Make me remember

For 7 month, zayn was searching for her, cuase she knows answers
For 7 month he failed finding her.
When he stumbles to a party at the night, he finds what he is searching for.
Will she know the answers?
How will zayn and his four friends be fine with the big trouble heading to them,
And now they have one mission: make her remember.


4. ^^^

"Okay you might get the creeps, but this is what happening" he sighs as he starts his conversation. " when she gets fucked, well in her arm will come a sign. She can't get fuck by any people, but with the Tomlinsons." My ands were clenched to fists, "when that happens, she will get a sign in her arm" I looked at him, and at Niall, Liam they all seem not wanting this, except Louis..

"and when she does, all we need is the answer or the words, that will help to unlock something. We still don't know the yeah.." He rubs his face and tears come down. The scars in his face is unbelievable. Louis came out, and went pass us. We entered to the room, to see the girl naked from up to down. "Monsters" I screamed. I took of my jacket and put it in her. She takes it without any word. "I knew it" she said slowly, before she passes away.

 After 30 minutes:

We all sat in a bit circle, the girl is still asleep. "Was I the only one, who didnt know this?" I screamed. They all looked guilty. "Why are we even doing what the Paul wants us to do?!" I asked with verge of angers building up inside me, making me want to hit someone so badly. " we owe him" Louis said. I looked to his eyes, but nothing it was deep and dark, we changed from our selfs, we really did. "What do u mean, ow him what?!" I screamed. "He..he saved our life's" Liam said avoiding looking at me. "Oh and I just didn't knew anything, am I right?!"

they just didnt answer, I went up and walked away, out of this, and think about it.

we owe our lives to him,huh? What a stupid excuse..

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