Save Me

Kylee is a regular 16 year old girl, but she doesn't live a regular life. She has stage 4 breast cancer and neuroblastoma. Coincidentally, her mother died from cancer two years before Kylee was diagnosed. She was left with her 3 brothers and older sister, being that her father abandoned the family when Kylee was young. What got Kylee through a lot the painel was her friends, who happened to be huge One Direction fans like her. So, when she is departured to London with her sister to find better doctors, Kylee's are surprised with the news that they're all going to meet One Direction. When they meet the boys, Niall, who us her favorite of the 5, instantly feels sparks and you bet that Kylee does, too. After a time, Niall asks her out but when she realises that Harry has feelings for her too, she doesn't know who to choose. Will she decide on the boy who she's loved for years, or the charming new comer who she can't get her mind off of? Read to find out.



2. School

Kylee's P.O.V.

   After I dropped of Lukas and Nick, me and Jace went to school. We go to the same schoool so yeah. When we get therewe said our good byes and I ran over to my friends; Jackie, Kayla, and Alexandra(Alex for short). I came dancing and singing like an idiot to the song they were listening to, which was of course One Way or Another by our favorite(and the only) British - Irish boy band ONE DIRECTION!When they saw me they all came over laughing and gave me a hug. We talked for a while and right before the bell rang for study hall, Istarted getting a headache so I said by to my friends and said I'd meet up with them later. They said okay and I alked with my head down towards the nurses office cause the lights where making my headache worse. I guess Jace saw me with my head dowm because he ran up to me.

Convo; Jace:J Kylee:K

J: Hey wait up Ky!

K:(Stoping) Hey

J: R u ok?( in a concerned voice)

K: Yeah just a headache that's all.( with a reasuring smile)

J: Ok.( relieved) Do you want me to walk wth u to the nurse?

K: Yeah if u want I guess?

J: Ok (They start walking in the direction the Kylee was before)

Jace's P.O.V.

  After we got to school we said our good byes and I walked over over to my friends; Hunter, Markus, and Ian while we where talking I heard my sister singing like an idiot, even singing a horrible song by a horrible band like an idiot she still sounded really good. i smiled to myself at the thought of her dream opening for One Direction or Demi Lavato coming true and then got back to my conversation with my friends that where staring at me like I was on drugs. When the bell rang I saw Kylee walking with her head down towards the nurses office so i ran up to her and asked her what was wrong. After we talked i asked her if she wanted me to walk with her to the nurse, she yes and we started walking. When we got there, she thanked me and i went to study hall to find my friends.

Convo; Jace:J, Hunter:H, Ian:I, and Markus: M

J: Sup Guys!

H:I:M: Where did u go?

J: I walked Kylee to the nurse.

I: Is she ok?

J: Yeah Headache that's all

M: That's good!

H: So did you ask her if u could go to the party on Friday?

J: Yeah she said I can go as long as i don't rink or do drugs or anything(laughing)

H:I:M: HaHaHa

I: She doesn't trust us does she?

M: Not after the time you thought it would be hilarious to go mudding with her car in the middle of the woods at 4 in the morning.

I: It would have been fine if you didn't freak out and grab the wheel when we almost hit a deer!

H: Yeah and while you two where fighting over the wheel you where completly oblivious to the fact that we where heading for a huge tree.

M: I'm just glad the only thing that happened to us was a few cuts and Jaces broken leg.

J: Yeah and me getting grounded for three months! (glaring at Ian)

I: ( Laughing)

J: Whatever I have to go.(rolling his eyes)

After I got to my locker and got my stuff, I got called to the office (Great what did Ian pull me into this time) When I got there they said that I had to get all my sisters work troughout the day and that she would be in the nurses office. I hope she's ok?!


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