Confessions of a crazy directioner

So my name is Ann, I am a crazy directioner. My life is all about this 5 boys, some people call me crazy, and they are right....I stalk this boys all day, not really stalk them 'cause I never met them, but everytime I am on the internet I'm always seeing something about them.
I have a blog where I always post something about 1D:news,photos and fanfics...
But then my life change when I went to a shopping mall. This day One direction would be there to autograph the new cd.Everything change when someone hit me, it was an accident of course, on the head with the bathroom door...someone named Harry Styles...


30. Pizza´s night

Anny's pov

It has been 3 days since the romantic day with Harry and I notice that we are more close to each other we kind of became good friends.... Now we are in Italy! I love this country!!! Today is the show and everyone is really busy right now. We hadn't had time yet to go around but we plan to do this tomorrow....


After the show we-the boys, the band...-went to a restaurant and we had a great time! I notice that the whole time we were there Harry had his arms around me...

We got back to the hotel and went to bed but I don't know why I couldn't sleep. After two hours laying on bed, I change my clothes and decided to walk in the hotel...have a snack maybe....but when I was going to the elevator saw Niall sitting in the corridor holding a pizza’s box

"Hey" he said

"What are you doing?"

"Eating pizza"

"In the corridor?"



"And what are you doing here?"

"I can't sleep..."


"I don't know..."

"So do you sit here and eat pizza with me?"

"Sure!" I sit down and eat while we talk

"I love pizza" he said

"Me too"

"When I was a kid my dream was have a pizzeria”

"Oh that's cool"

"Yeah...what about you?"

"When I was a kid my dream was to run away with the circus"

"Why?"he asked laughing

"Because I wanted to travel around the world"

"Seems your dream came true...but not with the circus.."

"Yeah I think traveling around the world with One Direction is better than with the circus..." "Especially when you are with Harry right?"

" what?"

"You know..."

"It's fake!"

"But the way you look at him is not..."

"I can't hold it...I mean I love you all.."

"Yeah but Harry has a special place in your heart...doesn't he?"

"I love him but I am...confused..."


"Did you notice he had his arms around me all the time at the restaurant? And in Paris he prepared for me all that special day! He sometimes is jealous when I am talking to Luke or to you and the others..."

"So you think that he likes you?"

"I don't know!" "You should talk to him..."

"Uh....I don't know I am afraid to screw up everything!"

"Love is so complicated..."

"You seem to know a lot about it, uh? Is Niall Horan in love?"

He started laughing and turning red

"Yes you are! Who is her? Tell me everything!"

"Well...I...can't...I can't tell you..."

"Why? Do I know her?"


 I was thinking of every girl that we both knew...a name pop up in my mind...but it can't be

"Is Tifanny?"

"Yes it is..."

" like Tifanny?!"


How can someone like that person??She is so rude...Niall is so sweet...he deserves much better!

"You don't like her..."he said

"Uh...It's just that she doesn't like me..."

"Just because she doesn't know you very well...I know she can be a little...a little rude sometimes but she is a nice girl..."

"So I hope you two can be happy together.."

We talk more and eat more as the night pass...

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