Can you keep a secret

Melissa Fay is just your average 14 year old girl. after tragic events occur she is forced to take over her parents job. To go undercover as an estate agent to find the real reason why the housing estates are being sold for a cheap price and why the owners suddenly go missing....


5. Chapter five



   Today was the day I would receive my first mission. I was looking forward to it but also dreading it. Today could either be the best or the worst day of my existence.


I slowly made my way towards the deep mahogany door and knocked four times in a secret pattern so that Mr Addison would know who it was.

"Come in," I heard the now familiar deep voice of Mr Addison. I nervously walked in.

"Um I am here to receive my new mission," I asked still nervous.

"Oh yes, Your new mission is to infiltrate this estate agency," he said showing me a picture of an estate agency called 'Happy Housing' "So you need to go undercover to see why well here's the story; As soon as this estate agency sells a house exactly two weeks later the residents of the house mysteriously disappear and a horrible smell of decay comes from under the house and the residents are never seen again," He finished

"So how do I come into this?" I asked

"Well we here have an assumption that they at this estate agency that they murder the residents, hide them under the house and then re-sale the house," He replied.

"Ah I see," I replied.

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