Welcome Back to the Darkness

Once a heart is consumed in darkness, it breaches a point of confusion. Should it fade into nothingness, or should it leave something behind? Feelings are not omitted, and love carries on into the next division, but can it last in someone who is not meant to exist? Can it begin to return if another heart triggers it? Upon your return to Organization XIII, you've soon found that a battle of emotions has become a battle for survival. Which of your newly made "friends" will be your savior in the darkness? ---Please review!!! *Sequel to Welcome Back to the Truth [Highly suggested you read the first one before this][Familiarity for KH2]


5. Chapter 5

The silence was bliss, and such was even an understatement. The Altar of Naught was incredible- it was no surprise that Xemnas would choose to spend most of his time there. Kingdom Hearts was so close. It was as though you could reach out and touch it. No disturbances were convenient, especially if you went to that particular spot to get away from all the commotion.


"You used some pretty rancorous language in that letter of yours. I was most disappointed."


"Saïx!" You nearly fell off the side of the castle in surprise. Catching your balance, you hastily put you hair back in its place. "What are you doing here? And how do you know about the letter?"


"Xemnas, whom I am here to look for, allowed me access. Was my original self a bastard to you? What a shame..."


"Yeah, well...you sort of share personalities, so..."


"But we make difference decisions. Perhaps I should find no reason to be cruel to someone who finds me sexy."


"Hey, I didn't call you sexy; I call you ho-" You pressed your lips together and felt yourself turn red. You then started croaking again, not sure what to say next. The man chortled coldly and placed a hand on your shoulder.


"Relatively, it's the same thing."


"Leave me alone," you wailed, putting your face in your hands. A smirk crossed his face, only making you blush deeper when you actually did glance up.


"Very well, if you would prefer. Perhaps you might consider leaving Xemnas's post, though?"


"Sure...I'll consider it." Saïx sighed and rolled his eyes before turning to leave. "And Saïx...'x' marks the spot." Tossing him a wink, you snickered at his confusion; that had been the entire purpose. Besides, making comments on physical appearance was your specialty; you'd mastered it with Xigbar.


"Do you consider my face to be a treasure, Xevia?"




"'X' marks the spot. The dig should be most interesting." He disappeared in a cloud of darkness, leaving you to wrinkle your face in shock and disgust. At least it wasn't Luxord.


Sighing, you stretched your arms heavenward and made your way over to descend the citadel. A large yawn stretched your mouth lazily due to lack of sleep. That you could blame Zexion for; the tech-freak woke you at such an unreasonable hour.


Groggily, you rolled over, vision blurring into view as your heavy eyelids pried open. A pair of aquamarine irises gazed down at you unwaveringly, a heart-shaped face just inches from yours. With a start, you flew off the bed, yelling as you hit the floor.


"What is your problem?" you whined, painfully climbing to your knees and gripping the side of the bed.


"You've been asleep for the longest time. I began wondering if you ever planned to get up."


"What time is it?" came your slow groan.


"Six AM."


"Why in the worlds did you wake me so early? Mornings are awful."


"You dozed off at midnight. That's twice as long as you need have slept. There's always work to be done. Go take a mission or something." It was official; staying with Zexion would be a task that might prove to be the most difficult you'd accomplished. This meant war.


Strolling down the hallways below, you hummed the tune you and Demyx had created a while ago. Naturally, it was your old habit of bumping into others around the corner that snapped you from your thoughts. Turning your gaze upward, you began to stutter from attempting to keep yourself from snickering.


"Holy pink from Hell. You know you look like a walking petunia?"


"A genius remark, I'm sure. You must be the new pet. How pleased I am to meet your acquaintance."


"Marluxia. My, my, good sir...my most humble apologies. Where are my manners? Oh yes- they screamed and ran off at the sight of your beautiful mane."


"I am going to be the polite, mature one and pretend you did not say that. Yes, my name is Marluxia. And what might be yours?" With a wave of his hand, he summoned a blood-red rose and passed it to you.


"Ooh, flower petals..." You stared at the falling plant matter that had been produced from his sleeve. "Oh. Er...Xevia. Pleasure, Marly. Thanks for the rose."


"Your manners must have decided fleeing was not necessary?"


"Oh, I wouldn't say that. One stuck around; he's blind."


"I see," he stated gruffly. Blue eyes pierced into your like all-seeing daggers. In all honesty, they were the only thing keeping you from surveying his marvelous physique. "Well, I must be going. Xemnas said something about- ah, Larxene." A smile spread across his face as he looked past you.


Slowly, you turned around to face a rather beautiful individual. So this was the girl whom had perished to later provide her room for you. Vaguely, you wondered if she smelled of the same whorish perfume that had tainted the cot.


"Great stinking Merlin! It's an insect!" Your comment achieved a hard glare from the maiden. "Must be the last of its kind. Hope nobody squishes it." Hair definitely seemed to be keeping your attention today.


"Save your pathetic remarks for someone who cares," she stated in a soprano, singsong voice with a chilly undertone. This chick clearly had an attitude.


"On second thought, perhaps she's an arachnid; I hear the females eat their mates when they're through with them."


"Will you shut the hell up? Gosh, if shit were music, you'd be a fucking orchestra." She rolled her oceanic eyes and curled a loose strand of hair behind her ear.


"At least I could make music, then; all you'd do is make people scream and cover their ears," came a barely audible mutter.


"Excuse me?"


"Nothing," you stated too quickly, scooting a few inches away. The girl pursed her lips and turned her attention to a most amused Graceful Assassin.


"Marluxia, Xemnas sent me to tell you that the preparations in Radiant Gardens are ready. You are to report to him immediately." He nodded and dismissed himself before heading down the next corridor. Larxene watched him disappear, her face thoughtful until she caught your mirroring expression. "What?" she snapped, frowning as you cocked your head to study her at a different angle.


"Well, I was thinking...you do look kind of like a bee...it's intriguing that you should be attracted to Flower Boy. He could leave his pollen all over your hairy legs so you could eat the honey later." Her visage transformed into a look of outrage.


"What did you just say?" she snarled.


"I didn't stutter."


"I'll make it easy for you, Larxene," chimed a familiar and very welcome voice. "She just called you a slut."


"I know exactly what she called me, Axel," snapped the blonde sharply. "Thank you very much for spelling it out for me." Those electric blue eyes said it all- you'd made an early enemy. Just as well; from what you'd heard about this particular female, you didn't want to associated with her.


The firebug chuckled darkly and gave a mock salute. Larxene made an obvious sound of disgust in the back of her throat and stormed down the hall. Needless to say, you were grinning widely and giving Axel a look of gratitude. He gave a scoffing laugh before ruffling your hair beyond easy repair. You hastily moved to fix the locks that were now sticking up in every direction.


"You must have a knack for making fast enemies. Attempting pranks the moment you arrive, insulting Larxene on such a deep level..."


"Hey, I had to smell her nasty cot for ages. It caused me a heap of trouble."


"Oh yeah? Like what?" He crossed his arms and leaned against the wall with interest.


"You," came a simple statement.


"Me, huh? What about me?"


"Well, for instance...no, I don't want to tell you that. Well, there was the time...no, not that either." You bit your lip, trying not to look at his mirth-filled face. "When it rained! Yeah, it rained and I wanted to sleep in my own room that night, but no...I had to get all cold, go into a certain heated room, and fall in love with-"


Your eyes popped as you hurriedly clapped a hand over your mouth. Already you could feel heat rising from your neck; color crawling across you skin. His widening smirk didn't help things at all.


"It seems there was something missing in one of my letters. He neglected to tell me that he had a late-night visitor."


"Shh...you didn't hear that," you babbled in a not-so-convincing tone.


"Sure, I didn't. Ignorant with a capital 'I'. My lips are sealed."


"And so are mine. I'm not safe around you."


"How long did it take you to figure that out?" he questioned smoothly, almost in a whiper. Your reply was a stutter as he moved toward you, forcing your back against the cool wall. Your heart pounded heavily against your chest as his face inched toward yours, those intence jade eyes seemingly peering right into your soul. The rest of the world did not exist, even though you knew he was simply doing this out of lust; curiousity as to why his original self had been so attached to the frisky vixen before him.


Just as his nose came within a centimeter of yours, heavy footfalls echoed from the walls. A shrill scream followed before Demyx rounded the corner. He stopped momentarily to gaze at the two fo you, who were now standing a few feel apart. "Help me," he squeaked, glancing back and giving another screech while taking off yet again.


When he was halfway down the hall, Xigbar came into view. A corner of his head had been shaved poorly, causing his rat-tail to be lopsided. It was now evident as to why he was chasing the Melodious Nocturne with such determined rage, and why Demyx was so anxious.


Screams got louder as the space between them grew smaller. You and Axel stared after them with silent amusement shown in nothing but your eyes. Raising your brows, you faced the pyromaniac.


"Do you think we should help him? Demyx, I mean?" He seemed to be thinking this over, but not very carefully.




"Didn't think so."

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