The Love of Sewer Rats Book II: Family Ties

the second book in my sewer rats series. mutants, sewers and love.


4. Loss and Understanding

Eva blinked and as her eyes reopened she was stood in a room with white painted walls and a white tiled floor. There were no windows or doors and when Eva tried to move towards Edan who was stood opposite her she found she was unable to move. "What the hell have you done to me? Where are we? Answer me damn it!" Edan was wearing white clothes  which meant he was almost camouflaged against the white walls of the room.

"This is my mind." He said, gesturing at the room around them. "This is the only way i could get you to listen.

"How can you-" Eva's throat sealed up. she was now both unable to speak  or move. Edan chuckled.

"I tell you I've brought you to the very depths of my mind and all you can do is ask more questions. I need to explain to you why everything happened as it did, and seeing as our bodies are still lay vulnerable on the floor of the sewer tunnel i haven't really got much time for you to constantly be asking questions." Eva blinked again and an old tape player and projector had materialized in the center of the room. She raised an eyebrow in Edan's direction. 

"This used to be a huge cinema when i had my original powers, but now i have only retained enough energy to create this." He gestured at the projector. " And before you ask," He chuckled again, "Neither Vayu or Antaeus have this ability. They did before but, as my mind was not completely focused on the battle as theirs were, i retained some of my powers. They focused all their energy on their mission." He bowed his head, as if in shame of remembering that day. Eva felt her body turning towards the screen of the projector and an image appeared on the wall. An image of Diablo, the man who had been the real mastermind behind her parents death. He was flanked by a petite blonde haired woman holding the hand of a young boy. Next to them was a very short elderly woman, and on the other side of Diablo was another boy, this time slightly older at about three years younger than Eva herself. With eyes as white as snow.

"The elderly woman is Bianca Valentino. Vayu's mother. The other woman and her son are Erin and Cody Quaker, Antaeus' family. And the child is... My son, Peter Thomas."

"Peter was born prematurely and my w-wife Fiona died giving birth to him. He lost his sight in his right eye due to meningitis at an early age  because of not having enough money to get him medicine. "

"Antaeus, Vayu, I and our families lived together in one of the few safe houses on the outskirts of town for those who did not work for Diablo before he started banishing anyone but his men down to the sewers. So when He offered us a job in his army, Vayu and Antaeus jumped at the chance of being able to earn more money for their families and signed the contract without even glancing at the job description. I on the other hand was too worried about Peter's vulnerability to leave him alone while i was at work so they said they would give me a night to sleep over it. I woke up the n-next m-morning and Peter was lay in his bed, a b-bloody space where h-his l-left eye should have been, a bloody dagger at h-his side and a note saying that i-if the contract wasn't s-s-signed by the time they came to pick it up that evening, I would wish that Peter had simply been born blind."

"They blinded my son!" Silent tears wracked his body from years of not mentioning this trauma, but still he continued. "F-from that day, we all knew that we would do w-whatever w-we could t-t-to p-protect our f-families. Whatever the c-cost." Eva felt her body become accessible again but she stood frozen to the spot. " And w-we d-did all that we could to do w-what was right f-for you...You may h-have l-lost your parents that d-day Eva...We lost mothers, w-wives, Peter..." He fell to his knees with exhaustion. The projector dissipated and the walls started to flicker. "And we can never g-get that b-back..." The walls folded in on them and Eva opened her eyes.

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