Welcome Back to the Darkness

Once a heart is consumed in darkness, it breaches a point of confusion. Should it fade into nothingness, or should it leave something behind? Feelings are not omitted, and love carries on into the next division, but can it last in someone who is not meant to exist? Can it begin to return if another heart triggers it? Upon your return to Organization XIII, you've soon found that a battle of emotions has become a battle for survival. Which of your newly made "friends" will be your savior in the darkness? ---Please review!!! *Sequel to Welcome Back to the Truth [Highly suggested you read the first one before this][Familiarity for KH2]


26. Chapter 26

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Shooting an obvious, dark glare in the direction of the irritating noise, you shifted in your seat in a disgruntled fashion. Typically, it would annoy you enough to be summoned to The Superior's office, but in this case, he was blatantly ignoring you as well, and you'd been there for five minutes already.


With a loud yawn, you made an attempt to grab Xemnas's attention. He organized some papers, and finally, finally turned to face you. How rude of him, ignoring you in such a way! Could he be any more impertinent? You huffed and pouted, crossing your arms and waiting for him to begin.


"Xevia...I had almost forgotten I had asked for you in my office. And here you are." He'd forgotten you! Rolling your eyes, you made a face that clearly said, I knew it! You hate me, and let me sit here; and figured I'm insignificant enough, so why not let me sit here some more? Sort of.


"So why did you ask for me?" you pressed.


"I have a new task for you, since you are not fond of taking missions." Your jaw hung open widely from such an unfair statement. He knew exactly why you didn't sign up for those! However, when you began to choke out a protest, he cut you off. "Considering the basement is your home anyway, it should be no problem at all for you to clean while you're down there.


"All of our piping is down there, and it tends to drip and cause a molding problem. I will leave it to you to figure out how best to tidy up. You are excused." Eyes wide with disbelief that he had given you such a speech without even hearing a word edgewise, you stood and walked out, lips sealed with bewilderment.


It had been a few weeks since Zexion had returned, and his normal behavior had resumed for the most part. Still a grumpy little bookworm with his nose buried in his work, he didn't pay too much mind to you when you were around, but he did make a point to chat with you now and then. Needless to say, the time had been inching forward, and your new duties were not assisting that in any way.


Axel had mainly stayed out of your hair, but you'd occasionally find little boxes of chocolates, or fire candy, on your bedside table. It was his way of saying he was sorry; he knew you were angry, and from experience, had learned to stay away from you during such times. The little gifts made you smile, and kept you going from day to day, even if they were often found in the garbage; Zexion wasn't fond of the idea.


In a completely mundane routine, you went to the cleaning closet you'd had to create. Xemnas had neglected to tell you that the castle lacked any sort of supplies necessary to do your delightful job, which meant another day in The World That Never Was. It was a replica, of course, so the fat man in the store didn't actually remember you, but it did amaze just how little things changed.


This time, he had gotten ketchup and mustard on your sleeve. While he'd had no business even being in your space, while you were signing the receipt over to the Organization's budgets, he leaned over during mid-bite. He had taken a very evident deep sniff of your hair before drawing back slowly, as if you never would have noticed a thing. How despicable. At some point between his ecstasy and distancing himself, condiments had began to drip into the elbow upon your sleeve.


What an awkward moment it was, staring at him from inches away. He believed he would have gotten away with it, so feigned innocence was coming from his end, and an expression of disapprobation from yours. Your solution? Reaching forward and lifting his grasped burger to his face in slow motion, taking your things, and leaving promptly.


Were there no women in this area, or what? Larxene did not count, as you very well knew. But every man you came across seemed to regard you as something worthwhile, and all you could see was a child in a woman's body. You were a nuisance; rude, vile, and unpredictable. What could be the draw in that? And lately, you'd felt no better than a dirty hooker with the way you'd been bouncing around between men.


"Hearts are pernicious. You never know what damage they'll do next," you muttered to yourself as you slopped a wet mop onto the floor of the largest room on your duty list. Every time you were down here, the large water tank rattled like it was about to fall apart at any moment. And with each moment, you wondered why no one bothered to fix it.


Groaning, you leaned against your mop, unwilling to go any farther despite the fact that you had just begun. It was such dull work, it was a wonder why anyone would be foolish enough to make a living out of it. Nevertheless, you felt their pain.


"Are you having fun yet?" came a voice from the doorway. You jumped and dropped your cleaning utensil, before glaring at Axel and retrieving it with dismay.


"You didn't have to go and scare me," you wailed, placing it in its bucket and moving to lean against the wall.


"I just thought you could use a little entertainment. Ever since you've had to start doing this, bags have been under your eyes, and you're paler than usual. I know you're not sick; so it has to be sheer pococurantism. You need to find some way to liven things up a bit."


"And what would the great flame suggest? Do it in my underwear?" He cracked a smile at this, but you only slumped further forward.


"That's a good idea. But I was going to say you could embarrass yourself, but annoy everyone else, by pretending your mop is a microphone on its stand, and rock out with the tunes in your head. Hell, they don't even have to be real tunes." You pondered this, knowing it would be a perfect scheme if you managed to open a vent to Xigbar's room. However, you weren't sure that was possible from down here.


"Thanks, but I would just feel like an idiot, and be bored."


"I can help you out if you want. Wait here." Before you could say otherwise, he was out of the room. Smacking your mouth in both annoyance and indifference, you waited patiently to see what sort of scheme he had planned next. Returning moments later with another mop and bucket, Axel set them on the floor and grinned at you proudly.


"Where the hell did you get one of those?" you asked incredulously. He blinked, showing clear signs of confusion.


"From the cupboard down here. It's like...three doors over." Your eyebrows and lids lowered dramatically at this.


"Go figure," came your mumbled reply. There just would be a closet. Of course! Snarling, you snatched up your mop maliciously and began to move it across the floor with unnecessary force. Axel followed suit, watching you warily. You were an interesting one; he could imagine that when you're moody like this, you would be unpredictable. However, people couldn't even foresee your actions when you were happy. It was like spinning the wheel of luck at an event. The peg would almost always come to a rest at You Lose.


The mops were swirled around for the next few minutes, the sound drowned out by the heavy rattling of the nearby water tank. Eventually, his mop collided with yours. Pouting up at him for having invaded your space, although it was far more likely that you hadn't been paying attention and had wandered into his, you took a firm grasp on your handle.


With a lackadaisical pace, you slapped the mop head across his visage, an evil grin working its way across your own as you watched it drag his hairdo along. When the waterlogged material fell back to the floor, it revealed a most displeased fire manipulator.


Soon, you found yourself drenched with the same liquid. The heavy aroma of mildew clogged your senses, and you coughed in disgust, doubling over and wrinkling your face. He laughed at you, pointing and leaning back; his chest now remained utterly defenseless.


You whipped the mop to the side, drawing it across his pectorals and making him stumble backward. Somehow, you had a pretty good idea you were going to end up getting drenched on this one. However, he was right; it was amusing.


For the next few minutes, the room was filled with laughter as you both found new places to smack each other. It didn't take long for both cloaks to smell wretched. In his last attempt to win the war, he picked up his bucket and threw its contents all over you.


Now drenched to the core, you spit filthy water from your mouth and carefully worked your eyes open. When considering you had thrown the first hit, it was only fair he got the last. And you were far too disgusted to carry on. Shaking yourself like a wet dog, you hastily removed your cloak and tossed it aside, ignoring the wolf whistle sent in your direction.


Now clad in nothing but boots, black pants, and a matching bra, you looked the scandalous part you'd been playing at over the last few months. Goosebumps rapidly made waves across your skin as the basement's cold air licked at your body. You hugged yourself and glared at Axel in disapproval.


"Does her ladyship require my assistance?" he offered, stepping through the puddle and beginning to make his way toward you.


"No, no, no! Believe me, Axel; I have had about enough of your help today!" you laughed, shaking your head. "Please feel free to go about your business. I will finish up here." He shrugged and headed toward the door. "Take your mop with you!" you snarled after him before grabbing yours once again.


With your comrade gone from the room, the clatter of the water drum was even more irritating than ever. Heaving a sigh of exasperation, you made your way over to it, examining its pressure wheel. It looked much like that which belonged on large ships. This was easy enough to figure out, right?


Grasping either side of the metal, you grunted and shifted all of your weight into one direction. With a loud bang, the entire door burst from its hinges, pushed away by the pressure of what seemed to be an ocean of water. It knocked you to the floor, pounding your body and causing you to slide across the marble, where you finally crashed into the wall.


The liquid continued rushing out of the pipes, apparently being the very section of the system that regulated how much was drawn from much larger bodies of such content. Did this mean it would never end? You floundered to your feet, gasping for breath and clutching for anything on the wall that may hold you up.


It felt like a thousand needles were piercing your skin as the icy mixture swirled around you, spraying and flowing in every direction. Nearly blind from the amount of moisture in the air, you strained to evaluate the damage. With your _(color)_ eyes widening in horror, you realized just how much there really was. And you were right; it wasn't stopping. If you didn't flee for higher ground very soon, this room would become your grave.

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