It's My Life

"It's my life, It's now or never, I ain't gonna live forever, I just wanna live while I'm alive, It's My life; My Heart is like an opean highway, Like Franky said i did it my way, I just wanna live while I'm alive, IT's MY Life." These words I kept saying to myself as I was packing my bags to move out. Ever since my rash decision my world has turned upside down.


6. Big News

Rose's POV 

Sleep came very slowly last night. I could not shake the feeling that something was no right. Upon waking up this morning I still have that feeling. I get dressed and make breakfast. Then I head to the doctor. Today is when I find out the gender of the baby. I hope it's a boy. I haven't picked out any girl names. I get all set up and then it comes time to find the gender my heart flutters. 

"Congratulations it's a little boy." 

"That's what I was hoping for." 

"Do you have a name picked?" 

"Jonathan Daniel." 

"That's a handsome name." 

"Thank you." 

We finish the ultrasound and everything looks good. I can't wait to tell Liam it's a baby boy. There is nothing more exciting. I walk to where I am going to meet him. He shows up on time and we walk to the hospital. We get the testing after I am taken through all the complications that could happen. I sign my life away and within two hours the testing is done. It is going to take a week for the results to come back. 

"So your having a baby boy......have you picked a name?" 

"Jonathan Daniel." 

"I think that is a wonderful name." 

"Thanks, he has a name sake." 

"Oh really who?" 

"My brother Jon who died in combat three years ago and Daniel my grandfather's name." 

"I like it. I really do. I have to get going." 

We say goodbyes and I can't wait to tell Sera it's a baby boy. She has been hounding me for weeks. Now she can finally go shopping. I didn't want her to buy anything until I knew the gender of my baby. Now I can finish buying the bedroom items. I am so excited to have a baby boy. He is going to be so handsome. I walk through the door and Sera isn't there. Then I walk into my room and there is Sera. 

"What's you doing?"

"Measuring the wall for my desk." 

"Don't you want to know the gender?"

"Yes......what it is?" 

"It's a baby boy!" 

"Awe I'm gonna be an aunt to a little boy. I am so excited."


A week later

"Rosalie the results are here." 

I rush out of my room and rip open the envelope. 

"What does it say?" 

"Liam is the father......"

"You're surprised?" 

"No I am wondering what he is thinking right now. This is huge for him." 


Liam's POV

"What does it say mate," Niall was wondering. 

"I'm the father mate. It's an exact match." 

"So what are you going to do now mate?" 

"I need to be the father to that baby boy." 

"What's she naming him?" 

"Jonathan Daniel." 

"That's a nice name." 


"Are you okay Liam?" 

"I honestly don't know Niall......I honestly don't know." 

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