Confessions of a crazy directioner

So my name is Ann, I am a crazy directioner. My life is all about this 5 boys, some people call me crazy, and they are right....I stalk this boys all day, not really stalk them 'cause I never met them, but everytime I am on the internet I'm always seeing something about them.
I have a blog where I always post something about 1D:news,photos and fanfics...
But then my life change when I went to a shopping mall. This day One direction would be there to autograph the new cd.Everything change when someone hit me, it was an accident of course, on the head with the bathroom door...someone named Harry Styles...


15. Party

Harry's pov

After our performance, we came back to our table and I find Anny there with a huge smile in the face. I watch her from the stage and she seems so happy, she was smiling and her eyes were...shining! She seems the happiest girl in the world!

After the awards we go to a party. Everybody was there, the party was huge! I love that kind of party: drinks, loud music and girls! Oh...but I have a girlfriend, so no girls....this would suck! I am so used to get off with girls in the parties, that I have forgot what is to not do this in a party....

We, Anny, Niall, Tifanny and I sit in a seat in the corner.

"Do you want something to drink?"I ask Ann


"Really?!You don't drink?"

"Usually not, I just don't want to be drunk and..."

"Ok, got it, you are the good girl who never drinks"

"No I am not!"

"Oh Please, you never go to parties, you like to stay at home, you never drink... 'Cmon girl! Enjoy your life! Live it! Carpe diem"

"Ok...just one drink"


I give to her and she drinks. She makes a weird face

"It is strong, isn't it"

"Yes it is, but I like it, another one please"


We drink a lot! Another and another drink and then she was drunk! She was laughing at everything! We decided to dance and it was really funny! I never laugh so much!

After some time she said

"I am tired.."

"Let's go home"


I help her get in the car, she was so drunk that she couldn't even walk by herself! I was drunk too but nothing like her.

As we got home I had to care her to bed. Once she was laying in bed she said



"You know your eyes shine when you are singing on the stage, you really love what you do, don't you?!"

"Yes I love what I do, and I notice while the performance that your eyes were shining too, you had a beautiful smile on your face"

"I love seeing you guys singing...I..."


She didn't finished the sentence, she felt sleep, smiling.

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