Welcome Back to the Darkness

Once a heart is consumed in darkness, it breaches a point of confusion. Should it fade into nothingness, or should it leave something behind? Feelings are not omitted, and love carries on into the next division, but can it last in someone who is not meant to exist? Can it begin to return if another heart triggers it? Upon your return to Organization XIII, you've soon found that a battle of emotions has become a battle for survival. Which of your newly made "friends" will be your savior in the darkness? ---Please review!!! *Sequel to Welcome Back to the Truth [Highly suggested you read the first one before this][Familiarity for KH2]


27. Chapter 27

A shrill scream of terror tore through your throat as you clambered at the wall, crying out for help and trying to get some sort of grip on something in order to make your exit. The pounding wave of water exiting the broken tank drowned out any noise emitted. Silently wailing in desperation, you tried to inch your way along the edge of the room, slipping here and there from the water pressure.


You screamed again, trying louder in hopes that maybe it would carry. Perhaps it did; this you didn't know, but someone had to notice the flood sooner or later, right? The door was at a strange angle to your position, and you weren't sure exactly how to reach it. If you followed the path you were currently taking, there was a fair risk that you would be trapped in the corner. However, if you took the chance to swim, more than likely, you would be swept away in the current.


Weighing the decision in your brain, you chose the latter, trusting the water would take you through the exit. The challenge would be to keep your head above the surface in the meantime. You would probably fall over if you tried the first one anyway, so what was the difference?


Crouching closer to the icy depths, you took a deep breath and readied to make the plunge. Hesitation held you though, as the distant sound of raised voices came from the hallway. You lifted your gaze hopefully, and waited to hear something else...anything. Then the last person you would have asked for turned the corner, shrieking as you were spotted.


"You filthy little bitch! I could have guessed it was you. Oh, this is rich! I can't wait to watch Xemnas throw you out on your ass for this one."


"Larxene," you squeaked, feeling nearly too cold to breathe. "Please. Help." Her shrill laughter managed to drown out even the sound of the water.


"Help? You? You must be joking! The rewards of handing you in would be far too great for me. Unless..." Blue eyes narrowed with dark thoughts, a most suspicious smirk working its way across the Savage Nymph's face. She took a few steps closer to you with great effort, as she moved against the current. The water was rising fast, but she seemed to take no heed to it. Or maybe she did.


Shivers seemed to hold you in your place, and you gritted your teeth in pain as your body began to numb itself over. You threw your head back and wailed, leaning against the wall and facing the fact that this woman was not going to help you. Her presence seemed to grow closer; the hum of electricity was growing stronger. Wait.


You lowered your head in horror and stared at her with wide eyes. Lightning pulsed at her fingertips, and a look of pure evil inhabited Larxene's visage. Softly, you pleaded, shrinking away from her as much as you were able. Marble was at your back, cold and unmoving.


"Unless I remove you myself. That would be an even greater accomplishment. Everyone would just assume you drowned in your own stupidity. And honestly, who would miss you?" In the face of imminent death, you found yourself clutching to any sort of hope that you may see his face again. Silent sobs of desperation shook your chest as you inched toward the door on a path lacking immediate danger.


Inhaling sharply, you darted for the only way out of the room, feeling power at your ankles that pulled you forward and into the chilled prison beneath. Your head went under, and you felt your body tumbling forward and slamming into foreign objects as your were thrust through the path the liquid insisted upon taking. Once more, you found yourself slammed against another wall.


Climbing to air, you gasped and whirled around. Larxene had been as quick as you, although not nearly as clumsy. Her irises practically glowed with hatred as she loomed over you, kunai now in hand. She drew her arm across her body and lashed it down to her side. In such an instant, you closed your eyes tightly, reopening them shortly afterward.


Her chest heaved with the effort of her loathing, a partially victorious smile on her face. It took a few moments to understand why, but when the blood blinded your left eye, you realized she had left three gashes from your forehead to your nostril. The temperature of your body had taken the pain away, and you carefully ran your fingers across the wounds to verify them.


The kunai vanished from your enemy's clutch, and with new vigor, Larxene began charging again. You scrambled for a nearby counter that was high enough to remain above water for now. Just as you launched onto it, she latched onto your heel, and you felt a full pulse of electricity go through your body.


Yelling in agony, you arched your back and felt your muscles seize. When she released you, she laughed in sheer amusement. Again, you could hear the charge begin. This time, you were ready. You lashed out and gripped her wrist, thrusting her hand into the water. This time, a chorus of screams echoed throughout the basement, making your eyes widen in fright.


The terror continued for a while as you held her in place. Larxene's body was great insulation; no shock hit you, as the current was diminished by its owner's form. The pure sound of rushing fluid returned to your ears, the voices gone. She had cut off the power, and now yanked free from your grasp.


Quickly leaping to your feet, you danced out of the way as she lashed out at you. With ultra speed, you flipped into the air to avoid another attack, and dropped beside her with your empty arms held in front of you as though wielding a weapon. Number XII stared at you in astonishment, choking and dropping her knives.


Faster than it had taken for your weapon to even becoming visible, you had thrust it into her abdomen, the blade on the end of your bo staff cutting through like butter. It shimmered into your hands, making its mark with vindication. You trembled and stared back at her, rather in shock that you had even gone so far. You had just murdered a member of the organization. Cold dread prickled across your neck; there was no going back now. There would be no forgiveness.


Releasing the bo back into the darkness, you stumbled backward and gazed at your kill in bewilderment. She dropped to her knees and was swept away by the current, only to disappear into blackness just moments after. As you began to make your way toward the stairs, you began to notice other forms vanishing in the same fashion. Lexaeus, his eyes wide and empty, and Vexen, with his face contorted in agony. Larxene's shock must have done them in.


Fright tore through you as you realized that the very man you wanted most to see could have fallen victim to your attempts to avoid another shock. You screamed his name as you fought through the waves that had risen to your chest level. Zexion...could he truly be gone?


Finally, you found the stairs, but the texture was terribly slippery, and your lack of depth perception was not assisting you very well. The blood from your wound was now staining your clothes, and you were taking a large number of bruises as you tried to work your way from step to step. Crying out when you finally reached a level completely free of water, you rolled onto flat ground and gasped for air.


The ceiling met your gaze as you laid on your back and let the shock leave your body. The air was almost just as cold as the water, but thankfully, there was no draft in this part of the castle. A puddle of dark red liquid pooled around your head, and you sobbed and coughed in your sick laughter; the memory of Demyx finding blood beneath you during a happier time was still rather fresh.


He had been so convinced you were dying, rushing to find you aid. Now you possibly were dying, and The Melodious Nocturne was nowhere to be seen. There was so much to miss, so much to regret. But did you have true remorse for anything done in your previous life? Had it been wasted at all?


Consciousness was fading in and out, and the surface beneath you began to feel wet. Opening your good eye, you looked around you and struggling to your knees. The water had risen again, and you were almost to regular ground level. You stumbled forward and tried for the next staircase.


It took you a while to crawl toward the top this time, and you began to wonder if you were winning at all against the dark fate creeping up behind you. As you sat before the final step, you found yourself gazing a pair of solid black boots. You stared at them uncomprehendingly for a moment before arms hoisted you to your feet.


You clutched to them with white knuckles, becoming quickly aware of how much blood you must be losing. Not only was your body frozen, but with the lack of iron, you were the shade of pale alabaster. Slowly, you looked up and stared into your savior's eyes through the haze taking you fast.


Long blue hair rolled over wide-set shoulders, and although you could not see his face, it told you exactly what you needed to know. You were safe. With this now in mind, you let yourself slip, and your body fell limp in Saïx's trustworthy arms as darkness took you. What happened afterward was a mystery to your unconscious mind.

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