Poems that I wrote. (not Haikus)


2. How rivers were formed

This poem is written both in english and in the Ancient Language (from eragon) Unfortunately to complete this, I had to take words from an Old Norse dictionary ( and make some up myself), as Paolini only made words that he needed in the book itself. He said the Language was based on Old Norse anyway. Enjoy!

Aí ebrithil abr gramarye, vrango älfrs gata gëuloth ,

Eom äfedoc'sil älfrs hjartas súndav

Älfr reisai aí breoal ilia un medh älfrs eïnradhin,

Älfrs skapai brír dautar fra vaetr.

Namai mor'ranr, hljodr un zar'roc.


Du adr dautr gladliga lífai , un ásti hvatvetna.

Du annarr dautr ásti bókar, un käpt eom hírsel.

Du pridi dautr leidi hír fadir, ed hír nama ero nángoröth,

Älfrinn míust lífa unin sonítät zar'roc.


Ne du neit, of zar'rocs tuttugu-adr burdrdagr.

Zar'roc kräpt unineom hír fadirs saengrúm.

Un sveipai hír munds oroind hír fadirs óst.

Un tuk hír fadirs líf.


Hír systya  ghaediri theirra systirs svik, therr eltai hír .

Hversuhevr, älfrinn ero hvergi eom et täond.


Zar'roc fed ípóun aí bjarg mikill, un hlakkai.

Hír systirs leidi hír, sídan du súndav unin hír hjarta hávro fán sígr.

Älfrinn hlakkai un hlakkai, hír sál pórái várr abr hír augas.

Du tya kenna eom du grunnr un voxtro du adr fljót.

Du tya saera thierra lund eom du aegir, un hír sál drjúpai unineom du aegir.


Zar'rocs líkami drekka hvarfa du verold, ba älfrinn hlakkai, vatns hríd älfrinn myndi vatns un fljót.

Ed älfrinn lúkai älfrinn kastai hír  líkami mi aí hamarr un unineom du aegir, wuere hír säl hver hvílas.


Now for English

A master of magic, wandered his dull path,

To conquer his heart's shadow.

He raised a happy family un with his word,

He created three daughters,

Named peace, quiet and misery.


The first daughter lived gladly, and loved everything.

The second daughter loved books, and kept to herself.

The third daughter hated her father, as her name was a curse,

So she must live in constant misery.


On the night of misery's twenty-first birthday.

Misery crept into her father's bedroom.

And wrapped her hands around her father's throat.

And took her father's life.


Her sisters discovered their sister's treason, and they pursued her.

However, she was nowhere to be found.


Misery sat upon a large rock, and cried.

Her sisters hated her, because the shadow in her heart had taken over.

She cried and cried, her soul poring out of her eyes.

The tears fell to the ground and formed the first river.

The tears wound their way to the sea, and Misery's soul trickled into the sea.


Misery's empty shell walked the world, crying while she formed lakes and rivers.

As she finished she threw her body off a cliff and into the sea, where her soul rests.

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