Can you keep a secret

Melissa Fay is just your average 14 year old girl. after tragic events occur she is forced to take over her parents job. To go undercover as an estate agent to find the real reason why the housing estates are being sold for a cheap price and why the owners suddenly go missing....


3. Chapter three


  Melissa's P.O.V

I woke up in a white room. Alone. I think anyway.

"Where am I?" I whispered

"In Brisbury Hospital," Said a kind nurse with gentle green eyes. Me? I had ice blue eyes otherwise they were on the verge of being purple ,Yes my eyes change colour, or  sometimes when the light shone on my eyes in just the right way they were pure and utter purple. I also had long chestnut brown hair waist length just like my mother. My mother!

"What happened to my parents?" I asked the nurse.

"They were in a horrific car crash and i'm so sorry but they didn't make it," replied the nurse. I think I went into shock right at that moment as everything went silent I was in my own head. Again. 

'NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!!' I started screaming in my head as I couldn't bring myself to talk. I was quite a shy girl at school as I felt that I couldn't really feel or be myself. I know. Special. But I still do it.

A boy around my age walked in. 

"Hello, Miss Fay," He said

"Who are you?" I asked stuttering. Wouldn't you be afraid though if some random dude you don't know turns up in the room you are staying in, in a hospital?

"I am the son of your parents' boss," He responded, I sighed.

"What do you want?" I glared at him.

"Well firstly I and my father are very sorry for you loss and...." Great a posh one. "I am here to recruit you in your parents' place," He replied.

"What? Recruit me? No you must be mistaken I can't...." He cut me off.

"Oh I am not mistaken Miss Fay," This boy is really annoying me now.

"Recruit me for what," I asked glaring at him fiercely.

"A top secret agency that your parents worked for," He replied keeping a calm and sincere face. 

"1. Are you kidding me? And 2. My parents didn't work for any agency thank you very much, they worked as estate agents," I sassed.     

"Actually they worked as undercover agents trying to find out the secrets of a real-estate agents," The boy said. I groaned covering my face with my hands. "And now that duty is passed on to you. Now we hope that you accept this allocation as you will be moving to London in the U.K,".

"A few things first. Moving away from California to the U.K? Really? Can't wait," I said sarcastically. "Now you have to answer a few of my questions,"

"OK," The boy replied.

"Ok, So what's your name?" I asked

"Timothy," He replied simply

OK, Timothy what's this agency called then," I asked raising my eyebrows at my own question.

"MBSDS," Timothy replied unfazed by my question.

"What does that stand for," I asked

"It stands for, Mystery Business Secret Detective Service," He replied. Wow he couldn't be making that up i'm sure.

"Fine i'll do it," I sighed. Timothy nodded thanks and left the room silently. As soon as he'd left I started giggling at the thought of my new position. My name would be, Melissa Fay Secret Agent. Yay!


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