Can you keep a secret

Melissa Fay is just your average 14 year old girl. after tragic events occur she is forced to take over her parents job. To go undercover as an estate agent to find the real reason why the housing estates are being sold for a cheap price and why the owners suddenly go missing....


2. Chapter two


   Melissa's P.O.V

 OMG! She can't do that! Ground me for a flippin' week!

"What! No you can't do that!" I shouted. She just glared at me.

"Yes I can," My mother replied simply.

"I HATE YOU!" I shouted right at her face. She just shrugged it off.

"Well, me and your father are going out for dinner and will be back by midnight. Don't open the door to anyone and there is food in the fridge," She kissed my forehead lightly and scurried out the door with my father tagging along behind her, waving in my direction as he left. Great.


There was a loud 'CRASH' out the front of my house. I ran towards the sound. And what I saw oh what I saw scarred me for life that was the night I would loose my parents forever. I ran over to their blood stained bodies.

"MUM! DAD! PLEASE WAKE UP!" I screamed shaking their hands I saw my mums' eyelids flutter.

"Mum?" I whispered.

"I love you Melissa and remember can you keep a secret," Whispered my mother.

"I love you too! And what secret?" I replied. I could hear my voice cracking full of emotion. My eyes welling up with salty tears. 

"Just remember...." My mother started as her voice faltered and her breathing slowed to a halt.I started to cry I was now alone in the world. I curled up in between my still parents their crimson red blood was spread across the road. But there I fell asleep not caring if I died in the process.


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