These Tears Always Win

Here I am laying in a corner balled up crying. Haven't eaten in two days nor have I walked out of my house in weeks. Anf it's all because of you Harry Styles. You broke myheart and beat it to a pulp. I'm not trying to go out and get revenge on you, I just want to hear you say that you love me and you never meant to leave me. Cause honestly I've cried everyday sense you were gone.

These arms are wanting you cause these arms ain't holding you, these eyes put up a fight but once again these tears always win.
These lips are missing you cause these lips ain't kissing you these eyes put up a fight but once again these tears always win.....


2. .

Kensie stayed over the whole night, and we mainly talked about what we should do today. Even though I feel better, I still woke up crying over him. I soon managed to wipe them away before Kensie noticed. When I walked downstairs I saw Kensie dressed up nice with her hair curled. 'Why so dressed up? 'I asked sitting on the edge of the couch. She chuckled, 'Well I've decided that we should go out and shop, you know like have a girls night out! 'She replied back. 'Umm.... I'm sorry Kens, but I really don't want to....I guees I'm just not in the mo-' ' Mood... I know you told me that last time. Any who I wasn't asking you I was telling you. ' She stated walking to the kitchen. I groaned, 'Ugh fine I'll get ready. ' I trudged upstairs and took a shower. When I got out I curled my hair and did my make-up. After putting on a black high low skirt and my pink ruffled shirt and some pink sandals I was already. 'Finally you're done! ' Kensie sighed and tossed me a granola bar . After locking up my house we left. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We parked up at the mall and we silently walked in. It was a lot of people here mainly girls. It was kinda wierd because they were forming a long line to a long table. 'Uh why are allowed these girls up here?' I asked Kensie, but she obviously wasn't paying any attention. 'Kensie I know you're ignoring me? 'I was kind of getting annoyed at her. She sighed, ' Ok look Mel I knew if I told you this then you would go crazy, but I'm telling you any way........I kind of tricked you into coming up here so you can see Harry. I'm sorry I was just mad that he did this to you so I wanted him to see you at your best so he'll know that you're not worrying over him. ' 'Kensie why would you do that you know that I'm still worrying over him!' I said, my face beginning to burn. 'I'm sorry but I can't see you like this anymore....' She said messing with her fingers. 'Well let's go before I start acting a mess in here....' right as I was about to leave some one called my band name. 'Melonie? Is that you? ' I know that voice from any where. It's him he called my name. I don't know what to do.....should I turn around and talk to him knowing that I might cry in front of him, or should I leave like he did to me when I thought he loved me leave and never look back crying my eyes out over him. Either way I'll cry but maybe if I cry in front of him, he'll see how much damage he's done to me. I turned around and smiled, 'Harry? ' ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sorry that was a short chapter but I'm doing the chapters on my phone so it's a little harder. Love Cute_tink xx♥ P.S. please read my other movella 'Don't Change Me ' byeeee! !!
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