Make me remember

For 7 month, zayn was searching for her, cuase she knows answers
For 7 month he failed finding her.
When he stumbles to a party at the night, he finds what he is searching for.
Will she know the answers?
How will zayn and his four friends be fine with the big trouble heading to them,
And now they have one mission: make her remember.


2. ()

I took another cigarette, and inhale the smoke inside through my lungs. How good this kind Is. Today I need to find some party to chill in, then go to search for "her". Harry who have been my loyal friend, came to sight. "Hey, there is an awesome party over there. Wanna sneak to it?" Harry asked pointing to a big house in the view. I nod, as a smirk played in his lips. We got some play to do.

 We walked down the street, in silence. We weren't fans of talking alot. Reaching to the party, I walked to the gate, but a big man came to view. " you want to enter, 50 dollars" I smiled wickedly at him, as Harry came with Louis. We punched the life out of the big man, and gave him our last goodbyes. We opened the gate, using the key we found in his coat, and made our way to the drinks. Harry and Louis were talking to girls, while I had 2 drinks, in my strong hands. "Zayn, you gotta come here, it is 'here'" I run to Harry, as he pointed to a cute girl all alone in the side of the party. He nods, as I walked to her, and urged to hug her, what I did from the back. "He'll Jason, as she kissed me deeply, for some reasons I kissed back" she pulls away, with a disgusted look. "Hey you!" I looked behind me to see a very angry boy. Her boyfriend I guess. "I tout you were.." Within seconds, she fell to the ground heavily. Jason smiled, "finally got tired from smiling infront of her" I looked over my shoulder, to the poor girl been held by 5 big in black men. 

 "What are you doing to her?" I screamed. All the party stopped, looking in our directions. Harry and Louis came over, and I pointed to the girl. They nod, as I walked fast to Jason, and punched the life out of him. Giving him punches and kicks that made him bleed so badly, with cuts all over his face. I looked at my knuckles, it really is in a bad shape. I turned, to see Harry lying in the floor with big scars and cuts, and even worse then you could imagine. I clenched my teeth together, "you are fucking dead" I screamed as I went over them, and hit them badly, one of them shot my leg, as pain ate my leg. I am used to been shot, but why in the same spot?! "Louis go grab her!" I pointed at the girl. He didnt move, but looked over at Harry's face. Shit. 

 Liam came, and ran fast to the girl as a ninja, and exploded a can of gas we bought it yesterday. Ad there he goes with the girl, good job. I smiled proudly, as I hit the rest two, and walked to Harry and Louis. Harry smiled, "it is fine Louis stop exaggerating" Louis scoffs, "I can't leave you haz, never in millions of years" 

louis helped me and Harry get to the car, as nialler opened the door to us. " that was a real crap!" I screamed. "Omg, look at your leg" Niall pointed at my leg, yeah it been shot so badly. " it is fine" I lied. I look back, and see Liam with the girl her head in his lap. " will she be fine?" I asked pointing at her. "Yeah, I guess" Niall never helped in any mission, but he just stayed as a nurse. "Ouch!" I said, while keeps on stitching my leg, and giving it some kind of brown medicine. I laid my head back, examining the girl, she is so peaceful, but sadly it won't last.

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