Teenage Dirtbag (Marcel Styles)

Marcel. Geek. Nerd. Loser. He gets bullied for everything. His clothes. His taste in music. His looks. His personality. Everything. Nobody cares about him. Or at least that's what he thought.


1. Gym class in half an hour

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*Marcel's POV*

"Marcel, wake up honey." My mum shook me. I opened my eyes and rubbed them.

"Morning mum" I greeted her with a smile.

"Breakfast is ready in 10" I nodded my head as she left. I skipped to my bathroom which was connected to my room and turned the shower knob to warm. I slipped out of my clothes and hopped in.



After I was done, making sure I washed rinsed and repeat, I stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around my waist. I looked at my reflection. My natural curly hair was starting to form, I had acne around my forehead and chin, but only a  bit. I couldn't see that well so that's probably why I only saw a bit. 


I walked to my room and picked out my clothes. A white long sleeved button up, a cream sweater vest on top, brown khakis, and penny loafers. I put my glasses on, and gelled my messy curls back nice and neatly. 


I scurried down the stairs and got an apple. 



As I Walked down the hallway, comments were being thrown to me. Such as:

"Watch it, nerd"

"Nice glasses, four eyes"

"What the hell are you wearing, loser?"


I could've cared less though. I don't need anyone to like me by my looks. And plus, it's not like they're a huge impact in my life. They're not paying me in the future. 

 I felt a bump, interrupting my thoughts. I realized that I had just bumped into the most popular girl in school. Noelle. Sigh, Aria Noelle Austin. She was the queen of the school, she's nice, pretty, and smart. Everybody loves her. I remember when we used to be close friends in primary, but we drifted apart when everybody started bullying me about who I am, and what I wear. 


"Sorry" She apologized. She didn't even look at me, she just passed by. I sighed. I don't even have a chance with her, so why do I care? She doesn't even give a damn about me. But she did rock her keds and tube socks. 

The bell rang, which notified us to go to our first period. Mine was History. 


I looked at the seat in the back of the room and made my way there. I tripped on something and I saw that Cameron, the jock, and Noelle's boyfriend, tripped me. Everybody was laughing.


"S-Sorry. I d-didn't see y-you t-there" I pushed my glasses up my nose and picked my books up, only to have Cameron kick my butt. I picked my books up once again, but this time quickly and scurried to the seat in the back. Thank god we only had a couple weeks of school left, and then we graduate. 

 A girl sat next to me. 

"Hi, I'm Jessica, I'm new here. What's your name?" The new girl asked. It's weird she came here for the last two weeks of school only


"Well, hi, I just mo-"

"Okay class, hush up" Mr. Maurrero interrupted Jessica. He started talking about things I already knew about, I didn't even pay attention.

"Hey Marcel, what class do you have next?" Jessica whispered.

"I-I have gym class i-in half a-an h-hour." I stuttered. I hated stuttering, it's a bad habit of mine. 

She nodded her head and put her attention back to Mr. Maurrero. 


30 Minutes got by really fast. I was already walking my way to gym. There was no one in the locker rooms, which was good. No one was there to bother me. 


I searched for my locker, and once I found it, I started putting my combination in. Twisting and turning. I pulled it and it opened, I snatched my gym clothes and quickly changed, putting my original clothes inside, and making sure the lock was locked. I ran up the stairs to the gymnasium and sat on my seat. I was surprised to see it was only me in here, until I heard the door open and close. It was Noelle.


I was glad that it was only the two of us, until her boyfriend, Cameron, came in and slung his arm on her shoulder. Cameron and Noelle have been dating for a month, everybody thinks they're cute together. I don't believe so, he treats her so badly. He's such a dick. I mean, the boy brings a gun to school! I know because he lived in my block and I saw him show it to his friend in his car; which was an IROC. I think I'm better off with her, but I don't wanna confess my feelings towards Noelle, she'll never like a boy like me, and Cameron would beat me up. 

"OKAY CLASS, (I'm gonna put the shouting in bold lol) today you have a choice of either dodgeball, or volley ball. Raise your hand for dodgeball!"

I looked around and everyone's hand shot up. I didn't like dodgeball, they always throw the balls at me, even if I was in their team. 

"Okay dodgeball it is. Team captains are Meraz, and Sierra" Mr. Johnson called everyone by their last names, it was weird. 


After Saul, and his best friend, Joel, picked their teams, there were only two people left. Jessica and me.


"Styles" Joel smirked. I knew what they were thinking off. Since Saul had good arms, and Joel didn't Joel picked me. 


I sighed. How could this day get any worst. 


We started to play dodgeball, and as I said, everyone indeed threw their balls at me. The only person that didn't was Jessica and Noelle. 


I felt a sting on my face, Cameron just threw a ball straight to my face, which broke my glasses. I fell back and everything became blurry, then pitch black. I heard someone saying "Just push him to the side, he'll be fine" and I just passed out.



So yeah, that was it.  Well yeah. Bye Guiseeeee <3 see ya x btw feedback would be nice ;)

~Andrea x



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