know each other?" someone spoke. I looked down and noticed what I think is her little brother.

"Em yeah he just goes to my school." She spoke.

"Lou who is it?" I heard my mum say walking towards the door "Why hello! Come in! Come in!"

"Um hi Mrs. Tomlinson-"

"Please call me Jo." mum said cutting her off.

"Well. Hi Jo. I'm Brianna and this is Greyson." she said pointing to her brother. "And we em brought cookies for a welcome gift!" she spoke.

"Oh why thank you! That was so nice of you." mum said. "So you two know each other."

"Yeah mum she goes to my school." I said and looked back at Brianna. I noticed a bandage wrap around her wrist. Did she harm herself? No. She couldn't have. She looked at me and noticed what I was staring at.

"Well um again. Welcome to the neighborhood. We better get home now." She spoke breaking the silence.

"Thanks again Brianna!"

"No problem at all." she said with a smile and left.

*Brianna's POV*

"What was that about!" Greyson yelled.

"Shh. I'll explain it inside." I said moving him along. We finally got inside and I shut the door.

"Now explain!" Greyson yelled.

"He's a guy that goes to my school. That's it."

"They why were you acting all weird?"

"It was awkward seeing him as my neighbor! What do you expect?!"

"Whatever Bri. I'll never understand you and your weird ways!"

"And no ever will!" I yelled. Grey just let out a small laugh. "Now go get to bed." I said kissing the top of his head.

"Okay. Night sis."


I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock blaring in my ear. I hit the top of it and rubbed my eyes. I slowly got up grabbed my phone and went to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth quickly. I stripped my pajamas off and turn on the water. I placed my phone in my iHome and pressed play. 'Curse' by Imagine Dragons started playing I hummed along to it waiting for the water to cool down. I looked down at my arm and saw the bandage. I sighed and pulled it of and threw it in the trash. I went in the shower and started to sing along to the words. I heard pounding at the door.

"You'll get wrinkles!" Greyson yelled. I just rolled my eyes. I winced as the water hit my wrist. I just finished up and turned the water of. I hopped out of the shower and wrapped the towel around me. I grabbed my phone and walked out. I went into my closet and looked for a shirt. I grabbed my 'Hakuna Matata' shirt and a pair of jeans. Even if its boiling I'm not going to risk anyone seeing the scars on my thighs. I can just cover my wrist with a bandage or bracelets. I got dressed quickly and brushed my hair

"Hurry up!" Greyson yelled pounding my door.

"Almost ready!" I yelled putting my converse on. I quickly ran to the bathroom and wrapped my wrist. I walked out of the bathroom and I grabbed my phone and headphones and walked out the door.

"About time!" Grey yelled.

"Hey it was earlier than yesterday!" I yelled. He just rolled his eyes and shook his head. I grabbed a banana and finished it and we walked out the door.

*Louis's POV*

I walked inside the school and got stares from people. I just rolled my eyes and walked to Mr. Higgins room. I glance over to Brianna's seat and saw it empty. Hmm. Class started and about five minutes later Brianna walked in.

"Late Miss Marks?"

"Um s-sorry I slept in and I had to walk my brother to school." he just nodded his head. Brianna walked over to her seat and sat down. I didn't even get a glance. She payed attention to the lesson the entire time and scribbled notes in her notebook. And as soon as the bell rang she got up and ran out the door. I looked at Kristy. I gave her a questioning look and she just shrugged.


I made my way over to the canteen (cafeteria). I got my lunch and walked over to the table we sat at yesterday. I only saw Kristy sitting there. I sat down. "Where's Brianna?"

"I don't know." she said. "She's been so distant lately. Like she is keeping secrets from me." she said. I noticed her eyes were red like she had looked like she had been crying.

"Kristy. Don't worry. She's your best friend. She'll open up to you."

"I'm not so sure about that."


"When we first met we were six. Then something happened when her dad walked out on her when she was 10 it took her two years to open up. Two years Louis. I don't think she'll open up about this ever."

"What do you think is wrong with her."

"She's not the same Brianna. She was so happy, cheerful. Then she felt like she had to grow up fast. She wasn't ever the same. She became serious. And depressed. Her mum is always out and she always has to be the bigger one. The one in charge. The strong one. But she's just a piece of glass. Ready to be shattered any minute." she spoke. I was speechless.


*Brianna's POV*

I skipped lunch cause I knew what was coming for me. So I just went up to the library. I put my headphones in and started to look for a book. The song 'You're Gonna Go Far Kid' by The Offspring came on. I kind of hummed along and looked for a book. I found 'The Last Song' Eh it'll do I guess. I went up to check out. I got the book and started reading while walking through the halls. I got to my locker and entered the combination. I opened it and grabbed my schedule and pencil pouch. I looked at my schedule. Music! Yes! I started walking through the halls and looked for the classroom. I kept on reading the book. Wow I have something in common with this girl. Her father walked out on her too. I found the class and sat outside and waited for the lunch hour to be over. I kept on reading the book. I bell finally rang I stood up and all the people came flying out of the room. When that rush hour was over I walked in and saw a man about in his thirties guessing he was my music teacher.

"Hi I'm Mr. Collins and you are?"

"Er. I'm Brianna Marks. I wasn't able to attend class yesterday because I er, wasn't feeling well and  went home early." not a total lie.

"Okay well you can have a seat right up front here." He pointed to a seat. "We didn't have any assignments today but we do have one started today and you may have partners if you want to." he spoke. I nodded my head and he walked outside. I looked around the room and saw a piano. There wasn't anyone in the room yet so I ran over to it. I played a c chord. In perfect tune. I started playing the chords for 'Titanium'. I didn't notice anybody watching until I heard clapping. I saw Mr. Collins clapping. I jumped and stood up.

"Oh I'm sorry. I just-"

"No need to be." he said cutting me off "That was amazing. Titanium was it?" he asked. I nodded my head. "You have a great talent." I smiled

"Thank you." I said and sat down. Then people started rolling in. I saw Louis walk in. My never ending luck. Then I saw Rebecca follow him. Amazing. Just fantastic. Louis sat in the row behind me about two seats down from mine. Rebecca sat right next to him. I just rolled my eyes and waited for class to start. Mr. Collins stood up and everyone went quiet. He started explaining our assignment. We were going to have to sing a cover of a song. Whether duet or solo. And we can use an instrument. Yes! I'm definitely doing a solo.

"Okay now you may pick your partners. If it doesn't work I will be picking them for you." He spoke. He sat back down and everyone started to look for a partner. I just sat there getting out my notebook. I started just doodling in my book. I had one or two people ask for me to be there partner but not many. I felt bad denying them, but I work better by myself. I took a quick glance back and saw Louis and Rebecca facing each other and Rebecca twirling her hair. I rolled my eyes and turned back around.

"Okay I see you guys have found a partner or decided to work alone. Now, I want you to find a song for you. One with emotion, one with passion, one that you can relate to." he spoke.


We finished up class and the bell rang. I had to think of a song to do. I already had a list. Most of them are Imagine Dragons songs because I can relate to them

'It's Time' Imagine Dragons

'Demons' Imagine Dragons

'Bleeding Out' Imagine Dragons

'Titanium' David Guetta & Sia

'Since You Been Gone' Kelly Clarkson


'Curse' Imagine Dragons

Yeah you can tell I like Imagine Dragons. My thoughts were interrupted by Kristy stopping me.

"Hey." I said.

"Hey, that's all I get. Not an explaination of what happened."

"I got slapped, punched, and kicked. I went home and cleaned up and just decided to stay there. What do you expect? Me staying here with blood on my face?"

"There's bathrooms here."

"So? I'm not going to stay here all day embarrassed."

"Brianna why are you lying to me?"

"I'm not."

"Why don't I believe you."

"Fine then don't."

"Brianna, why don't you ever talk to me? You never tell me what's going on. You never open up to me."

"I do open up to you. I tell you everything." she just looked at me.

"When you want to talk I'll listen. But for now. Don't talk to me." she said. What? Are you kidding me. Tears brimmed my eyes.

"Brianna?" Louis spoke. Trying to put his hand on my shoulder. I turned around.

"Don't touch me!" I yelled slapping his hand away. "This is YOUR fault! Don't talk to me ever again." I yelled.

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