Welcome Back to the Darkness

Once a heart is consumed in darkness, it breaches a point of confusion. Should it fade into nothingness, or should it leave something behind? Feelings are not omitted, and love carries on into the next division, but can it last in someone who is not meant to exist? Can it begin to return if another heart triggers it? Upon your return to Organization XIII, you've soon found that a battle of emotions has become a battle for survival. Which of your newly made "friends" will be your savior in the darkness? ---Please review!!! *Sequel to Welcome Back to the Truth [Highly suggested you read the first one before this][Familiarity for KH2]


2. Chapter 2

"It's...different. I guess I should not have expected you guys to make your homes in the same design."


"The interiors are very, very much alike. You will find the same rooms you are familiar with, although they are not quite in the same place, judging by the map I was given by Xemnas."


"Do you know how weird it is to hear you say your own name?" You pursed your lips and touched the door handle, giving the barrier a push and stepping back as white light filtered through. Cautiously, you stepped forward and looked around. "Wow. You were right."


The entrance hall looked identical, right down to the designs in the right places. It gave you a wave of nostalgia, and you realized with a jolt that you'd have to start friendships all over again. Was it worth even attempting with Demyx?


"Do you wonder where you shall be staying?"


"My old room, right? Oh wait..." You sighed, clearly exasperated that you would not have your own chamber after all; every member was here.


"We have arranged for you to room with one of our basement members. Xemnas had given me your measurements, so I'm certain you'll find your own closet filled with suitable clothing. Shall we?"


You nodded slowly before being sucked into the teleport once again, although this time, it wasn't so cold. Reappearing, you found that he had left you alone to meet your roommate. Taking a deep breath, you entered the glowing door, cold flames upon your skin.


A dark dormitory fill with books and technology met your gaze. A young man sat before a computer, his fingers working furiously over the keyboard. His silver hair seemed blue in the basement's lighting, and black in some places due to the layers.


He spun around in his seat, fixing you with an aquamarine stare. With a jolt, you recognized Zexion from when you'd seen him on the computer screen in the old castle. Smiling weakly, you gave a faint wave.


"You smell...odd," he commented, frowning.


"Thank you?"


"My room is going to smell funny...great."


"What's that supposed to mean?" He did not reply, but stood and walked toward an ordinary door. Opening it, he pointed at one of the silvery satin-lined beds with black comforters.


"That's yours- remember it well." With that, he closed the door and opened another. Come to think of it, this room had more doors than any other of the members' dorms you'd seen. You took a peek inside.


A large bathroom made your eyes pop with disbelief; science nerds were never really the romantic atmosphere kind of people. Nevertheless, there was a large Jacuzzi tub surrounded by candles and mirror tiles, and roses in vases were placed on random shelves. You spotted a container of rose petals in the towel cupboard, making a smirk cross your face.


"There are basic items for you, of course, to get started." He pointed to the sink, which was a gorgeous black marble and matched the floor and bathtub. The walls were a gray-midnight blue; a lovely shade for candles.


"Wow," you breathed. "I think I'll never leave this room."


"I need to use it too, mind you. It's sort of a necessity."


"Nah...of course it's not. You're just assuming it is. After all, you can just go next door." You walked back into the laboratory.


"The kitchen is the next room, and that's pretty much everything. Don't touch the equipment in here; I've heard of your tendency to break things."


"Oh, that's perfect. Thank you so much."


"I'll be getting back to my studies. Make yourself comfortable." Was that forced? Oh well.


"Enjoy yourself." Immediately, you began examining the numerous books on the shelves. "Wow, you have anything and everything, don't you? When do you find the time to read all of these?"


"I have limited sleep."


"Mac Beth...nice."


"You appreciate the classics?" He sounded surprised.


"If you can't respect the originals, how can you expected to enjoy literature to its fullest?"


"The finer truths about life. Your favorite writer...?"


"Edgar Ellen Poe- his style is so unique, right down to the crazed core." A smile played up your face as you took out a nonfiction piece and flipped through the pages. Zexion waved his hand at a shelf near him.


"Feel free; I have all of his works here."


"Wow...Demyx has all the music, and now there's a library stocked with actually decent books. Thank you."


"I didn't do it for you," he murmured with a frown.


"Sheesh, have a sense of humor. I meant thank you for giving me access." He checked the clock before sighing in annoyance that he could do nothing more. Standing, he stretched and immediately occupied the bathroom.


You headed off to the bedroom, checking the closet and being delighted at the discovery of multiple uniforms your size. With a glance around to be sure Zexion wasn't sneaking back, you began removing your complex attire. It was buckle after buckle, an arduous task that you weren't used to. However, when you fit the cloak to your body, it was instantaneous, home-like comfort. It had been too long.


Zexion returned twenty minutes after he'd entered, hair plastered against his face. Because of the basement lighting, it almost seemed to be a rich midnight black- odd contrast. The aroma of roses filtered strongly in the room, and you raised your eyebrows with interest; at least it wasn't like Xemnas...lilac.


He took a seat on his bed and immediately pulled out a book. After you mirrored his position, but stared at the ceiling instead, he gave you a weary eye. "You know there is a toothbrush in there for you, right?"


"I already brushed my teeth; summoned it and teleported my spit in Demyx's sink...he'll never know what hit him." [Meanwhile, Demyx was deep in concentration as he washed his hair in said appliance. He certainly was surprised to feel warm, foamy liquid before he even added shampoo. It was barely audible in the lower floors, but there was a distance scream of, "AXEL!"] "Aha! See? Didn't even suspect..."


"Do you take joy in causing suffering to others?"


"Just to the Melodious Nocturne; it's fun. Oh! And Xigbar." The Cloaked Schemer wrinkled his face.


"He always assaults my nose."


"So do you have, like...super-smelly powers, or what?" He did not reply, but rather gave you a very fixed, steady stare. "What?"


"Is it difficult for you to figure things out on your own?"


"Hey now, I resent that question," you snapped back, appalled and amused that he would even say such a thing.


"Do you?" Zexion raised an eyebrow as an awkward silence followed. Clearing your throat, you furrowed into the blankets and closed your eyes. "Do you miss your heart?" he asked suddenly after a ten-minute period of peace and quiet, jolting you out of almost-slumber.


"Huh?" you replied groggily, not quite sure if you'd heard him right. Those dazzling blue eyes flicked to your face. They were so intriguing; it was as though it would be impossible to stop looking once you'd started.


"I said, 'do you miss your heart?' You remember having one, don't you?"


"Yeah, I think I remember how it felt..." Zexion's optics opened wide, and you puzzled over how your statement could have been so shocking. After all, your response had already been suspected by him, had it not? Cold prickled along your skin, making you burry deeper into the blankets. Why was this basement so damn cold?


Zexion's lips parted as though he wished to say something, but no sound came to your ears when they started moving regularly. You frowned, trying to strain to hear, but the only audible thing was a scuffling noise. Looking wildly around you, you panicked and began squirming at the darkness that had appeared and begun engulfing you. A silent scream did not go past your lips, and the last thing the boy in the room heard was your muffled call of his name.

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