Beauty and the Geek

Zoe Brooke is the most popular girl in Sidney high school. She has many secrets. On the outside it looks like she is care free and really happy but on the inside she is scared and is insecure. What happens when a new student comes and he is titled the geek of the school will they put their differences aside and follow their hearts who knows find out in this movella.
(Sorry the blurb things not that good but please read the story it's much better)


1. New Kid

Zoe's POV

BEEP BEEP BEEP screeched my alarm "AAAARRRGH" today is the first day of senior year. I fall off the bed with a loud thump making me wake up I checked my phone, 7:30 half an hour to get ready and leave. I did my daily routine. I went in the shower and steeped out with a towel around my body and hair. I walked towards my cramped up tiny wardrobe picking out baby blue shorts with white polka dots and a white tank top that shows a bit of my blue bra I decided to wear white high top vans. People think I should dress like a slut but I dress casually yet people call me slutty. I walked over to my make up table I put on some foundation, blush, eyeliner and Maybeline baby lips pink punch lip balm. I grabbed my Louis Vuitton bag I phone and car keys it was now 7:55 I quickly ran out of the house grabbing an apple on the way. I stepped into my convertible and started the engine and driving to school luckily for me there was one space clear for me so I parked my car next to the popular kids. I was actually quite close to being late when I quickly ran to the office. "Zoe darling this is Marcel the new student remember you volunteered to show him around school?" Spoke the front desk lady Susan, she's like a mother figure to me. I peeked around her to see a guy with big glasses and a grandad like vest tucked into his grey ironed out pants. Oh my god what did I get myself into? "Erm hi Marcel Styles very nice to meet you mam" he stuck his hand out waiting for me to shake it "Zoe Brooke, nice to meet you too" I shook his hand and we both started walking to the library. "So what made you decide to come here Marcel?" I asked staring at his hypnotising green orbs. You know if you take away the big frames and grandpa clothes he looks quite cute what.did.i.just.say. Oh my god."erm well my family and I moved here a few days ago and e..erm well this school has er a a really g good science and English.." before he could finish I said "so you like those subjects huh?" I questioned " yes intact I love all the subjects e except for  P Phys Ed" he stuttered out "so you don't like P.E oh cool so let's carry on with the tour shall we" I said continuing to walk on he was following right behind "Ye...yeah ok" 


ok sorry this chapters a bit short sorry please carry on favorite and like thanks lovees!!!   



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