Welcome Back to the Darkness

Once a heart is consumed in darkness, it breaches a point of confusion. Should it fade into nothingness, or should it leave something behind? Feelings are not omitted, and love carries on into the next division, but can it last in someone who is not meant to exist? Can it begin to return if another heart triggers it? Upon your return to Organization XIII, you've soon found that a battle of emotions has become a battle for survival. Which of your newly made "friends" will be your savior in the darkness? ---Please review!!! *Sequel to Welcome Back to the Truth [Highly suggested you read the first one before this][Familiarity for KH2]


21. Chapter 21

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!" you growled, slamming your fist onto Zexion's desk. Within just one day of captivity, you were losing your mind. Zexion turned to look at you with a questioning stare.


"Xevia, it has barely been twelve hours."


"I don't care!" you growled through bared teeth. "I'm so fucking bored!"


"Find something to entertain yourself. Perhaps you could finish that Edgar Allen Poe book?"


"I would if I knew I could leave, but I can't, so this is more satisfying."


"Well, maybe you could- oh wait, hang on." He leaned in toward his computer and scanned the message box that had appeared. "I apologize, Xevia, but I'm needed in the lab. You'll have to wait here and busy yourself with something. No touching the computer," he added hastily before dissolving into darkness.


Sighing, you plopped onto his chair and spun in it a few times. Just as you leaned back to stare at the ceiling, you started and leaped out of it at the sight of a pair of jade eyes gazing down at you. Clutching your chest, you breathed, "Axel...what are you doing here?"


"Shhh...Roxas and I came to keep you company." Roxas peeked out from behind his friend with a small wave.




"We felt bad that you got punished like you did, so we figured we'd make it a little more enjoyable."


"But how did you know...? Xemnas said that it wouldn't be publicized."


"Everything is publicized here. You should know that by now. Somehow the word got out, and...anyway, here we are."


"Oh. Well then..."


"So the word is, you guys have a jacuzzi?"


"Axel, not again!"


"Nope; we have Roxas this time, not Demyx. No cannonballs."


"That's a relief. But I really don't think Zexion would like it if-"


"Tish tosh; what he doesn't know won't hurt him. Got it memorized?"


"You might as well just go with it," Roxas chimed in. "He's not going to give it up."


"Well...Zexion did tell me to entertain myself, as long as it didn't involve touching his computer. So I suppose he can't really say anything."


"Then it's settled," declared Axel before ripped his cloak clean off, leaving only a pair of swimming trunks. "Let's boogie!"


"I see you came prepared," you mumbled as Roxas began taking off his uniform. "I'll be right back then..." You disappeared into the bed chamber and went digging through your closet in search of your bikini. Once you found it, you pulled it on, hearing the distant sound of water running. They were apparently getting it ready.


With a sigh, you made your way into the bathroom, not at all surprised to find them already sitting in the bubbling water. The candles were lit and it looked as though Zexion had put some fresh roses in the vases scattered about the room. Carefully, you climbed into the steaming liquid and positioned yourself at a safe distance from the two of them. It was awkward, to say the least.


"Xevia...what was my other like?" Roxas questioned curiously. You chuckled and shook your head.


"A lot less trusting of me than you are, that's for sure. He freaked out that I knew his name. Was really quiet all the time. I never really knew what to say to him. I mean, the kid couldn't remember a damn thing about where he came from."


"Sounds exicting, eh, Roxas?" Axel joked, nudging his friend's shoulder. Roxas didn't seem to be too into the joke, only giving the firebug a dead gaze.


"Well, at least your original wasn't Axel. My gosh, he was constantly persisting on visiting me and getting a little rumble on. You think you know a guy..."


"Hey! It wasn't as though you complained about it," defended the redhead.


"Whoa, guys...can we change the topic of conversation?" Roxas asked, obviously feeling awkward.


"Need I remind you? I got this scar because of you!" You ran your hand along the mark upon your cheekbone. "I repeatedly told you to leave me alone, but you kept coming back."


"You were a wreck without me there!" Axel shot back, raising his voice. "You even came looking for me!"


"Yes, but eventually I told you to just leave me alone, didn't I?"


"I'm just going to leave now..." Roxas said quietly, climbing out of the tub, completely unnoticed.


"That's not what you really wanted. You should have seen the way you tailed after Xemnas! Like a bitch with her tongue hanging out."


"Yep...just going to leave now. See you guys later," Roxas called from the door.


"Oh shut up, Axel! It's not like you ever really wanted to be with me. You left me behind! You didn't know what it was like; being interrogated when I was already miserable enough."


"What happened to that? You went from misery to cold-hearted. Like you took lessons from a dead Larxene."


"What was I supposed to do?" you screamed shrilly. "You charmed me into loving you; you were the one closest to my heart, and you left me! You obviously didn't care enough for me to stay."

"I came back for you."


"Not really, Axel. You came back for sex. That's all you ever wanted, wasn't it? All I was ever good for."


"Did you a right better job than Xemnas did, didn't it?" he snapped. Pain pierced your chest and you quickly looked away so as not to show it. However, this action seemed to be enough. "Xevia, I would have stayed. You know that...but my mind was already made up. I waited for you here."


"By that time, I was through waiting for you," you replied quietly. He gently took your hands and forced you to look at him, soft jade eyes searching yours.


"Need I remind you why you shouldn't have stopped waiting?" For a fleeting moment, your heart ceased its rhythm. A smirk lit up Axel's face as he began to lean toward you.


"Uh, no, I really don't think you have to," you replied uneasily, tilting far to the side so as to stay away from him. He scooted forward, sliding next to you and snagging your waist with his arm. You squeaked and squirmed, but within seconds, he had you pinned. His face inched closer and closer until a voice made him jump backward.


"May I ask what Axel is doing in my bathroom?" growled an apparently moody Zexion.


"Uhh...keeping me company while I'm in confinement?" you replied innocently. He did not look too pleased. Of course, that might have to do with the lighting and your eyes; next to Axel, Zexion looked practically  subfusc.


"First of all, your house arrest is meant to be confidential-"


"It's not. Let's just put it this way- everyone knows," Axel interrupted.


"Somehow, that doesn't surprise me," replied the Cloaked Schemer dully. "Anyway, Axel, get out. I don't want any part of you touching the place where I bathe."


"Isn't that also up to Xevia?"


"Axel, get out," you chimed in. He stared at you blankly. "It was nice of you to come visit me, but I haven't any more patience for your behavior." The firebug sighed and got out, sulking all the way out the door. "Zexion, I'm sorry. He and Roxas came to visit me, and then Roxas left when Axel and I started to fight, and then he started advancing...I swear it wasn't what it looked like."


"And if it was, so what?" He shrugged it off. "Mind if I join you? Vexen somehow managed to chemically burn me through both a lab coat and my cloak." He turned his shoulder so you could see the missing material, as well as the shimmering pink skin beneath.


"Sure! Are you positive you don't want it to yourself, though? I mean, I know you like your privacy."


"No, no; you're fine." The young man removed the material shrouding his body until only his boxers remained. He then proceeded to climb in beside you, sighing in delight as the water engulfed his body.


"Don't you want to treat that with something?" you asked, eying his wound.


"No, it'll be all right. I'm not worried about it."


"Okay..." you replied with uncertainty.


"Xevia, if I had left the two of you alone, do you think you would have...?"


"No! Goodness, no," you said quickly. "Why?"


"I was just making sure I didn't make a mistake in coming back to the room."


"Why, you knew we were...?" You cocked your head, studying his face. His gaze was fixed downward on the moving water.


"I smelled his presence beside yours. To be honest, the moment I noticed, I left the lab immediately and got here as soon as I could. I apologize if my interruption was unwanted."


"No, it was perfect; thank you." You gave him a small smile. "Getting protective, are we?"


"I can't really explain why I did it. I guess I am getting protective." Zexion gave a small chuckle. "Though you have no trouble taking care of yourself, mind you." He shot you a dirty look. "So I don't know why I came."


"Because Axel sucks and you didn't want him touching your things."


"My things...?" He gave you a questionable look.


"I mean...oh jeepers...like the roses and jacuzzi, and..." You began to blush. "I didn't mean me..."


"What if I don't want him touching you, either?" he asked quietly.


"What do you mean? Like...why wouldn't you be okay with that? Not saying I am, but...why would you give a damn?"


"Because I care what happens to you."


"But Axel wouldn't...I mean, he's never hurt me."


"I'm not referring to you being harmed. I mean it's unsettling; you and him."


"You're confusing me, Zexion."


"It's nothing," he mumbled and turned his head slightly away from you. With a smile, you leaned forward and gave him a peck on the cheek. Aquamarine eyes fixed upon you, wide with surprise as a slow rouge crept across Zexion's skin.


"Thanks for watching out for me. I can't even begin to express how happy I am to have been placed in this room instead of elsewhere."


"Well, aside from Xemnas and Marluxia, I have the largest room in the castle. Where else would the superior put you?"


"In any case, I'm happy it was you, Zexy." You gave him a wink. "I'm sorry I burden you so often."


"I'm happy it was you, too," he said quietly.


"Huh?" you squeaked in astonishment.


"It's been nice...having you here. Granted, I never get anything done," he said dryly. "...But...I enjoy your company. You make me smile."


"But...you never smile," you replied with confusion.


"Theoretically," he added. "I smile on the inside."


"Well that's not as fun! Just you wait, Zexion...one day you'll find yourself a lady that can make you smile for real."


"I have, actually. But it's a lost cause."


"Somehow I doubt that," you said reassuringly. "Every guy has a chance to make a girl swoon for him. How crazy are you about this girl?"


"Well...I don't know. She makes me feel warm...it's a feeling. We don't have feelings here. I don't understand it."


"I have feelings."


"We both know what that is," he said dryly.


"Because I'm a freak?" you offered.


"Yes, I believe you're right." At the sight of your pout, he chuckled. "I'm only kidding. But really, Xevia...I cannot comprehend how she makes me feel. Like my worries are over as long as she's around. I feel as though I could give up on everything we've worked for here, and I would be okay with that."


"Sounds to me like you're pretty stuck on this girl. Got a bit of a crush there, Zexy?" You winked and nudged him with your elbow.


"I guess you could say that," he murmured. "She's the only one that can make me laugh."


"Why is this the first time I'm hearing about her?" you said in a scolding tone. He chuckled.


"It isn't; you asked me once before if I'd ever been in love."


"Oh yeah...I guess this proves I have the memory of a goldfish." You frowned and scratched your head. "Will I ever get to meet her?"


"...Sometime, I might introduce the two of you."


"Okay! And what do you mean, she's the only one that can make you laugh? I've seen you laugh plenty of times, you liar."


"Yes, it would seem that way," he said thoughtfully, a slight frown going across his features.


"So you have two girls that can make you laugh. Except...the other one's probably not as obnoxious."


"Oh, no, I assure you; she's just as bad as you are. And you're wrong; I only have one."


"One what?"


"Damn it, Xevia! You have got to be the most clueless girl in existence! Most women read into everything and think they know all these things that are going on that, in reality, don't even exist. But this...this actually does exist, and it's been nearly bluntly in front of your face this entire time, and you still ignore it!"


"...Ignore what?" you questioned dumbly. Zexion snarled and grabbed your neck, pulling your roughly forward and against a pair of soft lips. You squealed in surprise, eyes nearly popping out of their sockets. Why did members of Organization XIII have a habit of doing this?


When you didn't respond, he pulled on your neck a little more roughly. The young man reacted instantly when your lips wrapped around his. There was a huge intake of breath, and he practically threw himself onto you. Clearly, he'd been holding this back for a while. What was also evident was that this was his first time in this sort of situation.


Upon him shifting so that you were on top of him, you could feel his muscles rippling in ecstasy merely from the kiss. Of course, it was to be expected; it wasn't anything short of a steamy moment. Your hands were roaming across his chest eagerly, your lips finding their way to his neck, where you nibbled gently, later smirking at the rise it brought out of him.


Aching for his touch, you snatched his hand and placed it over your right breast, moaning as he began massaging it gently. This was apparently a result of cooped up feelings of two roommates that had the hots for each other. Without denial, Zexion was incredibly, incredibly attractive, and as much as you enjoyed his company, it was so easy to fall right into motion and melt in the young man's burly arms.


Despite your ignorance to the world and how it worked, it seemed he felt the same about you. All that time he'd been talking about this special girl, he'd been referring to you, and you hadn't even known it. It had been so obvious, you hadn't any idea how you'd missed it, but you were more than delighted that it was you after all.


Slowly, your hand inched its way downward as your lips danced across his collarbone. His breathing was becoming more and more erratic, and his windpipe took an even bigger explosion when you gently grasped his member. Despite the heat of the whirlpool, Zexion was trembling beneath you, his beautiful eyes searching yours with more innocence than you had seen in even Demyx.


Your heart felt like it had turned to complete liquid at such a boyish appearance, and your kisses became more gentle and loving upon him. It didn't seem to lessen the effect one bit; he was still pulsing in your hand whilst unable to catch his breath. You sat back, nestling on his knees to get a good look at him.


Silver locks had been swept back from his face for the first time since you'd seen him resting in the abandoned library. His vanilla skin looked so soft in the flickering candlelight, his deep optics sparkling with passion and desire. You caressed his face and smiled softly.


"Are you sure this is what you want, Zexion? I'm nothing even close to the girl you deserve."


"If I deserved any better than what you already are, I could call myself a god. You are more than I could ever want." Tingling went throughout your body at these words, and your muscles immediately went into submission.


Your back rested gently against the wall of the pool, soft hands slowly and carefully untying the knots holding your bikini together. You moaned and arched your back as he left a trail of kisses from your lips to your breasts, eventually resting his mouth upon a more than willing nipple.


Gasping and arching against him, you tossing your head to side and wrapped your fingers through his shimmering mane. Already he began pressing his hips against your thighs, and a small pierce of worry ran through you. Did he not know about warming the oven before you put in the bread? Apparently not.


Yet another sharp intake of breath came from you, although this time from pain. Zexion ceased kissing you for a moment to get a good look at you, confusion written all over his face. You gave a weak smile and patted him on the shoulder.


"It's okay; you didn't know."


"Are you in pain?"


"It's easing."


"Sorry," he whispered, leaning forward and planting a soft kiss upon your hairline. After nothing happened for a few moments, you gave a gentle push on his chest so he could see your quirked brows.


"Well what are you waiting for? Get going already!" He blinked a few times before giving an awkward laugh and another apology. His hips began thrusting forward, bringing yet another smile from you. "Hang on." Lowering your hand in the water, you let it come to rest upon his tight ass, using it to guide him through the basic motions. Within seconds, you were throwing your head back and gulping air.


"Like that?" he asked uncertainly.


"Oh yeah, just like that," you breathed. Once sure he had it down, you let your hands slip to his back, bringing your nails across the soft skin and feeling it tremble at your fingertips. Electric shocks were erupting through your entire abdomen, bringing mewls of delight and breathless moans. His lips were like silk; chocolate you couldn't get enough of.


It didn't take long for a knot to begin forming beneath your stomach and extreme ecstasy to begin existing with each powerful thrust. Zexion was getting close, too; you could feel it. Running your hands up his chest, you wrapped your arms around his shoulders and planted a trail of soft kisses down his jugular vein.


Within seconds, his muscles tensed and his body shuddered. Your nails dug into his shoulders as he released into you, and your body loosened its own muscles in a blissful orgasm. For a few moments, he lay on top of you as the two of you breathed, and then you started to laugh.


"Something funny?"


"Just...I never thought we'd be here. You know...you and me. For a while, I thought you hated me."


"I didn't want to admit to myself that I was attracted to something other than my work," he stated.


"So addicted...don't you ever take a break?"


"It's all I've ever had. My parents died when I was young. Master Ansem adopted me and I became his apprentice. Science is everything to me."


"Well...at least you look sexy with your nose buried in a book," you said with a wink.

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