Welcome Back to the Darkness

Once a heart is consumed in darkness, it breaches a point of confusion. Should it fade into nothingness, or should it leave something behind? Feelings are not omitted, and love carries on into the next division, but can it last in someone who is not meant to exist? Can it begin to return if another heart triggers it? Upon your return to Organization XIII, you've soon found that a battle of emotions has become a battle for survival. Which of your newly made "friends" will be your savior in the darkness? ---Please review!!! *Sequel to Welcome Back to the Truth [Highly suggested you read the first one before this][Familiarity for KH2]


12. Chapter 12

What would it look like if two school buses had a head-on collision? You blinked at the thought, staring at said vehicle. Why the hell was there a big yellow school bus in front of the castle?


Xemnas gave a wave of his hand to usher the Organization members into the cab. You blinked again as they shuffled past. It suddenly hit you. Shuffling over to The Superior, you glared up at him like you questioned his sanity. Maybe that was because you did.


"A field trip? Are you joking? Please say yes so I don't have to knock you unconscious," you drawled.


"We are going on vacation; it is time for a small break."


"But with a school bus? Wait...vacation? You're a lot more easy-going than your other. Where to, almighty-man-of-darkness?"


"We'll be visiting an island. It is remote. The end."


"But if we're going to an island, why take a school bus?"


"It is a magical school bus."


"But why not just teleport?"


"It is not as magical. This is a vacation."


"Yeah, you said that already."


"We must refrain from our every day activities. No teleporting."


"Fine..." You heaved a sigh and stared grudgingly at the yellow paint. "How does the bus work?"


"It teleports," responded Xemnas, and you clapped your hand over your forehead in exasperation. No teleporting...right. "Get on the bus." With a final glare, you climbed the flight of stairs and turned to the small walkway.


Everyone had a seat near the back except for the people you would normally avoid. That was splendid; it seemed you were stuck with them. Just as you were about to take a seat, a flailing arm waved you to the back. Demyx was insisting you sit with him. What a sweetheart.


You took the offered place and stared at him questioningly. Needless to say, he had the window seat. "Hello, Demyx," you breathed in annoyance at having to take a damn bus.


"Hi! I'm Demyx."


"Yes, I know that."


"You're that sexy angel that visited me in my sleep," he happily observed. Across the aisle, Axel snorted loudly. Eavesdropper.


"Hey, Axel, keep the PDA on a downlow, okay? You and Roxas have enough control to wait for the hotel room, right?" you asked with a nasty grin as Roxas peeked around Axel's body from his seat. Why were people paired up? That's right- the short bus.


The firebug opened his mouth to retort, but was interrupted by Demyx kindly reminding you to put your seatbelt on. You stared at the blonde in bewilderment.


"Demyx, why are you wearing a helmet? Is that even yours?"


"No. I found it."


"Figures. Well take it off; it may have lice."










"Hey, you wanna sing songs? I know a real good one." You sighed.


"Alright." He broke into The Song that Never Ends just as the bus began to pull away. You were about to tell him to stop singing that at once, but Xigbar made a very loud complaint, so you soon joined The Melodious Nocturne with sadistic glee. Immediately, shouts were thrown at you to stop singing the torturous song. The bus passed into the next world. Xemnas probably wanted supplies.


Looking around, you ceased vocals for a moment. This place brought back memories of shopping. With a little bit of thought, you cut Demyx off with a new version of the song.


"This is The World That Never Was. No, we don't know what it does. Some people started calling it The World That Never Was, and it will always be that way forever just because this is..."


"Shut the hell up!" Larxene screamed, making you get loud. There were plenty of verbal complaints, but what finally shut you up was Axel reaching over and giving you a really rough noogie. Thus, you wailed instead.


Xemnas ordered Demyx to the front to separate you, so he and Saïx traded seats. As the Luna Diviner sat down, you gave him an overly wide grin. His butt was against the seat for about a half a second before he was up again and trading with Zexion. Damn them for being smart.


The bookworm pushed past you roughly and sat down, turning his back angled in your direction. You twiddled your thumbs while you observed him glaring out the window. The bus stopped and Xemnas got off, returning a moment later with thirteen bags of basic supplies. Wait...thirteen...there are fourteen members. That dickwad probably packed all of his fancy things and bought everyone else the cheap stuff.


Next thing you knew, white sand was occupying your gaze, along with rolling blue ocean and large, exotic plants. However, it was lacking a crucial part of holiday in paradise- the waves were wild and dark, the plants were blowing wildly, and heavy sheets of rain were pouring on our glorious beach. Even with your hood, you were bound to get soaked.


Standing up, you shot daggers at Xemnas with your eyes. "Some vacation," you grumbled, shifting into the center so Zexion could get out whenever he wanted. Vaguely, though, you had been wondering if he had made the bruise appear on your knee on purpose; when he'd sat down, he hadn't moved too kindly past you to reach his seat.


"We are budgeting," Xemnas stated before everyone got off the bus. "Since this is a nice break for us, I do not want Xevia decapitating me, so relax, Xevia...Larxene...you are not in the same room. Xevia, you will be rooming with Axel; Roxas with Marluxia." It was so obvious that your leader was splitting up the best friends just to piss them off. Axel didn't seem too disappointed, though. His smirk sent warm shivers down your spine, and you scooted a few inches closer to The Cloaked Schemer in order to escape them.


"Larxene will be with Xaldin, Xigbar with Vexen, Demyx with Luxord, Zexion with Lexaeus-" Zexion gave his friend a side-glance of delight "-and Saïx with me." He seemed finished, so everyone filed into the rain. Steam came off of Axel like a cloud, and he threw you a lopsided grin as if to say, "Yeah, I'm that hot."


The lot grudgingly moved toward the beachside hotel, heads down, and more than likely looking like a satanic cult. You had no idea who anyone was at this point other than Axel, Demyx (he was playing with the drops), and Larxene, who was humming with electricity. However, a familiar husky voice in your ear gave away who was behind you. No doubt he knew your identity by your scent, even if the rain diluted it.


"There's an old library on this island with documents that are mostly forgotten. I intend to visit. You would be welcome to accompany me if it were of interest to you."


"I'd love to, Zexion. Thank you," you whispered back, and then felt him drop back, more than likely to talk to Lexaeus. The wind was cold as it blew past the leather boots and around your waist. You shivered and hugged yourself, only to have an arm wrap around you seconds later. Eyees widening in surprise, you turned your head to look up. A wide grin set off by black triangles met your stare.


"You looked cold," Axel stated smoothly. You froze in your tracks, feeling Zexion bump into you. The others began meandering around you. Axel stopped walking as well, smile gone and replaced by a straight face. His eyes were invisible beneath the shadows of his cloak.


For how long had you wanted nothing more than to hear that line? Now it had been used again, but it wasn't the same. Axel parted his lips to ask what was wrong, but you shook your head and backed up.


"Stop trying to be him," you said quietly.


"I'm not."


"Then keep your distance." You jogged to catch up to the group, looping your arm through Zexion's (ignoring his confused expression), and giving a last, fleeting look over your shoulder. Axel had turned away to face the ocean. He would meet you in the room later, you knew.


Zexion's blue eye was slightly visible because of the way his hood sat lopsided from his tuft of hair. He was studying you in curiosity, most likely wondering why you had attached yourself to his side. You said nothing; only turned to return to watching the path on which you were walking.


The hotel was dry, although small; Xemnas was probably saying 'budget' with the meaning that he wasn't going to rent out a bigger hotel, because it was evident that the entire building was purchased for our stay.


The clerk at the desk handed off an old fashioned key to each of the members as they filed into a line. They took their bags of supplies and dispersed, each heading to their rooms. You made your way to yours, happy to be out of the rain and in a warm building. Closing the door behind you, you dropped onto one of the beds and sighed. How long are we staying here? With a glance around the room, you snatched up your toiletries, got off the bed, and headed into the bathroom. In a few minutes, steam clouded the mirror from a hot shower.


"Shit...I forgot my conditioner..." You sighed and brushed the dripping foam from your face. Heaven knows why you didn't just rinse your hair before getting out, but you wrapped a towel around your body and exited the bathroom.


Steam rolled out behind you as you rushed to retrieve the bottle of hair product. A familiar form made you stop in your tracks, however, and become incredibly conscious of the fact that your _(color)_ mane was piled on top of your head with white foam. Axel gazed at it with unmasked amusement.


Backing up, you gave an embarrassed titter before your eyes obtained a sharp stinging. Bubbles were slipping onto your face, the soap bringing tears to the surface. Crying out, you dropped the bottle to cover your face, stumbling this way and that before you finally tripped on the edge of the bathtub and tumbled in. Needless to say, the experience was a painful one.


There was suddenly a hand beneath your arm, raising you to a sitting position. The redheaded man was watching your face with an expression of both mirth and concern. He pulled on glove off and wiped the suds from your upper face before chuckling.


"That was a doozy."


"Yeah, I would say so," you cough, spraying foam onto his cloak. He didn't seem to regard them as important, for he ignored them entirely. This was moderately surprising; he would normally back up by now considering the mist from the shower was drenching his hair. It was beginning to droop a little, although it was nothing serious.


"Does my staying here make you uncomfortable?" he asked suddenly. You blinked and hesitated a moment.


"No...of course not. I mean, we're friends, right? Why would I have an objection?"


"The pain I bring you is not beneficial."


"Hey, better you than Xemnas, right?" you chuckled, but ceased doing so when he lightly brushed the scar on your cheekbone.


"I remember when he..." Axel trailed off and dropped his arm. Frowning, you shook you head in pity. He was letting himself get carried away with someone else's memories.


"Don't," you said simply, turning away. The man was silent, but you could faintly hear him stand up straight. Flicking your gaze upward, you watched him nod in agreement before departing from the room and closing the door behind him.


A large gust of air escaped you as you stared at the rushing water. Axel was certainly someone you would have to watch out for; if you let yourself be around him too much, it was likely this entire charade of not caring about him would end very soon. When that happened, you weren't sure what you would do. In a way, you were still afraid to love again; what if Axel controlled you the same way Xemnas had? The thought made you shudder, and you found yourself lost in thought as red water from your inflicted wound rushed down the drain.

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