Save Me

Kylee is a regular 16 year old girl, but she doesn't live a regular life. She has stage 4 breast cancer and neuroblastoma. Coincidentally, her mother died from cancer two years before Kylee was diagnosed. She was left with her 3 brothers and older sister, being that her father abandoned the family when Kylee was young. What got Kylee through a lot the painel was her friends, who happened to be huge One Direction fans like her. So, when she is departured to London with her sister to find better doctors, Kylee's are surprised with the news that they're all going to meet One Direction. When they meet the boys, Niall, who us her favorite of the 5, instantly feels sparks and you bet that Kylee does, too. After a time, Niall asks her out but when she realises that Harry has feelings for her too, she doesn't know who to choose. Will she decide on the boy who she's loved for years, or the charming new comer who she can't get her mind off of? Read to find out.


The author has rated this movella as yellow, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 13.
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