An Adventure in the Forest

Oliver is a Wizard who lives in a colossal mansion with his brothers and sisters, located in the deep nowhere... One morning he decides to go on an adventure in the forest!


1. A Magical Morning

Oliver began to become conscious.  His mind was digging its way out of a deep sleep and quite slowly he was coming to.  Oliver’s eyes flicked open. Warm sunshine was streaming in through his bedroom window casting its light upon the carpet which was scattered with battered books, clothes, a telescope, an empty rusted cauldron, a line of rope, a box of keys, a spilled packet of copper coins, a roughly knitted glove, a metal pipe, a crow bar and Oliver’s magical wand.  Oliver sat up, yawned and stretched. He rubbed his eyes so that he felt wide awake. He rolled over on his bed and reached across to the side table to take his wand, and then he realized that it was not there and looked around his room. Seeing it lying on the floor made his eyes narrow.  What is my wand doing on the floor? I didn’t leave it there… Oliver then quickly scanned his bedroom to see if anything else was not how he had thought it should be. When he had assured himself that there was nothing else that was not how it should be, he got out of bed and picked up his wand.

      Fast running footsteps quickly sounded outside the door. Oliver waited and listened to them as they echoed away down the corridor. Oliver went over to his bedroom window and opened it, letting the light breeze flutter in. It refreshed him nicely. He poked his head out so that the wind ruffled his golden locks. A beautiful singing sounded nearby. Oliver looked over to see a pretty little blue bird perched on the window ledge. It was singing a sweet tune. He admired it for a few moments before remembering about a spell he had been looking at a few days ago. It had been a spell that strengthened your communication with certain birds, it allowed you and the bird to have a better understanding of each other and the bird would be able to recognize some of what you say. Oliver decided that this was a good time to test it out.

      Silently praying that the bird would stay put; Oliver began searching around on the floor for a certain book. He quickly found it. It was an old dirty one, with a wooden cover and a broken spine. A carving of a playful bear was depicted on the front. It was surrounded by pretty little butterflies. Oliver scanned the contents and stopped at BONDING WITH BIRDS page 422. Oliver turned to page 422 and he soon found the spell he was looking for. He hoped it would work first time.

      Returning to the window, Oliver found the bird waiting patiently for him. He was quite pleased by this. “Don’t be frightened okay?” He told the bird. He then read out the spell. Oliver felt as though it had almost worked, although it seemed to have failed. He read it out a second time and this time it worked. The bird cocked its head to one side working him out. It then turned friendly and came towards him nibbling at his ear. Oliver chuckled with delight. He was going to befriend this bird. “My name is Oliver” he said. What he got back was strange, not exactly speech. It was lots of chirping and whistling but Oliver seemed to understand some of it. The bird was happy and joyful and it loved Oliver. “I’m happy to meet you” Oliver told the bird. “I’m looking to find a new path through the forest. Do you know one?” The bird did know of a path through the forest that Oliver had not yet discovered and was overly delighted to tell him about it. It chirped and sang away fervently. Oliver arranged to meet it in the front garden of his house in half an hour. The bird nibbled his ear one more time before flying off. Oliver was wearing his light white pyjamas so he took some clothes from his cupboard and put them on. He wore a pair of deep brown cotton trousers with a black belt and a white linen t-shirt. Over that he wore a brown coat with shining buttons. He also pulled on a pair of silk white socks, and over these he put on a pair of black shoes. They were not ordinary black shoes however; they were thick, strong sturdy and durable with fine laces. Once Oliver was dressed he left his room and found himself in the usual wide corridor. He followed this corridor down to a large wide wooden staircase which leads down into a round cosy living room. Nobody was in there at that moment however the warm smell of hot chocolate came wafting from a large cauldron which hung from a chain over a burning fire in the corner near some woolly blankets. Oliver could not resist the warm morning drink, so he went over to the cauldron. The chocolate smelled irresistibly sweet and delectable, so Oliver took a brass ladle that was sitting on the mantel piece and dipped it in to the hot pot. He brought it out again, brimming with chocolate and raised it to his lips, sipping it slowly. There was a rush of sweet delight over his lips which embroidered his tongue in a tantalizing beauty. Oliver savoured the taste for moment before reaching for a wooden mug by the fire and filling it with the steaming brown goodness using the brass ladle. He then placed the ladle back in the cauldron and left the room through a set of double doors with his morning drink. The double doors lead into the middle of another corridor, this one narrower than the first. Oliver sipped gladly on his drink as he made his way down to another set of double doors on his right. He opened them and entered onto a balcony up high in the middle of the main hall. The main hall was indeed a very grand room of elephantine size. The floor was made of the purest and most expensive wood carved with magical symbols, which stared up at a beautifully arched Corinthian ceiling with a hanging silver sword surrounded by ornamental candles suspended in mid-air. A great wooden staircase leads down from the balcony into the middle of the room. Oliver followed them down at a brisk pace and made his way to the front doors of his house. The great front doors were fine and classical, built form a strong oak wood they stood firmly in their frames with their golden bolts. Oliver pushed them open and went outside.

      It was a cool breezy day. A blue sky was clearly visible form above the fine redwood trees which shone brightly themselves relishing in the sunlight. Birds sang all around there were many different birds that could be heard, robins, wood peckers, jackdaws, magpies, sweet little yellow birds and big blue birds.  All the different birds flitted and flew happily from tree to tree going as they pleased. Far below them the gnomes had decided to go tree climbing and had decided to have a race to see who could get to the top first. The wind carried their odd little voices over the rustling of the leaves and Oliver could hear them chatting heartily to one and other. Oliver’s new friend glided gently down from a nearby tree and landed on the sundial next to him. It chirped once to get his attention and then flew off gently and slowly into the forest, indicating that Oliver should follow him. Oliver did.

Lucy was nearby. She was attempting to make up her own spell by placing blades of grass in different patterns before scattering some moley powder on them. She was not having any luck. Sighing deeply the young girl lay down to rest when she spotted Oliver strolling off into the forest. It looked to Lucy as though he was going for an adventure and she didn’t want to miss it, so without further ado scurried after him.

“Olivier, Olivier!” She cried. Olivier would have preferred to follow the bird along and he was not happy when he heard Lucy call his name, because he knew that she would ask to come.

“Yes?” He said.

“I want to come with you,” she beamed at him. She was his little sister and it was hard to refuse her, especially when Oliver knew that she loved animals.

“Alright,” he agreed. “But don’t’ slow me down.”

“I won’t,” she promised.

Sure enough Lucy did not slow Oliver back; she simply stayed silent and enjoyed the light rays of sun that penetrated the forest.   Lucy did not even ask Oliver where they were going. She did not need to know. All she knew was that they were going on an adventure.



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