Is It Love? Or Am I Dreaming?

Brianna has had a hard life. She cuts. Suicide attempts 5. She has been bullied. Her father walked out on her and her brother. Her mother is always busy. And she's been through abusive relationships. She doesn't believe in love. Whenever she falls in love, she just ends up hurt. Her only friend, Kristy, is always there for her. And Kristy and her 10-year-old brother, Greyson, are the only one that she cares about. But will that change when she meets none other than Louis Tomlinson?
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2. Chapter 2

*Brianna's POV*

"But I'm fine right here with my friends." Rang through my mind after he said that. Friend? Well maybe I could give him a chance. No. What am I thinking? I can't trust him. I can't trust him ever. I stayed silent for the rest of lunch. In deep thought. Then the bell rang signaling that lunch was over. I put my headphones in and 'That's What You Get' by Paramore started. Ha. Couldn't have said it better myself. I got up and started walking to my next class. I was stopped in the middle of the hallway by Rebecca. I took out my headphones.

"So you think you can steal Louis from me?!" she spat. Everyone turned their attention towards us.

"First off, I don't believe you own him. Second, I don't even like him so you can have him." I said and started walking past her.

"Don't you walk away from me you bitch." She yelled and slapped me. I winced and fell to the ground. She just laughed. My cheek was tingling with pain. "You know you are just worthless. I mean no wonder why your father left you." that hit me like a bullet.

"Leave my father out of this!" I yelled. "He's none of your concern! And I'm worthless? Talk about your last three relationships!" Everyone gasp. She heated up with anger. She slapped me to the ground again and kicked my stomach.

"Well then let's talk about your last three relationships. Why don't you show us your bruises. Hmm?" she spat back. She punched my face.

"Leave her alone Rebecca." I heard a familiar voice yell.

"Louis. Why do you care about this worthless piece of shit?" she asked "I mean look at her." She said and kicked my stomach. I winced in pain. Louis ran over to me. I just ignored him. Got up. And ran. Great. Got chased out of the school on the first day.

"Brianna wait!" he yelled. I didn't care. I didn't care about anything right now. I just ran. Away from school. Away from everything. I found myself running to a familiar place. Wherever I go went I need to get away from everything. The lake and the willow tree.

*Louis's POV*

I went to help her but she just ignored me, got up and darted towards the door. I ran after her. "Wait Brianna!" I yelled. She just kept running. I tried to keep up with her. But I eventually stopped running to catch my breath. And when I looked up. She was gone. Damn it! Now how am I going to find her? I ran in the direction I last saw her going. I looked around. It had been an hour already. I can't find her. I just decided to go back to school and finish the last two hours and get it over with.

*Brianna's POV*

I ran to the willow tree and climbed. I finally reached a familiar branch. I find myself running here a lot. Not really anybody knows about this place. I just sat there in deep thought. Why did my life have to be so complicated? I don't have a father that cares, I can't even say that I have a mother because she's never around. And whenever she is she makes up seem like we are a burden to her. I only have one friend. Numerous bullies. I self harm for Christ's sakes! I don't know how it came to this. One day, my life was perfect. Everything was right. Then, BOOM! Never ending Hell.


I stayed there for about an hour and finally got up and started walking home. Thank God my brother takes the bus back home. I finally reached back home and saw Rebecca walking home. Oh right, forgot to mention that, that SLUT lives on my street. Another thing to the list of my never ending luck. I just darted towards the door and went inside. I slammed the door shut and ran up to my room. I went straight to the bathroom. I search for my best friend. I found it in my medicine cabinet. I grabbed the blade and slid it across my wrist.

I made two cuts for being FAT.

Three for being UGLY.

Two for being a LOST CAUSE.

And finally, four for being WORTHLESS.

The blood ran from my new, fresh cuts. I just watched as they dripped. And I just let it out. I cried my eyes out. Wondering how I came to this. I stayed there until I finally got up. I rinsed the blood from my wrists and wrapped it with a bandage. I heard the front door open. Crap. Greyson was home. I quickly cleaned up the blood up on the floor and look at myself in the mirror. My eyes were slightly red and a bit puffy. But not noticeable. I ran down the stairs and saw Greyson. "Hey lil bro." I spoke.

"Hey Bri. What' up?"

"Nothing really." I lied. "How was school?" I asked.

"Eh. It was alright. How about you?"

"Eh. It was okay I guess." I lied. "So did you find out anything about the neighbors?" I asked, changing the subject.

"Well. There's a mum and she has and older son and five younger daughers. Two of them go to my school."

"Wow. Bless that poor souls heart."

"Yeah I know can you imagine that?"

"Five of you! That would be horrid!" I yelled.

"Hey!" he yelled.

"Just joking Grey. But one of you is enough." I said ruffling his hair. "Now. Go put your stuff away and clean up a bit."

"Okay." He said walking up the stairs.

"Hey what do you want for dinner?" I yelled at him as he was walking up the stairs. He dropped everything and darted down the stairs.

"Can we go to Nando's?!" he yelled. I laughed and said.

"Yes fine, fine. But go clean up! I'll be in the car!" I yelled grabbing my wallet, keys, and phone.

"Okay! I'll be ready in five!" he yelled running up the stairs. I went in the car and still saw the moving trucks there. I also saw three little girls running around on the lawn. I can't imagine a life like that. I put my sunglasses on and Greyson walked out.

"Sup motherfucker." I said.

"Nothing much bitch."


"NANDO'S!" he yelled. This is kinda our routine whenever we go to Nando's.


We arrived at Nando's and went up to get us a seat. It was about a 10 minute wait. We waited until we were called up.

"Getting the usual?" I asked.

"Yup." he said popping the 'p' "You?" he asked.

"Did you just meet me yesterday?" I asked. He let a small chuckle. Debby walked up to us. Yeah you can tell we come here often.

"The usual?" She asked.

"Yup. And can I get a vanilla milkshake?" Greyson asked.

"Sure thing? And you Bri?"

"Just water for me."

"Okay veggie burger and Peri-Peri chicken coming up." she said smiling. Me and Grey talked as we wait for our food. She came up with our food. "Anything else?"

"Nope were good. Thanks Deb." I said to her. She smiled and walked away. We ate and laughed. This was pretty much the only time I was happy. When I was with my brother. We finished our food and payed. I left a £6.53 tip (or ten dollars) and we got up and left. As we went in the car Greyson yelled.

"Let's see who can burp louder! Go!" We both burped.

"Ha I won." I said. We both just laughed.


We got back home and finally all the moving trucks were gone. "Hey can we make a welcome to the neighborhood or er welcome back to the neighborhood gift?" Grey asked.

"Sure Grey. Cookies maybe?" I asked.


"But your making them!"

"Fine..." He said giving me puppy eyes.

"FINE I'LL HELP YOU!" I yelled in defeat.

"Never once have they failed me." he said proud of himself.


We just finished making the cookies. I took out two before I set them on a plate and put wax paper on it. I handed one to Grey and ate one.

"Why thank you my dear sister." he said. I gave him a weird look. He just smiled. We walked over to the house and knock on the door and waited.


*Louis's POV*

I was still mad at myself for not finding Brianna, but what's the worst that can happen? I finished up this horrid first day of school and walked home. I still had A LOT of unpacking to do. I walked in the house and saw mum. I walked over to her. "Hey mum." I said kissing her forehead.

"Hey Louis. How was the first day?" she asked.

"Er. It was okay I guess." I lied.

"Don't worry it gets better Lou. You just have to be patient."

"I hope so." I muttered and went up stairs.


I just finished my unpacking and heard mum call me for dinner. I walked down and saw we had pizza. Yes! I grabbed a few pieces and sat down on the couch and flipped through the channels. I heard a knock at the door. "I'll get it mum!" I shouted. I walked up to the door and opened it.


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