Teenage Dirtbag (Marcel Styles)

Marcel. Geek. Nerd. Loser. He gets bullied for everything. His clothes. His taste in music. His looks. His personality. Everything. Nobody cares about him. Or at least that's what he thought.


2. why does she give a damn about me?

*Marcel's POV*

I tried to open my eyes but it wouldn't budge. I tried to move too, but it just hurt. I heard some voices around me talking though..

"Is he gonna be okay?" the voice sounded familiar.

"Yes, now can you tell me what happened?" another one asked.

"Well, we were playing dodgeball, and Cameron hit him too hard in the face.. And yeah.." I recognized the voice, it was Noelle. 

I tried opening my eyes again, and this time it worked. I saw a white brightness at first, then, everything was blurry. 

"Oh! Hello! You're awake" Noelle smiled at me.

I returned the smile at her. It was quite weird how she noticed who I was. I thought she forgot about me. Why does she give a damn about me?



After I got out of the Nurse's office, I headed to period 4 -since I missed period 3- which was English / Language Arts. 

I walked in and noticed that I was the first in class, typical. But after the bell rang, everybody soon started walking in. 

I was sat on the far back, next to Noelle. And unfortunately, next to Cameron. 

"How's your head?" Cameron smirked. I ignored his comment and turned my attention back to my notebook. 

"Okay everyone, today we will be doing a project, I will be pairing everyone up whether you like it or not." Ms. Byer looked at her notebook and started reading names out loud.

I was hoping to get Noelle, but I know that will never happen. I don't even know why I keep thinking about having a chance with her, when I clearly don't. I mean look at me, I'm a mess. Judging by my clothes, I look like a 40 year old that works for a newspaper catalog. 

"Jocelyn Mora and Greg Eves"

"Ashley Col and Alyssa Paez"

"Catora Braun and Oscar Torre"

"Marcel Styles and Aria Noelle"


Hm. Marcel Styles, what a lucky guy. 

Wait, I'm Marcel. I'm Marcel Styles. Wait, she said Aria Noelle. That means I'm working with Noelle. Whoa, is this real life? 

"Who's Marcel?" Noelle whisper shouted to me.

I turned to look at her and slowly raised my hand halfway. "M-Me" I stuttered. 

Gah, why do I keep stuttering? 

"Oh" she said with the most unexplainable facial expression. "Well, I guess we're working on this little project together. Why don't we start today?" 

I nodded my head and asked, "W-When and w-where?"

"Uh, I'll text you when I'm coming to your house, does that sound good?" 

I nodded my head once again. 

"Well, here's my number" she took my pen and wrote her number on my hand. 

I looked at her as she was writing her number down, it felt like slow motion. The way she bites her lip as she was writing on the palm of my hands, her eyes were so focused, her hand moved swiftly, and her hand writing... Everything about her was just perfect. 


I unlocked the front door and tiptoed inside. 

"Marcel, is that you?" my mum asked. 

"No mum, I'm a robber that just so happens to have keys to the front door." I joked

I heard my mum chuckle from the kitchen, and soon I entered, dropping my backpack on the floor. 

"Hi mum." I pecked her cheek and she greeted me with a smile. 

"Uh, is it okay if I have a friend come over today?" Yes, my mom is the only girl that I can talk to without stuttering, I am such a loser.

"Of course baby" she smiled and I groaned.

"I'm not a baby anymore mum"

I felt a buzz on my butt and realized it was my phone. 

From: Unknown

Hello Marcel! Is it fine if I come by in 10? By the way where do you live? ~Noelle x

I smiled at the message and quickly replied back,

Hello :) Yes it is fine, my house is actually just across from Cameron's.

My mum told me that girls like it when boys send them smiley faces. I laughed at myself, I felt silly, I felt like I was in Grade 2 with a huge crush on a girl. 

From: Noelle 

Cool! I'll be by in a bit :)


Wawwwwww. This chapter sucks -.- well, this is a filler chapter I guess. More to come next week probably <3 AND OH MY GOD CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT ZAYN IS 21. UGH WHY DOES TIME HAVE TO GO BY SO FAST!? HARRY'S THE ONLY TEENAGER LEFT D; well anyways, give me feedback guiseee. And I hope Zayn's birthday is fab :) x




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