The Love of Sewer Rats Book II: Family Ties

the second book in my sewer rats series. mutants, sewers and love.


6. Purple Kindling

The next morning...

"So what you're saying is that i need to not focus on my powers... but more on my target." 

"Exactly." Eva had, once more, a semi circle of target dummies in front of her. But this time is was Edan tutoring her. Vayu supervising with the remote to her training bracelet at a safe distance. Edan continued. "The first access is the most difficult and takes a lot of focus. It should become more instinctive after this."

"Well that's a relief," Eva snickered. "I can't exactly ask my enemy to wait for me when I'm trying to set him on fire."

"Indeed," Edan smirked, "Now close your eyes." Eva obeyed. "Get an image of the dummy in your head. Imagine it getting hot, hotter and hotter until it's too hot to touch -"

"Now imagine pouring petrol on it and lighting it with a match" Vayu guffawed and bent over, his sides hurting from the laughter. The image of the dummy rushed from Eva's mind and was replaced with her anger of Vayu and his interruption. 

"AHHHHH!!! SUGAR HONEY ICE TEA I'M ON FIRE!!!" Eva opened her eyes and, true to his word, Vayu's favorite purple sweater was covered in flames. Edan was already rushing towards Vayu when Eva opened her eyes. He grabbed the remote from the floor where his friend had dropped it and pressed the button. The flames ceased but Vayu's sweater was no longer a 'very fashionable piece of clothing' that it once was. " It's... It's RUINED!" Vayu rushed at Eva, quickly at first but somehow he started running slower and slower, and suddenly his feet turned to ice. Then his legs... until his whole body up to his neck was covered in a glass like prison. Edan burst into laughter, having implicated this happening when he pressed the button for Eva's bracelet in the confusion.

"Look Vayu," said Edan seconds later, still in hysterics, "Chill out a bit will ya!" He then proceeded to double over and hold his sides from the pain of laughing.

"Not. Funny." Vayu giggled nervously, "c-can you get me out of this please Eva? Sweetie? Umm it's getting a bit cold. I was going to attack you about my sweater but it's all cool now." At this comment Edan, having calmed down a little, fell to the floor in renewed guffaws. "Please Honey?" 

Eva smirked, and melted the ice prison within seconds, leaving Vayu and his burned out sweater soaked  with water. Just in time for Elliot, Seth and Leon to enter the vicinity.


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