Welcome Back to the Darkness

Once a heart is consumed in darkness, it breaches a point of confusion. Should it fade into nothingness, or should it leave something behind? Feelings are not omitted, and love carries on into the next division, but can it last in someone who is not meant to exist? Can it begin to return if another heart triggers it? Upon your return to Organization XIII, you've soon found that a battle of emotions has become a battle for survival. Which of your newly made "friends" will be your savior in the darkness? ---Please review!!! *Sequel to Welcome Back to the Truth [Highly suggested you read the first one before this][Familiarity for KH2]


7. Chapter 7

Some find his cruel, odd demeanor to be easy to see past, but he does not have me fooled. Never shall I be deceived into believing that somewhere inside him is a good person and a fine leader. [-Sadistic Heartbreaker Chronicles, Entry 72]


Saïx was happy about something...it was frightening. Watching him warily, you slowly diced the peppers that would be added to the omelets. How in the worlds did it come to be that you had kitchen duty with the Luna Diviner?


Golden eyes grazed your shoulder as he examined your work. "I know how to cook," you grumbled defensively.


"Somehow I find myself worried about the amount of truth in that. Try the larger kitchen knife. You're going to hurt yourself with that one; it's too sharp."


"I will not!"


"Stop being so stubborn," he snarled sharply. "I'm trying to help."


"Yeah, right. More like you're just ordering me around. Ouch!" Drawing a quick breath, you examined your finger, which now had blood oozing from a moderately-sized cut. There was a pause without sound, before...


"Told you."


"Will you shut up?!"


"Let me see it," demanded the Nobody, snatching up a first-aid kit.


"No." Holding it away from him, you gave him your back before hearing a sigh behind you.


"You are such a child."


"Am not!" You probably didn't help your case when you stuck out your tongue.


"Oh yes...very mature. My apologies; I forgot you were a big girl."


"You calling me fat?" Giving him the stink-eye, you pursed your lips, kidding of course. However, Saïx didn't seem to know how to respond. There was no witty comeback for this one.


"Must you always come up with a way to pick a fight?" His statement was calm, collected. Why couldn't you ever sound like that? The only time you could recall even seeming remotely at ease was when you had finally captured Katashi.


Your muscles gave way as you admitted defeat. Allowing Saïx to simply reach out and touch you was draining your concentration, let alone just plain old strange. Nevertheless, his fingers were ever so light in their caress against your skin as he tenderly lifted your arm and brought your wound closer into perspective.


With his free hand, he opened the box of supplies he had retrieved earlier, pulling out a bit of gauze, a bandage, and rubbing alcohol. You gave the bottle a horrified look; this was going to be a painful process, that much was for sure. Snatching a cotton swab, Saïx released you for the time being and unscrewed the alcohol, dipping the container to soak the material.


Those blazing irises stared into yours for only a few seconds before dropping to his work. Fiery pain tore through your finger as the swab was pressed to the cut, and you gritted your teeth in response. With an attempt to get your mind on something else, you instead focused on none other than Number VII himself.


The light had caught in his uniquely styled hair, making the blue sheen like water's surface. Your eyes wandered his visage, taking in each crevice and marking upon his skin. The scar in the shape of an 'x' seemed to run deep- how did he get it anyway?


Saïx's expression was what had you fascinated most. For the first time, you were actually able to see something human in him; the softness of a comrade caring for another. Within his complexion still resided the hard shell he carried around so proudly, but this being appeared to be deeper than his other. Was this even remotely possible?


When he looked at you once more, dropping your now bandaged finger, you gave him a slight smile. Perhaps you had just imagined it, but if he didn't have some sort of respect for others, he would not have just tended to you...right?


"Thank you," you said softly, moving to wash your hands so you could get back to work.


"Try to be more careful next time, please." He closed the lid to the First-Aid Kit and put it beneath the counter. Your eyes widened dramatically as you turned to stare at him in wonder. This bought you an annoyed look. "What?"


"You said, 'please!'"




"I have never heard you say 'please' before! Actually giving a damn about me already caught me by surprise, but this is just over the top. What in hell put you into such a good mood?" Gawking at him, you dropped the knife you had once more picked up.


Smirking, Saïx refused to reply by keeping his lips shut. He turned on the burners and threw butter into the pans. Quirking a brow at him, you cocked your head in curiosity as to how it could even be reality when he was behaving in such a friendly manner. The leer was, of course, very much like the Nobody you knew, but to actually see a bit of glee behind it...


"Are the toppings ready?" he growled, all traces of evidence completely gone from his stature and expression. This got you pursing your lips as you huffed over the sudden loss. Well, it was good while it lasted.


"Yeah...I just have to get rid of the area of peppers that have blood on them...unless we want to stick it in Demyx's breakfast." A wide, frightening grin lit up your face at this, but it was quickly put down by a stern glance from Saïx. "Fine................Larxene?"


"Just clean up the mess."


"Can you say 'please?'"


"Don't push it."


"Can I pull it?"


"What the hell does that mean?"


"I dunno." You carried the bowl of ingredients over to him, staring over his shoulder at the now cooking egg mixture. "I'm starting to get hungry."


"You can wait."


"AHA! I knew you were in there somewhere, mister." Yawning, you stretched your arms above your head and listened to your back give an orchestra of cracks.


"That...was disgusting."


"Oh, as if you haven't done it! Psht! I'm going to go get the juice ready."


"Do as you please; I do not require a play-by-play."


"And now you're cranky! Are you bipolar or something?!"


"Shouldn't you be making the beverages?"


"I will make the juice when I am good and ready, buster!" The form before you slowly turned and gave you a glare that clearly claimed superiority. Needless to say, it made you seal your lips and wear a sheepish expression. "You have egg on your nose."


Nothing could have been a funnier memory to make in the kitchen than watching Saïx go cross-eyed in his attempt to view said stray food matter. Clutching your stomach, you doubled over in laughter and fell to the floor, completely ignoring an agitated growl from above. He must have wiped it off at some point because by the time you got up (a good two minutes later), the spot was gone.


"I wish I had a camera."


"I know where you sleep," threatened the claymore wielder as he flipped a few omelets onto a plate.


"So? I know where you sleep, too...and I know where I can find pink hair dye. Oh yes...Axel did it to the other Demyx, and I can do it to you. Would you like to look like Marluxia?"


"You make a poor attempt at threats." Just like that, he'd won. Your jaw dropped before forming a pout. "Go make the juice; breakfast is almost ready, and you know how Xemnas gets when he hasn't had his eggs and coffee..."


Shuddering, you hurried off to complete the orders, trying to force the image of your leader with saliva flying out from between large jaws and sharp fangs. It was a horrendous thought, but not far off from the truth. In any case, at least you could make sure Xigbar didn't receive his morning caffeine- benefits of kitchen duty. It always made your day to see the skunky guy become more like a badger lumbering around the castle...especially when he targeted Axel.


The two of you already must be running fairly late; Demyx's wail could be heard from the floor above you, clearly meaning he was hungry. Pretty soon you'd hear him stomping down the stairs before facing you with a pair of gorgeous aquamarine eyes and stating, "What gives?" He was predictable and fun...a good reason as to why he had been your best friend.


Were you certain you even wanted to try starting over with this one? Stirring the orange juice, you stared into the swirling liquid and pondered over it. Your thoughts, however, were interrupted by loud thumping getting closer by the second.


A blond head poked its way around the corner, said beautiful irises fixing upon you. "What gives? Where's breakfast?" A warm flutter sent a smile to your lips at the very sight of the Melodious Nocturne, immediately sorting your confusion. No matter what effort it took just to keep the relationship at an even level, you loved Demyx; you always would. He was like your little brother, and such unconditional affection was impossible to ignore.


"It's almost ready, you whiner," you responded with a grin, flicking a bit of porridge at him. It splattered against his face with a loud slapping noise, covering his nose and a bit of his lips. "Go and wait like the others."


Demyx licked the substance off, tossing you a boyish smile before disappearing upstairs. You turned to bring the juice over to the rest of the food, pausing to stare at Saïx, whom was giving you an inquisitorial look. He did not voice his opinion, however, but merely placed the plate of eggs and bacon beside the other dishes.


"Ready for breakfast battlefield?" he muttered, mind evidently on Number IX.


"As ready as always..." you sighed as the two of you slowly trudged up the stairs, prepared to eat and change for the first of three times that day. Yay, Demyx.

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