Confessions of a crazy directioner

So my name is Ann, I am a crazy directioner. My life is all about this 5 boys, some people call me crazy, and they are right....I stalk this boys all day, not really stalk them 'cause I never met them, but everytime I am on the internet I'm always seeing something about them.
I have a blog where I always post something about 1D:news,photos and fanfics...
But then my life change when I went to a shopping mall. This day One direction would be there to autograph the new cd.Everything change when someone hit me, it was an accident of course, on the head with the bathroom door...someone named Harry Styles...


45. Run away

Anny's pov

I knock the door, twice, waiting him to answer. I still can't believe what I've just saw. I don't want to believe that Harry would do something like that...and with Tifanny! My eyes are still red and although I had already stop crying it seems like I will burst into tears any moment. I run, and run to finally get here, the place where I felt safe..Luke's apartment.

The door open ,a girl answered it. She is blonde, tall. I look at her in surprise. She was wearing a big t-shirt, only fact I am almost sure that this is Luke's T-shirt...who is this girl?

"Can I talk to Luke?"I asked

"Yes..."she said "Luke!"

"What is up baby?!"he said showing in the room, just a detail, he was shirtless

He looked at me and said

"Baby why don't you wait in the bedroom? Just need 5 minutes.."

She agreed and left the room.

"Hey" he said looking at me.

No hugs, no "Come in" or "I miss you!"

"Who is she?"

"My girlfriend, her name is Lucy"

"You haven't told me that you have a girlfriend..."

"There are lots of things that we don't say to each other..."

Awkward silence

"Have you been crying? Your eyes are red....what happened?"he asked

"I saw Harry kissing Tiffany "

"I knew it!"


"I knew since this relationship started that one day Harry would do something like that , then you would get hurt and run to me!But sorry I can't help you!"


"Anny I've been here for you the whole time, when you were just Anny, the country girl who had a dream, but now you are Harry Styles' girlfriend. You don't have time for me anymore...sorry but I am busy now.."

"Luke...what happened?"

"I am tired of waiting for Anny, I've moved on, now I have my own life..."

I was speechless. I didn't knew what to say.

"And I am moving to New York"he said


"I've got I a great job there. For New York Times, as a photograph. It is my dream..."

"Luke!"Lucy called

"I am coming!"he said and they looked at me" I think you should better go..."

"Ok...bye" it was all I could said

He closed the door. I stay there staring that closed door for two minutes. My life was perfect and now it is horrible. My fake boyfriend, the guy I love so much, cheated me, my best friend doesn't want me in his life and I have nobody.

I got out of the building without knowing where to go.

I was just walking when I heard someone calling my name. I look and saw a car. I saw him in the driver sit through the open window and smile. I climb into the car.

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