The Love of Sewer Rats Book II: Family Ties

the second book in my sewer rats series. mutants, sewers and love.


5. Double Agent

Eva opened her eyes to take in the room around her. She was lay on the floor of her  training area in the sewers next to Edan with his hand clutching hers with a vice like intensity. Still unconscious. She gently removed her hand and sat up. Elliot was across the room from them rummaging in his medical supplies bag, and Seth was stood next to another newt who was talking to Vayu. Eva did not know this 'other newt' but she felt like she had seen him somewhere before.

Edan's hand latched back onto hers and he whispered into her ear, "No-one must know about the room." Eva nodded in response and Edan sat up. Eva placed her hand on his thigh comfortingly and realised, shocked, that a mere hour earlier she had wanted to kill this man and thought he was attacking her. When in reality it was much, much worse than that.

Elliot had finished his rummaging and turned towards them. He slowly paced over and took Edan's temperature. "How are you feeling?"

"okay at the moment thanks Elliot," Edan smiled and looked over at Seth and the two others. Intrigued. 

"Oh and i'm fantastic thanks for asking" Eva said, but this time the sarcasm was intended for humor, relief and confusion crossed Elliot's features.

"You're the one who head butted him aren't you?! That's how I assumed that you both just happened to be lying on the floor unconsious next to eachother."

"Umm.. yeah i suppose i did." Eva looked at Edan, confused, and he nodded.

"Yes, indeed you did. Nice deduction Elliot." Edan smirked.

"Okay," mumbled Elliot, still trying to understand... then the penny dropped. "Ahhhhhh and that's why you have a fever! You were telling me earlier that you thought you had food poisoning! Okay I know what you need, i'll grab you some O.R.S and you'll be okay in no time!" Elliot hurried away from them and down to the sewers.

Eva was confused... There was nothing wrong with Edan earlier... My god did he really think that far ahead?! All of that just so that Elliot wouldn't find out about his powers? Wow...  Edan stood up next to her, offered her his hand, then helped her to her feet. They both walked over to where Vayu, Seth and the stranger were stood, still talking. Seth saw Eva and rushed over to her, encompassing her with his arms in a love-filled embrace. They shared a look, and Seth was the first to speak.

" Eva... you seem, happier today." 

"Is that okay?" Eva laughed.

"Of course it is love!" They kissed. "Oh! Introductions. Eva, this is Leon, my brother"

"Nice to meet you." Leon offered a green scaled and webbed hand towards Eva. She shook it. So that's where the resemblance is from!

Leon looked almost the spitting image of his younger brother. The same green scales coated his body but two differences that Eva noticed almost instantly were: As opposed to her topless-short-wearing boyfriend, Leon opted for a black, long sleeved jumper and dark blue skinny trousers. The second thing was the tail. Long and thin much like a lizards it trailed from the small of his back all the way down to ankle height and hovered just above the floor. It was covered almost to the end with some kind of sleeve made out of the same material as his trousers but the tip showed, which tapered to a sharp spike which seemed to have torn through material that used to cover it. Leon caught her inspecting his extra limb and explained the sleeve.

" The scales on my tail are sharper than on the rest of my body, so i made my trousers to cover it. it could injure someone otherwise." His tail curled behind his back as if he was trying to hide it.

"We have recruited Leon from the Manchester resistance base, he is going to go on a special mission for us." Vayu was stood in a relaxed position, and seemed to be watching Leon's struggle to hide himself with amusement. "Leon here, is a chameleon." 

Leon shot a dirty look in Vayu's direction. The only reaction received was a smile filled with shark like teeth from Vayu. Before Eva's eyes the whole of Leon's body, including his clothes flickered a bright red colour. He mumbled something about getting something to eat and stalked down the tunnel, his tail high in the air.

"Vayu!" Eva exclaimed. "Why were you so mean to him! We could all see he was obviously uncomfortable!"

Vayu smiled evilly. "All i was doing was explaining why our own little Harry Potter there would be a suitable candidate for spying on Diablo. That's all."

"Um.. Harry Potter?"

"Just because he's a cupboard dweller does NOT mean that he can stalk after my beautiful Elliot and get away with it."

"Elliot's not even... Ohhhh I get it. You're jealous! You think that Leon fancies Elliot! Leon's not even gay, right Seth?"

Seth was a bit taken aback from being allowed to get a word in edge ways in a conversation involving these two characters, he chose his words carefully. " Ummmm, he bats for both teams, if you get what i mean. But our mom doesn't know..."

"Pfft he hasn't even got the guts to tell his mother he's 'mixed race' and you think I'm jealous?! Pah! For me to be jealous of that little double agent i would have to think he has a chance with my wonderful, beautiful, charming, brilliant, amazing in -" 

"OKAY!" Eva was pleased to have stopped him before that sentence was finished. "Elliot's amazing at everything. I believe you. Seth, can you explain about this mission thingy?"

"Well basically, Leon is going to use his colour-changing... stuff. To get into Diablo's mansion without being noticed. To try and get some info on what He's planning. To try and get the upper hand. He leaves tonight and should be back tomorrow afternoon."

"He should be able to find out whether Antaeus is still alive."

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