Welcome Back to the Darkness

Once a heart is consumed in darkness, it breaches a point of confusion. Should it fade into nothingness, or should it leave something behind? Feelings are not omitted, and love carries on into the next division, but can it last in someone who is not meant to exist? Can it begin to return if another heart triggers it? Upon your return to Organization XIII, you've soon found that a battle of emotions has become a battle for survival. Which of your newly made "friends" will be your savior in the darkness? ---Please review!!! *Sequel to Welcome Back to the Truth [Highly suggested you read the first one before this][Familiarity for KH2]


8. Chapter 8

The hallways were fairly vacant if you counted Xigbar as a very ugly piece of furniture. Other than the "skunky sofa," nothing bothered you on your quest to see the great, almighty one. Xemnas had sent for you about an hour ago, and since you were in no hurry to get there, you took your sweet old time.


Yawning, you stretched your arms before finally pushing the door open and entering his stupid office. Oh, yes, you looked quite happy to be there. The scowl on your face and your dark glare clearly said so.


"Xevia...what a pleasure to see you. Tea?"


"Cut to the crap, Xemnas...I have better things I could be doing. So what is it you want?"


"Pardon me; I assumed you wanted to take a mission. It seems I was mistaken."


"What? No! I would be happy to get out and do something productive, provided it does not involve groceries or deliveries." He chuckled deeply- the laugh you used to love so much.


"I see my other worked you quite thoroughly. Actually, I had a Sora mission in mind."


"Back to my old work, eh? Count me in, I guess."


"Delightful. I shall alert Larxene that you are prepared to leave immediately."




"You cannot expect me to send only one of my warriors to seek out Sora after it has been so long since we've made contact."


"Yeah, I can. What is with you sending me on tasks with my worst enemies?"


"Good luck, Xevia...I only need you to check on him."


"With Blondie the Beetle, you mean?" Sighing, you left the room, spotting said kunai-wielder nearby.


"Oh look...it's the first in her family born without a tail!"


"Good to see you too, Larxene. I was just thinking about you, actually; some people I passed the other day said you weren't fit to fuck pigs. I stuck up for you though...I told them you were."


"Let's just get this over with, Bitch, and we can move on with your useless life. Oops...I meant our useless lives."


"Sure you did. Come on, Buggy- let's go."


"Ladies first!" You watched as she disappeared into a dark orb. Snarling, you did the same, reappearing on a sunlit beach with rolling waves. Saltwater lapped at your ankles, making you grumble darkly. "What your problem?" questioned the Savage Nymph scornfully.


"Wet robes..." You tromped on to shore, cursing the stupid island. "Where is he?"


"I don't know. It's not like he gives me a play-by-play."


"Well, let's go find him then." She flicked a bit of water on you in an attempt to get dry. Damn the woman for stealing your technique. "So how did you get here? Did your parents decide you were too hideous to eat, so they tossed you into the garbage, and you came from the landfill of doom?"


"At least my parents didn't try to flush me." Her shocking eyes gave you a sideward glance.


"Yeah...that was your twin sister. You were too fat to fit."


"Do you think you're funny?" she griped sharply.


"Yeah, actually, I do. I'm a funny, sexy lady. Well, when walking next to such impossible comparison, that is."


"Oh, haha...you're a real card. You should play with Luxord sometime...oh wait, you most likely already have!"


"Do you wanna go, Bitch?!"


"Keep your squawk down; Sora's right there. If you're not careful, he'll hear you; he can speak stupid too."


"If you're telling me to stop, maybe you should shut your own trap." You watched her purse her lips, but she remained silent. Creeping around a palm tree (which didn't work because a coconut made you trip and get a mouthful of sand), you peered over at a group of three.


So this is Kairi...who's the other chick? A push on your back sent you flying forward.


"Go make friends," Larxene quirked quietly.


"_(Name)_?" The voice made you freeze. Larxene snorted.


"He doesn't even know the right title."


"Shut up, you stupid insect!" you screamed shrilly, most definitely looking like a complete psychopath since none of the teenagers could see her from their position. "May a mighty coconut fall and squash your stupid, flat-chested body! UGH!" You spun around, putting on a smile and facing the others. "Hi, Sora. Good to see you! How've you been?"


His big blue eyes were different sizes due to the awry expression he was giving you. "Er...great. I'm kind of afraid to ask how you've been, though..."


"Oh, I've been good...except for being betrayed, killed, and brought back again, losing my unborn child in process, but hey...who's complaining? I feel wonderful! Who are your friends?"


He seemed awfully confused at your apparent energy and mood swings. "This is Kairi and Riku."


"Damn, Riku! Nice gear. You'll have to let me borrow your clothes sometime, girl! They're totally wicked!"


"No, _(Name)_...this is Riku." Sora pointed to the silver-haired female, and Kairi burst into giggles.


"Yeah, I know who I was talking to."


"Well, _(Name)_...Riku's...a...guy..." He said it ever-so-slowly, clearly stating his confusion without really doing so. Your eyes widened and shifted uneasily.


"Oops...sorry, man. Didn't mean to offend." You gave him a lopsided grin, to which he responded by crossing his arms. "Should've noticed...pretty built, aren't ya?" With a nervous laugh, you hid your unimpressed expression. He was nothing compared to the Organization...well, maybe Xigbar.


"So what have you been up to, other than...getting killed?" Sora questioned, frowning due to the awkward sentence he'd spoken.


"Kicking ass, of course! What else?" A chuckle could be heard behind you, so you picked up a rotting Paupou fruit and threw it in Larxene's direction. You grinned at the sound of a very satisfying splat, followed by a shrill scream and teleportation.


"What was that?" Kairi gasped, blue irises fixed in the general area.


"A screeching bug. Very rare...practically extinct. Thank heavens for that."


"Why? Isn't it bad if a species in endangered?" Kairi's voice had become one of scolding.


"Not this one. It tops the skunk bug on the annoyance level. Believe me, Kairi; you'll be glad when this one dies off."


"I certainly hope you're not talking about me," a husky, familiar voice spoke from behind. Slowly, you turned, fixing a glare upon a tan face you had loathed and thought you had killed. Apparently not.


"Katashi," you snarled sharply before spitting at his feet. "I could have sworn I left you to die. Did the knife not finish you off?" A rasp, which you supposed to be a laugh, came from his throat as he sneered.


"I have no idea what you speak of, Xevia. Perhaps we should discuss this over lunch?"


"You bastard!" A quick glance toward the three confused teenagers made you rethink your words...sort of. "I mean...asshole. I mean...jerk." After a nervous grin was given, you returned your expression to its hard and cold fixation.


"Surely you didn't mean that as an insult," he cooed charmingly. "It would be a pity; I'm flattered by your chosen names to call me. They certainly boost the image I've set, don't they?"


"Why, you-" Digging your heels into the sand, you took off after him, sais already summoned and a deadly look upon your face. However, he was ready for you. In a flash, he was leading you away from the three others and toward a desolate beach. "Come back here and let me kill you a second time!"


Surprisingly, Katashi came to a halt, whipping around and catching your wrist as it rose to aim a blow. There was a different look in his eyes now- something you had seen rather recently. Your features rearranged themselves as you frowned in confusion.


"You're not-"


"Xevia, save it. I only came to bring you back to Headquarters, and I couldn't have Sora and Riku recognizing me." In a flood of darkness, Zexion turned to gaze at you. "Xemnas had me observe you this time; apparently you had a squabble on your last paired mission, and he desired to find out if you were the cause of these obstacles that prevented the task from going smoothly.


"Needless to say, Larxene will have her punishment coming to her, and you are by all means not responsible for the events that took place. In fact, I thought you handled it rather well; I'll pass on a good word for you."


"Really? Wow, thank you." You flashed him a grin. "I suppose we should return then..."


"Not yet. I'd like to stay here a while longer." This caught you by surprise; what interest would Zexion have in a beach?


"What, are you studying some sort of rare breed of bacteria that resides in these waters?" A mused expression crossed his visage momentarily before he chuckled and shook his head.


"No, but that's something worth looking into."


"Then why do you want to stay?" You watched as he stepped closer to the water and raised his face to the heavens. An ocean mist was carried in the breeze, spraying your face and filling your sense of smell with a salty aroma. It was only then that you realized he wasn't wearing his Organization uniform; he was clothed in a long-sleeved, plain white shirt and a pair of dark skinny jeans. It was a strange contrast to the normal attire.


"Can't you feel it?" he murmured. "There's something about this place. It's so..."


"Peaceful?" you offered, drawing a small smile from him, followed by a short nod.


"Peaceful," he echoed in agreement. "It's a nice adjustment to the bothersome beings we have at home."


"Funny...I thought I was a bothersome being."


"Well...you are. But at least you're serious when the moment calls for it, unlike some others I could name off."


"Are we discussing Demyx right now?"


"Mainly, yes," confirmed the Cloaked Schemer with amusement as to how quickly you'd caught on. With a groan, he took a slow seat in the sand, imprinting it with a finishing lazy plop. You joined him at his side, silently wondering if you were even allowed that honor.


The waves rolled softly around your ankles, lapping warm saltwater onto the hems of you black pants. On a whim, you unzipped the cloak, removed the boots, and tossed it all aside. Luckily, you had come prepared with a shirt this time, convinced Larxene may attempt to humiliate you in some way that had to do with nudity. Hence, you now lolled around in the black pants with a laced spaghetti-strap tank top.


Leaning against your palms, you took a look around you as the breeze picked up again. Palm trees bent slightly to give way, the leaves rippling with the currents and making a gentle rustling sound. For a little while, you were smiling, but you hastily flinched away from said plants when you considered the possibility of a coconut falling on your head.


Zexion gave you a curious look after examining your movement, later having seemingly figured out your thought process, for he chuckled at your expense. "Fear the almighty coconut, Xevia; it's out to get you."


"Shut up! Okay, I have very bad luck with these sorts of things, and I'm not taking any chances."


"That would be a most entertaining experience. However, I would be most disappointed if it did happen."




"Because I would want it caught on camera." Your jaw dropped before you smacked him on the shoulder. Zexion began to laugh, a pair of dimples appearing on the sides of his mouth.


"You're a jerk! Do you know that?"


"Well, of course; I know everything."


"Oh, getting cocky, are we? Can't understand why; you're either very comfortable with who you are, or you haven't come out of the closet yet, because I thought bathing in rose petals was a girl thing." A glare was sent in your direction.


"The aroma is soothing."


"Oh, of course it is. Join the club; Xemnas bathes with lilacs." He snorted loudly enough to convince you that if he had been taking a drink, he would have sprayed the entire mouthful all over you.


"How disturbing. And why do you know this?" Was he unaware of your history with Xemnas?


"We...were together. No one told you this?"


"No. Maybe Xemnas wanted to keep it on the down low. He has a rep to protect, you know?"


"Yeah, I suppose he wouldn't want anyone to know he killed his own child or anything like that," you drawled with an uneasy laugh, looking away and hugging your knees. There was a short moment of silence before he questioned your meaning. "Well, when I say we were together, I mean we had..."


"Sexual interactions?" After pursing your lips, you gave a confirming nod. "The two of you had a kid?"


"Almost. I was going to tell him the good news, and he-" Your voice cut as your throat closed over the words. Were you actually choking up? "He betrayed me; ended my life...with my own weapon, too."


"Dignity stealer, eh? Do you still love him?" Silence met his words, bringing out his curiosity. He leaned forward to get a better look at your face, which was now contorted with misery at the memory. "Xevia?"


"I don't know, Zexion...I don't think I do, but the heart is such a complex object." You were just going to leave it at that, but you suddenly remembered that this Organization believed you didn't have a heart. "When you don't have one, things get even worse. I mean, Axel loved me...or he thought he did."


"Emotions are often confused with thoughts. It isn't possible to feel without the proper tools."


"I beg to differ." His eyebrows shot up his forehead. "Well, we still have a soul, and souls can reach so much deeper than a heart. True love, I believe, can overcome any obstacle, even a being lacking a heart. It is my hypothesis that if someone lacked a heart, the person they love would become their heart."


"I suppose it's possible...I've never heard such a thing."


"Maybe you'll experience it yourself someday. Probably find some girl that will be beyond predicament and will make you feel whole- like you have something more than science and literature to live for."


"It's doubtful. I'm far too busy for such distractions."


"Who knows? Maybe she'll be able to help you. I mean, I did whatever I could to assist Xemnas."


"It would still be distracting. Xemnas obviously felt the same way; he got rid of you for some reason..." You sucked in a sharp breath and your vision began to blur. Had he really just said that? The cold cruelty behind those words was unbelievably hurtful, and you almost had to wonder why you cared. It wasn't as though Zexion's opinion mattered to you.


At the sight of your tears, Zexion murmured a hasty apology before silence was cast over the pair of you. Moments later, he began to sing Canta Pajarito quietly and soothingly. The man's voice was a comforting rumble- tenor, and smooth like water.


You lay down in the sand, feeling the sun baked ground on your back. Closing your eyes, you let Zexion's sweet melody plant images in your mind. Even though you didn't know the meaning of the words, it was touching all the same.


Something brushed lightly across your cheek, pushing a few stray strands of hair aside. It sent electric shocks through your nerves and made your _(color)_ eyes fly open. The tune had come to a halt, and you found Zexion staring at you with deep fixation. It was strange; he almost looked sad in his expression and the depths of his irises.


Bare fingertips caressed your cheekbone, and your let out the breath you had been holding in. Raising your own hand, you moved to cover his, but he jerked away suddenly and faced the ocean. Sighing, you sat up and ran your fingers through your hair.


"Could we go back soon?" you questioned softly. "I think I put my underwear on backwards..." Slowly, he turned to look at you with a confused frown before his face lit up with an amused grin.


"I never know what to expect from you. Are you always this random?"


"Pretty much. I had to say something to insist on the urgency; it's really uncomfortable!" He chuckled.


"If you say so. You're welcome to leave at any time. No one is preventing your doing so."


"Okay. See you soon?" After he gave you a slow nod, you disappeared. Zexion breathed outward and rested an arm on his raised knee, pressing two fingers to his temple.


Probably find some girl that will be beyond predicament...


You were beyond predicament; that was for sure. However, Zexion refused to believe it was possible that the likes of you could ever make him feel whole. Besides, you already drew in quite a crowd, and he was in no position to fight another male for a girl; he had more important things to accomplish. It was absolute- you were off limits, as well as other women; Zexion refused to fall in love, and that was final...right?

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