An Adventure in the Forest

Oliver is a Wizard who lives in a colossal mansion with his brothers and sisters, located in the deep nowhere... One morning he decides to go on an adventure in the forest!


2. The Stone Basin

Oliver and Lucy were going on a journey through the forest. Oliver walked in front at a brisk pace and Lucy skipped along behind him picking flowers and arranging them in large bunches. Short green grass covered the forest floor like a neat carpet and the light green leaves of the trees made an elegant roof, sealing the place off from the outside world. Small slivers of sunlight shone through illuminating the inside of the forest with a nice emerald light.

    After following the little blue bird for an hour Oliver and Lucy came across a path that they had never seen before. It lay between two tall and thin entwined trees. Their grey trunks stretched upwards and curved around each other forming an arch for which you could walk through. Beyond this arch there was a small ditch that someone could step into and follow like a trail.

“I love it!” Lucy cried. “It looks so wonderful and exciting. I can’t believe we haven’t been here before.”

Oliver grinned. It did look exciting.

“How did you find it Oliver?” Lucy asked him.

“I forgot to introduce you to my new friend.” He told her.


The little blue bird landed on Oliver’s shoulder and gave a friendly chirp. “He led me here,” Oliver explained.

“What a kind bird!” Lucy exclaimed. At that complement the bird hopped down on Lucy’s shoulder and nibbled her ear. Lucy giggled in delight.


But soon the bird took to the air again and flew off through the arch. Oliver and Lucy were both stunned however, as when the bird flew through the arch he vanished clear from sight. Then Lucy stepped through and Oliver saw her vanish as well. How extraordinary it was. Finally Oliver stepped through the arch, half expecting to be whisked off to another dimension he was surprised to find that nothing happened. But when he looked back to the other side of the arch it was almost like an invisible curtain of air separated him from where he had just been.

“Come on Oliver,” Lucy said. “This is great.” So Oliver followed his sister through this nice trail. There were lots of toadstools about. Some tiny and blue others massive and red. Several of them had gnomes sitting on them smoking pipes and blowing blue smoke into the air. Others had sleeping gnomes relaxing in the sun while others had children gnomes playing stupid games like punch yourself in the face. As they turned a corner Lucy was horrified to see a gnome standing up on a toadstool with his pants down, pissing against a tree. The horrible stench of urine permeated their nostrils.

“Gnomes,” Oliver growled irritably.

“Make him stop,” Lucy said at once. You know the gnomes aren’t allowed to do that. They have special toilets under the ground. That’s just mean and rude.”

Oliver didn’t know what to do so he had a quiet conversation with the bird. After talking for a little while the bird flew down and bit the gnome on the bum. He gave a sudden yelp as he hadn’t realised there was anyone watching him. He then toppled forwards off the toadstool and landed in a pool of his own wee. He was very cross.

“How dare you!” He spluttered through mouthfuls of piss.

Lucy laughed.

“What’s going on?” A fat female gnome emerged from a doorway in the tree. She then saw everything. “Bubba why are you drinking your own pee pee again? I’ve told you if you want to be disgusting do it so nobody can see you. You’ve made a fool of us in front of these strangers!”

“That bloody bird attacked me,” The gnome blurted out. “And I bet anything you like that bratty little girl told him to do it.” As he spoke bits of wee flew from his mouth and spattered the female gnome in the face.

“Ewww! Stop it Bubba you’re pissing on me face!” She cried.

“Just look at her, she’s mocking me!” Bubba continued.

Both Lucy and Oliver were laughing their head off now and they couldn’t stop.

“I’ll show you!” He shouted and picked up a metal spade from the ground he then made at their ankles, swishing it from side to side.

“Quick let’s get out of here,” Oliver grabbed Lucy’s hand and they both ran off down the trail. Bubba continued to chase them.

“Bubba will you pull your bloody trousers up! The female gnome cried. That girl is only six you look like a paedophile running after her like that."

“Oh shut it Wumma,” Bubba snarled. “Did ye not see the size of her, she’s a giantess compared to me.”

“She’s still younger than you. Now pull your trousers up. The whole neighbourhood can see your winky!”

“What’s wrong with that?”

“Because it’s so small and you’re my husband so it’s embarrassing.”

“Well if you don’t like it why don’t you get a new husband?”

The arguing of the two gnomes faded into the distance as Oliver and Lucy got further and further away. They were having a really fun day already. After another half an hour of walking they came to a small circular clearing. In the middle of it there stood a tall stone basin. The bird landed on it and peered in looking for water.

“What is it?” Lucy asked.

The bird told Oliver and he relayed.

“It’s a Glaistig feeding basin,” he said.

“What’s a Glaistig?” Lucy asked.

“I don’t know,” Oliver admitted. The bird didn’t know either. None of them did.

“Hold on,” Lucy said I can see ancient gnomish carved on this. Can your new friend read the language of the long lost gnomes?”

Oliver asked the little bird if he would be able to read the writing on the basin. To his surprise the bird said he could. After he had read the writing he then told Oliver that the carved writing was feeding instructions. If they poured a pint of milk into the basin then a Glaistig would come along and do their bidding.

“If only we knew what a Glaistig was,” Oliver said in a disappointed tone.

“Well I think we should try and summon a Glaistig anyway,” Lucy said.

“But we don’t know what it is.”

“We could make friends with it,” Lucy persisted. “It must be friendly if it’s willing to do our bidding.”

Oliver was not so sure. “It could be evil,” he argued.

“It doesn’t seem evil,” Lucy said.

Oliver had to agree with his sister on this part. When it came to being unsure about something, Lucy always had a knack for telling what was good and what was bad. He felt comfortable with her decision.

“Okay, but where will we find a pint of milk?”

“Maybe the gnomes will have some.”

“Maybe but I don’t think we should ask the last ones we came across.”

“No,” Lucy agreed. “We will find some others.”

“HOW DARE YOU COME HERE?” Cried a voice from behind them.

Oliver and Lucy both spun around in shock. Their stomach’s tightened and their hearts thumped. Finally their eyes widened. Then they screamed.

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