The Love of Sewer Rats Book II: Family Ties

the second book in my sewer rats series. mutants, sewers and love.


3. Misunderstood

"Okay Eva, just try again and focus on your powers and direct them at the target." Elliot and Eva were stood in one of the abandoned sewer tunnels further below the surface. There were five target dummies in a semi circle in front of them and Eva's backpack and sword rested to their backs. Elliot stood behind Eva with his hands on her shoulders. Eva roughly shoved him off, rivulets of sweat coating her forehead.

"Elliot, i'm fed up of trying to use these stupid powers, that weren't even supposed to be mine," frustration was apparent in her voice." so that i can fight in an army that was created to fight against people like me!" She pressed the button on her training bracelet and access to her powers was closed. she picked up her short-sword and started hacking at the center target.

" Diablo's army aren't like you... they're-"

"Different? Yes, of course they are. Most of the E.M.P's under Diablo's authority probably didn't find out six weeks ago that their guardians aided in killing their parents, and gave them their powers in the process! Yes! I suppose we are different after all!" Sarcasm coated Eva's words with a harshness that had only presented itself over the past month. The strikes against the dummy increased in their frequency.

"I suppose you're right in that respect, but i meant that you are kind, and beautiful, and loved, even though you may not feel that right now-"

"Damn freaking right I don't! Now that Seth has been  promoted I hardly ever get to see him. And he's the only one who can teach me to use this freaking sword anyway!" Eva's anger climaxed and she threw her sword at the wall. The tip landed in a gap between bricks and stuck fast. The handle at ninety degrees from the wall.

"He seems to have done a good enough job. Nice to see you training so passionately Eva." A man in all black clothes had entered Eva's training area without her noticing. His ginger hair contrasted his dark clothes and in the dim lighting made it look as if his head was on fire, which wouldn't have been the worst thing Eva could have seen at that time.

"Edan, what a pleasure to see you here." Eva went to retrieve her sword from the sewer wall. "Where's Seth. On a mission? Or has he got to the stage of sitting on his ass and letting you do all the work?" She said 'you' as if the word itself was sour on her tongue.

"He's in the barracks debriefing his men. Elliot, Vayu said that he would like you to check on his eye, the wound seems to be getting infected again." Elliot nodded his head knowingly and walked along the sewer tunnel, out of ear-shot. 

"Getting rid of witnesses I see. Just in case you get ordered to kill me too is it? Or just a subconscious precaution in a killers point of view." 

"I asked him to go because Vayu asked for him. Not just because I wanted to talk to you. I've come to ask you to let me train you."

"Ahah! so this is your evil scheme! Fake the 'tutor' routine to get me to trust you and then kill me. i knew you were a scheming bastard but i didn't know that you could-"

Edan rushed across the room and shoulder barged Eva in the chest, slamming her to the floor. She tried to reach for her sword that she had dropped during the collision but Edan kicked out and knocked it out of reach. She raised her elbow and heard a satisfying crack as her forearm slammed into Edan's nose, Blood spurting from the wound. This gave Eva an opportunity and she shoved off his weight and stood; only to be slammed back down to the floor when her attacker grabbed her ankle. Dazed she was unable to stop him from straddling her hips, placing his hands to her temples, and touching her forehead with his own...


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