Welcome Back to the Darkness

Once a heart is consumed in darkness, it breaches a point of confusion. Should it fade into nothingness, or should it leave something behind? Feelings are not omitted, and love carries on into the next division, but can it last in someone who is not meant to exist? Can it begin to return if another heart triggers it? Upon your return to Organization XIII, you've soon found that a battle of emotions has become a battle for survival. Which of your newly made "friends" will be your savior in the darkness? ---Please review!!! *Sequel to Welcome Back to the Truth [Highly suggested you read the first one before this][Familiarity for KH2]


16. Chapter 16

Flying off the bed, you hastily retrieved your clothing from the floor in order to not appear suspicious; after all, it would look like you were just about to jump in the shower...which you had been, but Axel had to go and ruin things. Right after you blew a strand of your hair from your face, the door was opened.


Zexion frowned and stepped to the side to get a better look at you. Thankfully, he ignored the glowering Axel standing above him and got to the purpose right away. A book with a familiar cover was held toward you, and you stared at it quizzically.


"Xevia, I thought you might want to have this. I forgot to give it to you before I went to my room." The door began closing in his face as a rude gesture from the fire wielder, but he pushed his way forward and sent a glare to said redhead. "If Axel doesn't mind," came a nasty snarl, much to your revelation. You knew he didn't really favor the above ground members, but you hadn't really cued Axel into that group.


"Thank you, Zexion." You reached forward and took the book from him, now recognizing the photo album. With a slight smile, you carefully set it upon an end table.


"We leave tomorrow, so I thought I'd grab in case you wanted it after all."


"We're leaving tomorrow?" you repeated in surprise. "I thought we'd have a few days left."


"Larxene has been complaining to The Superior like you would not believe. He's fed up and insists we all depart as soon as possible."


"She always complains about everything! Why is this any different?" This question seemed to make him a bit uncomfortable.


"Well, let's just say her scent is a bit different...sort of mingles with the smell of blood, and she's been threatening him with used...er...accessories." Your eyebrows shot up you forehead.


"Oh...that's erm...really..."


"Yeah. I wouldn't really put any blame on him for wanting to follow her orders."


"If I didn't want to get off this damn island so badly, I would kick her ass and we'd be fine, but I don't really feel like putting up a fight with this one."


"You don't like it here?" Axel chimed, not really sounding interested. It was most likely a reminder that he was there.


"I miss my own bed," you said sadly. "These ones are really bouncy; every time I move, I wake up because I fly about a foot in the air."


"Well, we'll have our own room back soon enough," Zexion assured you, raising a growl from Axel at the reference to the fact that you and The Cloaked Schemer shared the same dorm. It was disregarded, just like the rest of his current attitude.


"I can hardly wait," you stated happily. "But I'll have to catch up with you later, Zex. I'm was about to jump in the shower." He nodded in understanding.


"Just as well- the sun sets in about a half an hour, and I was hoping to find a good place to sit and enjoy the only one we'll have the opportunity to witness."


"Funny...I thought only girls really got excited about the sunset," Axel quirked. Zexion frowned and shuffled his feet uncomfortably.


"See you around, Xevia." He stepped out of the room, and Axel shut the door behind him. Instantaneously, you turned into the bathroom, setting your clothes on the toilet seat and fishing for a fresh towel.


"What's with the cold shoulder?" came a voice behind you.


"I know you were upset over the interruption, but you didn't have to be so rude about it," you snapped back, turning on the water and getting things ready.


"Come on; you can't tell me you were happy to see him. We were finally just about to-"


"No, you were finally going to succeed in something you shouldn't. Now get out." You pushed against his chest and forced him from the bathroom, closing and locking the door behind him. Heaving a hefty sigh of frustration, you pulled your clothes off and jumped in the shower.


After a while, it could be realized that even the hot water was not going to calm you down. Axel had taken advantage of his power in causing your mind to go blank with even close proximity. If you weren't so damned attracted to him, you'd tell him to go away once and for all. Oh wait; you'd already done that.


Shutting off the water and ringing the excess moisture from your hair, you snatched the towel and hastily dried yourself, getting dressed and stomping into the room. Axel wasn't present, thank heavens. You breathed a sigh of relief and dropped your old clothes back into your suitcase.


With a quick look at the time, you fixed your hair and headed out the door. It was an entire vacation with Zexion, it seemed. You had no objections; he was becoming a very good friend of yours, and the more you studied him, the more you enjoyed his company, as ill mannered as it was.


The sun was just beginning to set by the time you got outside. Time really seemed to fly by on this island, like days were cut in half. Then again, maybe you were so used to the castle that you'd forgotten how quickly the sun went down every day.


Zexion was not with the rest of the Nobodies that were watching, which did not say much; there were only a few there. Roxas, Axel, Marluxia, Demyx, and Luxord were split up into two groups. Go ahead and guess- Roxas with Axel, and the rest of them a few yards down the shoreline.


You made a point to walk in front of Axel in your journey to find your regular roommate. Whether or not he really paid attention was unbeknownst to you, but if he had, no doubt he'd be disgruntled that you were visiting someone he appeared to consider as competition, as foolish as that was. You and Zexion had absolutely nothing going. If Axel should be worried about anyone, it'd be Saïx, considering the man had been keeping a close eye on you as of late. The old friends were well known to be bitter about one another's presence.


Finally, you spotted Zexion a ways down the beach, his back leaning on a palm tree and his arm propped on one of his knees as he sat in the sand. You jogged over to him and grunted as you plopped down next to him. With a smile of greeting, you faced the colorful horizon.


"When you don't have a sun to light the daytime, it's hard to remember what dusk looks like," you said musingly. He nodded and tossed a rock into the rolling waves. Nothing was said for a while as you both watched the sun lower itself closer to the distant line of the water. "Why so quiet?"


"Axel tried to advance on you again, didn't he?" questioned the young man, cutting straight to the point.


"What?" you said incredulously. "How do you figure?"


"He was not happy to see me in the slightest, and it's pretty easy to pick up the smell of sweat on somebody's skin. Plus, after your reports, and watching what happened yesterday at the beach, one would only assume..."


"Yes, he did," you replied quietly. "I'll be honest; I wasn't sure if I wanted to say no this time. We would have actually..." You faded off, letting your last few words hang in the air for a few seconds before you cleared your throat and continued. "I'm glad you interrupted. I would have deeply regretted it.


"Axel seems set to see what the supposed adventure is all about. He wants to reclaim what I had with his original self, and it's irritating to say the least. They aren't the same person, and I feel uncomfortable just picking up where I left off with someone else."


"I understand. You would not be the respectable person I know if you were okay with doing something like that. Only a very desperate woman would feel at ease with such a situation, and from what I've gathered, you are not like that. Your reputation says you are, but...I have every reason to believe that you have very different intentions."


He locked gazes with you finally, after you'd been staring at him in shock over his statement of respecting you. "I know it's easy to lose your way when you have a heart," he continued. "You let it get ahead of you, and your emotions then control your lifestyle. It happens to everyone...who is Somebody."


You gave him a grateful stretch of your mouth that wasn't really a smile, but more of an acknowledgement, and turned back to the water. Reds and oranges stretched as far as the eye could see, and the distant water reflected the sun in streaks of yellow.


"...Zexion, do you ever wish you could take all of this back? Like...don't you regret not living a full life?" You could hear him shift, most likely because you had asked a question he didn't really know how to answer.


"What do I have to regret? I've excelled in the field of science, I have a purpose, even if I'm not meant to exist, and I know what I want in the future."


"You never really had a chance to experience a normal life. You were always part of science, right? What about the regular stuff, like playing when you were a little kid, and having crushes as you pass through the awkward stages of puberty? What about falling in love?"


"I had no reason for those things. What wastes the time of many, I conveniently skipped. Now I'm successful. It seems like a reasonable sacrifice."


"But it's not! You're missing out on so many experiences that a normal person should have. Having friends that you love spending time with in a nonscientific manner. That's important."


"I already have that...thanks to you, Xevia." Blinking in surprise, you turned to look at him, yet again astonished to find that he was wearing a soft smile.


"Yeah, well...don't get used to it. You're an asshole sometimes. I might just decide to walk out on you," you stated stubbornly, raising your chin and looking away from him. He chuckled, making you laugh as well. "I should be the one saying thank you, Zexion...you didn't really judge me. I can't tell you how much I appreciate that."


"...You didn't judge me. I was only returning the favor." You smiled and shifted in order to lay down on the sand. "And Xevia?"




"I didn't really miss out on the whole falling in love thing. Not that I'm going to tell you about it, but...just so you know."


"Oh. Okay. Thanks."


"Sure, no problem." You reached up, pushing his shoulder roughly and hearing a satisfying thud as he hit the ground. In the middle of your victorious grin, you got a face-full of sand. You sat up and coughed, spitting as much out as possible before you gave up, rushing into the water and diving in, making sure to wash out your mouth as well.


When you resurfaced, you took a huge breath of air, hearing laughter that seemed to get louder, accompanied by a great deal of splashing. Turning around, you had only a split second to squeal before a burly body built from years of carrying textbooks collided with you. Once again, you went under, this time struggling and laughing, trying not to inhale any of the salty liquid.


"Zexion, I'm going to kill you!" you screamed at the first opportunity.


"That's not fair! Just a minute ago, you were thanking me for what a good friend I've been to you."


"I never said you were a good friend. I called you an asshole!" you retorted.


"Same thing."


"It is no- AHH!" A large wave rolled against your face. "That was not the ocean's fault, so you can wipe that stupid, innocent grin off your face."


"What are you talking about?"


"Y'know what?! ...Your hair looks funny."


"That solves it?"




"What if I said you're wearing a white top and at the moment, it is quite visible that you have a lovely bra of the lolita fashion?" Squealing, you ducked into the water, eyes shifting from side to side to make sure no one else saw before you glared at him dryly.


"That seemed a little forward for you, Zexion. Got something on your mind?" you growled through gritted teeth.


"Only being observant. I may not have a heart, but I'm still a man."


"Uh huh...thought you said you weren't going for the whole love movement?"


"This isn't love; it's lust."


"Zexion! You little pervert! If I weren't so concerned of the fact that my chest is quite visible at the moment, I would come up there and hurt you. I hope you know that."


"Oh, I know it quite well. Which is why I'm taking full advantage and saying exactly what I want. Like, for instance, you have a very nice figure. Even as a friend, I can admire that."


"That's it." You leapt from the water, the last thing visible being Zexion's widening eyes before you crashed into him and hit the ocean floor. When you resurfaced, you smacked him across the shoulder. "You're deplorable."


"My word."


"Yeah, I know. You're picture is underneath it in the dictionary." He gave you a disgruntled expression, to which you laughed. "I'd say I learned a bit about you today, Zexion. For one, you're a pervert, and you have indeed loved, and that you think it is pointless to have a normal childhood. However, after all of that, you're still the same old Zexion."


"Well said. Now can we get back to the hotel before I become too distracted? It's getting dark, the stars are out, and I'm standing next to a woman who is practically topless." You shoved him back in the water, huffing in annoyance as you made your way to shore. The last you heard was Zexion's husky laugh in the near distance.

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