It's My Life

"It's my life, It's now or never, I ain't gonna live forever, I just wanna live while I'm alive, It's My life; My Heart is like an opean highway, Like Franky said i did it my way, I just wanna live while I'm alive, IT's MY Life." These words I kept saying to myself as I was packing my bags to move out. Ever since my rash decision my world has turned upside down.


8. Naming Him

Rose's POV 

Sleep came a lot easier tonight. I am thrilled right now, it's as if the world is finally working with me again. My only wish is that it stays this way. I am so excited for Liam to go on tour. This is something that he has always wanted. I am so proud of him and I think this little boy will be also. 


He wants to name the Taylor. I want the name James in there. I am thinking about naming the baby Taylor James Payne. That just sounds like a fabulous little name.  I cannot believe that in four months I am  going to be the momma to someone. Right now I am clothes shopping with Sera since all my other pants are currently not fitting too well.  

"How about these?" I ask walking out of the dressing room? 

Sera just shakes her head, "I don't think so sweetie. Here try these." She hands me a pair of dark wash jeans. I grab them and then walk into the dressing room again. I manage to get in the pants and look in the mirror. They look really cute, if only I weighed like ten pounds less. I got out of them and tossed them back to Sera. I change back into my clothes and come back out.

"What did you think," Sera asks.

"They'd be great if I was ten pound lighter. I could just barely get into them." 

"Chica you're not that huge yet. Get cute clothes now for post baby." 

"What's the point.....right now I am focused on pre-baby body. Since that's what I am still currently in." 

"I know, but I still think you are obsessing too much."

"Then you climb inside this body and tell me the same. I just want to look nice." Just then I start to get some really bad back pain. I try to look for a seat to sit down. I manage to find a bench and sit. 

"Are you okay Rose?" 

"Yea I just got some really bad back pain out of no where." 

"Okay let's just sit for a little you've been on your feet for a while now." 

We sat and talked for about half an hour. When the pain settled down I stood up and declared my hunger and Sear laughed. We walked over to the food court. I got two cheeseburgers, fries, a parfait, a salad, three cookies, and an ice tea. Sera just got nuggets, fries, and a coke. I paid and Sera helped me to carry the food over to the table. 

"It must be nice to be pregnant, you can pig out and people don't care." 

"Yea I guess that is kinda nice," I laugh as I start to eat. Within in fifteen minutes I am full and ready to finish shopping. Sera and I get matching dresses and shoes. I get four pairs of jeans, six new shirts, and a new pair of sneakers. We take our bags and walk out to the car. Today was nice, other then I feel like I knife in my back again. 


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