Welcome Back to the Darkness

Once a heart is consumed in darkness, it breaches a point of confusion. Should it fade into nothingness, or should it leave something behind? Feelings are not omitted, and love carries on into the next division, but can it last in someone who is not meant to exist? Can it begin to return if another heart triggers it? Upon your return to Organization XIII, you've soon found that a battle of emotions has become a battle for survival. Which of your newly made "friends" will be your savior in the darkness? ---Please review!!! *Sequel to Welcome Back to the Truth [Highly suggested you read the first one before this][Familiarity for KH2]


11. Chapter 11

The sound of clacking keys and computer beeps were starting to get on your last nerve. You slumped over, studying the patterns beneath the soles of your boots. It was dull work, but somebody had to do it.


Sighing you rolled your head back in exasperation. Your mouth hung agape as you gradually turned your gaze upon the man beside you. He seemed concentrated, his face lit up by the blue glow of the screen in front of him.


"I'm so bored! Why was it necessary for me to come along?" you whined.


"I need someone to cover my while I seek out these files."


"Bullshit! You can take care of yourself, Saïx; probably a lot better than I could."


"Be patient. You'll have something to do in a few minutes."


"Is that a promise?" you egged with a grin, which was instantly wiped off your face by the dark, golden glare you got in return. Once more, you sighed, this time taking amusement by swinging your legs. His gloved fingers continued to fly over the keys before they finally slowed to a stop.


"Now then...this is why I brought you." Saïx stood and moved aside. "Since you were a thief, I presume you are skilled in the art of hacking?"


"Oh, sure! But you couldn't have said something before?'


"If I had, you would have consistently pestered me with, 'is it my turn yet?'" You were silent for a short moment as you thought it over.


"Yeah, you're probably right," you finally agreed, sitting down in the chair and getting to work on the machine. "What sort of program are we dealing with?"


"Heartless files. Someone has been studying them in order to harness their power. What we need is access to their discoveries." Surprise almost made you hesitate; that was more detail on the situation than you thought Saïx would ever give.


"Got it- kind of like our member profiles." You looked around the desk before reaching into your pocket and pulling out an I.D. device. Hastily hitching it into a USB cable, you switched over to the security files and began downloading.


"What is that for?"


"It's going to ask for an eye scan, and we're much less likely to set off an alarm this way." When the upload was complete, you closed the current file and went back to the database. The question for password appeared on the screen, and in a few clicks, it requested the identification backup. You pressed power on your own device and held it up to the scanner. A light ran up and down the screen before the computer beeped and granted access to the files.


You stood, letting Saïx regain his seat. He began to scroll through, eyebrows raised at the large number of files. A slight smirk crossed his face as he gave you a sideward glance.


"I'm impressed; none of our other members are computer savvy in hacking skills. Well done- you did a fine job." He pressed a few buttons and the printer began to whirr with its startup process.


"Thank you," you sputtered in bewilderment. Seriously, why was this version of Saïx so different? Maybe he was actually trying to be nice. Turning your attention back to the security device in your hand, you deleted the uploaded files.


Saïx stood and picked up the files that had finished printing, placing them in the side of his cloak. "Let's get going." Your eyes widened as the computer gave an impatient beep and a light on a finger scanner went off once more.


"Shit! Booby trap!" you said in panic, watching as Saïx looked at the screen in confusion. Alarms began to go off, lights flashing as Heartless began crawling from the shadows. The two of you summoned your weapons- his claymore and your bo staff.


"Another convenient point in having you here," he grumbled, already throwing off a few Soldiers. With a snap of his fingers, he summoned seven Berserkers.


"I want my own Nobodies! Not fair!" you yelled over the obnoxious battle music that was entirely unnecessary. It was difficult to tell where it was even coming from. "Why does there have to be music every time there's a battle?"


"Beats me...I've just learned to tune it out."


"Yes, well, lucky you. I went away for a while, had silence during brawls, and now that I'm back, it's annoying again."


"Well quit concentrating on it. You're making yourself look stupid. Then again, what else is new?"


"You have my deepest gratitude, Saïx. I never knew you could be so benign with your words."


"And I never knew you lacked battle skills." His golden eyes were fixed upon your fight.


"What are you talking about? They just haven't fallen yet." Sure enough, the Heartless around you collapsed only seconds later.


"How did you...?"


"I too gained a power when I lost my heart." You got rid of the bo staff and pulled off the golden bracelet you always kept on your wrist. They whipped outward, lashing at your enemies in a deadly strike, the beads shining in the strobes. First time I've gotten to use these...they seem to work nicely. Much more discreet than a regular whip.


You flung the jewelry around a larger Heartless that was unidentifiable. It locked around its neck when you caught the airborne side. With a quick twist of your wrists, you slit the throat before leaping backward and lashing out again.


Saïx was a blur of blue and black, his form varying from the floor to the ceiling. His enemies did not stand a chance, and he almost appeared bored by the lack of challenge. Sure, there were a lot, but they weren't very strong. It made you wonder how formidable he was when they did pose a threat.


"This isn't going to end- get over here," he said gruffly. You wound the bracelet back on your wrist and sprinted over to him. Saïx caught you with his arm, sending the two of you to the ceiling in order to teleport without the risk of being followed. Darkness overtook you, once more replaced with the sight of familiar white marble.


You were released, and you shifted to the side in order to breathe. The man beside you pulled the stack of papers from his cloak and rifled through them quickly. You studied his expression, noting it was most bemused.


"Thank you for your companionship, Xevia. It was most beneficial."


"Sure," you said meekly, afraid you were going to be sick from the lunar ability.


"Now...I shall report these to the Superior, and you are welcome to take the rest of the day off.'


"What time is it?" you drawled sleepily.


"Eight am."


"Ugh...I hate morning missions. Too early. All right, thanks, Saïx." You waved farewell and meandered down the hall. Demyx's scream echoed loudly as he ran past your view at a T-intersection. Larxene followed shortly after, a murderous expression upon her face and three kunai clutched in her fist. It made you wonder what shenanigans he'd gotten into this time.


Come to think of it, Demyx had been pestering your inner-group enemies a lot lately. Was he trying to make some sort of alliance with you? It set you pondering, but it was forced conclusion that you were probably just imagining it.


Luxord turned into the corridor you were occupying, causing your eyes to augment in shock; you hadn't seen him at all since you'd arrived. Xaldin was of the same situation. Maybe they'd kept their hoods up at the meetings.


"Dude!" you called out before you had a chance to stop yourself. Luxord turned to stare at you in confusion. "Sorry...I thought you were someone else," you stated hastily.


"You're Xevia. And don't give me that bollocks; you know most of us members- I'm for certain you know who I am."


"Hehe...really? Well now, isn't that interesting?"


"Xaldin told me the message you left for me. It seems my other gave you a bit of a hard time, eh?"


"Try sex-begging on a Demyx annoyance level. Good gosh, you were- he was- obnoxious!"


"Well, I guess I can't blame him. You are awfully handsome. Up for a game of strip poker?"


"Naw, how about we eat? I know you must really want a knuckle sandwich."


"Whoa, settle down. Just an invite, not an order. No need to be so rash."


"Ew! You have a rash? Now I am definitely not playing."


"Real mature."


"Xaldin!" you squealed, taking off down the hallway in delight. The raven-haired cranium turned to face you properly. "Where have you been? You haven't come to see me!"


"I didn't know I was supposed to..."


"Sure you were! Duh! Psht! How have you been?"


"Well, I was doing well earlier. Things were pretty peaceful. I shouldn't have gone for a walk."


"Then why not go back to your room? Demyx is so loud, I know. It's awful."


"Yeah...Demyx. Well, Xevia, I think I'm going to take off. Er, nice to see you..." He made his way back down the hall, not glancing back at your frantically waving hand. Was everyone ornery today? Maybe Xemnas cut down on salaries again. You could swear that man sat upon his tower, showering and/or bathing in shiny munny that was probably in some stripper's crack sometime or another. Pleasant...real pleasant.

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