Welcome Back to the Truth

In an attempt of suicide, you somehow wound up in a league of cloaked warriors. They called themselves Nobodies, and seemed to have the goal of becoming whole once more. Seeing as you still had a heart, this goal was nothing to you, but the mysterious man your heart longed for was certainly enough to make you want to help them. Supposedly you were the key to their success, but would your own heart lead you to your demise?


43. Holiday Special #5: Sparks of a New Existence

The sun's rays blanketed the earth beneath, dancing upon the smiling faces of local citizens. Salty waves rolled up onto the white, warm sand, curling around the ankles of its visitors. The day was nearly perfect except for one minor fault: one of the young ladies lying upon the beach in a twilight bustier that tied tightly in the front, black boots that hid her feet, sparkling silver beads upon her wrist, and a long white broom skirt was lying desperately alone.


A sigh brushed past her lips as she rested her hands behind her head, supporting her neck to avoid muscle soreness. She couldn't imagine her superior would be too happy about her being mildly handicapped and unable to move at top shape. Her long _(color)_ hair was spread about her head wildly like the mane of a lion, shimmering in the sunlight.


A smile graced her lips when she thought back to the Organization. She wouldn't be a rookie for much longer...no, she would see to that. She wasn't going to put up with having a bunch of idiots as her superiors, especially one who thought he was in love with her...in love with you.


The wind blew your skirt ever so gently, and you slightly enjoyed the tickling sensation it offered against your legs. You had no idea when you had previously wore a skirt, but had to admit that you couldn't blame other women for doing so. They were quite comfortable, judging but how much you'd experienced in it.


Leaning up slightly, you removed the boots from your feet to feel the soft sand between your toes. It was a huge surprise you hadn't been recognized with all the people here; this was the beach that was just outside the city you'd taken by force. Had you changed so much that your face was even beyond recognition?


Beside you rested a body pillow you'd taken along just in case you found yourself to be uncomfortable, or wanted a nice headrest. The entire reason you'd decided not to use it was due to the fact that it had been Axel's; it reeked of Axe cologne.


When you closed your eyes briefly, you could almost picture his laughing face...the laugh that never reached his eyes. As much as you had desperately wanted him to feel humor, you knew it couldn't be possible. So what you had seen in his eyes after the two of you had gotten to know each other...you almost wondered if he'd gotten so good at acting that he could make it reach his eyes. No doubt someone could.


If only the waves could have been a bit louder. They were so hard to hear over the laughter of teenagers that crowded the shore to tan or even to swim. You'd gotten a couple of second glances from a few guys that had passed by you and taken a slight interest. They were smart to keep their distance.


Perhaps they had noticed the strap around your thigh that holstered a silver pistol, but you highly doubted it. Your skirt was white, but it wasn't see-through. You groaned and shifted slightly to ease up on the discomfort.


A tug and a sudden release around your chest made your eyes shoot open and look down in horror. The strings that held your top closed had been untied, revealing the majority of your breasts. A scream erupted from you as you quickly gripped both sides and yanked them together before glaring upwards at whoever the prankster might be.


A gasp escaped you as you jumped, giving yourself a quick shake. A gleeful face stared down at you, straight white teeth flashing you a stunning smile. The head was cocked slightly to the side, flaming red locks glowing brightly in the daylight and accenting a pair of bright jade eyes that searched you with high amusement.


"Axel!" you scolded in a harsh whisper, looking down briefly to tie up the strings as tight as they would go. "What are you doing here?"


"Visiting you. You know...you shouldn't be alone like this. This beach is swarming with guys...you wouldn't be interested in hitching any of them, now would you?" A light blush crawled to your cheeks as you shook your head, for the look that came across his face clearly meant he assumed you wished for his company.


"Why would I want to do that, Axel? I'm just fine lying here by my lonesome. Besides, it's Independence Day here...why would you care to celebrate when you don't even have any knowledge of what this place is, or what it used to be?" He frowned in thought, moving to sit down beside you, which brought you straight to your feet. The look in his eyes almost looked like...hurt?


"I figured the important thing was that I came to visit you..." he mumbled, turning his gaze to the blue waters.


"Yeah...well..." You shook your head and snatched up the body pillow, moving elsewhere.


"I'm open!" came a screeching call before you were knocked over by a young man in his late teenage years. Spiky blonde hair shone brightly against his deep tan skin, and blue eyes sparkled out from beneath the shaggy locks. He gripped a white and blue ball tightly, scrambling off of you in a rush. "S-sorry..."


You stood up and brushed yourself off, looking up to give him a good look. First your eyes fell upon the ball in his hand. It was no ordinary ball, but rather a blitzball. Your stare flicked upward to his face before a smile spread across your cheeks.


"Tidus! What are you-? Wakka!" Your eyes widened even further as the ginger-haired guardian made his way over to the two of you. "What are you guys doing here?"


"_(Name)_? Man, you look different. It's been about a year since we last saw you, ya?" Wakka gave you a friendly smack on the shoulder. "We're here to play some blitz. Wanna join?" You held up your hands in protest.


"No, thanks. You guys can enjoy your game. I think I've had a good share of Blitzball in the past." The three of you let out a light chuckle in remembrance of the old sightings you'd have of each other. "What, were you taken from the Farplane again? Have you seen Yuna?" Your attention was on Tidus now, who was handing his friend the ball.


"Not yet. I'm not really supposed to leave the Farplane, actually, but..." He gave a side glance to Wakka.


"You got bored, I know. Umm..." Spotting Axel, you bit your lip and waved a quick good-bye. "Great to see you guys again, but I've got to fly."


"Already? Have a victim to kill or something?" asked Wakka with a knowing grin.


"Uh...no. I haven't been killing too much as of late. I'm actually in this...organization, and...oh geez. I'll see you later, guys." You took off running, your feet slipping in the sand. It was just then that you realized you'd left your boots back in your resting area.


The sun was beginning to lower itself in the sky, already sending a sheet of color upon the heavens. You stumbled and teetered forward, finally coming to a halt on a secluded part of the beach. Sighing, you laid the body pillow down and rested your head upon it, spreading your body across the sand.


The waves could now be heard, roaring over the shores with a magnificent meditative tune. Just when you thought this couldn't get any better, a voice interrupted your thoughts. Just wonderful.


"Is this spot taken?" You opened one eye and squinted at your old comrade, who was already taking a place on the other side of the body pillow, leaning his neck against it. Making an obvious sigh of annoyance, you shifted over slightly. "Look at you...always playing hard to get." You laughed.


"Yeah...try impossible to get." Your eye had found its way shut again as you enjoyed the momentary relaxing silence. It was just then you noticed a warm body pressed against yours. Before you could protest, it was too late.


Axel was straddling your hips with his knees and tickling your sides without mercy. You burst into a fit of giggles and squirmed beneath him as much as possible...anything to get away from the torture. He smirked and picked up the pace, making sure to reach every part of your ticklish areas.


When you'd finally decided you'd had enough giggling, you reached up and gave him a hard shove in the chest, successfully knocking him to the ground. Leaping to your feet, you attempted to scramble away, but he caught your ankle, and once more you were lying down.


His fingers found your sides again, finishing what they had started. It was harder now that he was sitting on your back; you couldn't squirm properly, nor could you push or shove. Trying a classic move, you fell limp in the dirt, closing your eyes and stopping your breathing for a bit. Hah! The idiot fell for it.


Axel climbed off of you and turned you over, his face only inches from yours. He opened his mouth to ask if you were alright when you stuck out your tongue and blew a loud raspberry at him before jumping to your feet and sprinting away, leaving the body pillow behind.


He took after you in a wild chase, the both of you laughing and out of breath. When you'd reached the top of a grassy hill, he leapt and collided with your back, tackling you to the ground. This only resulted in another burst of laughter as you struggled to free yourself from his grasp.


Light was fading fast in the familiar world, stars peeking their way through the deep sheets over color that hid them. You'd at last decided you'd had enough, falling limp in order to catch your breath. Axel did the same, lying beside you in a heap of black material and red fluff.


You reached up and tugged at his red locks playfully, your tongue just poking its way slightly from between your teeth. A frown crossed his features, though it was nothing but playful. You stopped tugging immediately when a smirk spread across his lips, and you quickly yanked your tongue back into its cavern, wide _(color)_ eyes sparkling in worry.


A chuckle shook his chest as he leveled himself over you, placing his arm in the curve of your right hip. Considering he was on your left, things weren't looking too good. Actually, the problem was...they were looking too good.


His figure cast a shadow over you from what light was left, and his form was descending upon you, until...


Explosions of color erupted in the skies above the two of you, flashing and lighting up the area beneath. Axel's face flickered in reds, whites, and blues, and still his gaze did not tear from yours. It was as though the two of you were caught within an embrace that merely existed within stares, and both of you were unable to break it, no matter how much you tried.


When a large white firework ripped across above you, dancing in sparks, you finally took your eyes off of him and focused on the show. He must have taken a slight hint, for he sighed lightly and fell to rest beside you, wrapping his right arm about your waist to pull you closer against his body.


You rolled over and rested your cheek against his broad chest, your hand falling gently in front of your face. The fireworks were certainly beautiful, but they weren't anywhere near what was on your mind right now. Axel was acting as though he possessed a heart, but that wasn't possible...was it? You shifted upward slightly to listen for a heartbeat. Silence.


Closing your eyes briefly, you cursed yourself for even bothering to allow your hopes to arise. Axel's thumb massaged your back gently, and your mildly surprised you could feel it through the thick material of your bustier.


"Axel, was Roxas the only reason you left the Organization? I mean...did you-?"


"I had different reasons." Quiet overtook the scene, thick enough to be cut with a knife. You opened your mouth to question further, but he continued. "One of the meetings you did not attend...I was ordered to destroy Roxas. Because I had been the assassin of the Organization before then, they expected me to take care of anyone that had made the mistake of betraying us.


"Roxas had done nothing to betray us though, right? He was just unable to return. I was threatened to be destroyed, forced to follow those icky orders to destroy my best friend. When Roxas refused to come back with me, I had a choice to make. It was either to destroy him, be destroyed, or leave for good."


"And you left," you finished softly, snuggling further against him. "I didn't know your past...I had no clue you were an assassin of sorts." He did not reply, and eventually you leaned upward to look at him, this time resting your own hand over the arm that supported you.


He looked up at you with shining regret in his emerald optics, a frown crossing his face. His jaw opened slightly in uncertainty, but you raised your free hand and pressed it lightly against his lips. This seemed to cause more confusion for the Nobody, for his eyebrows arched sharply in surprise.


You removed your finger and rested your hand upon his abs. Gazes locked as the grand finale exploded above your combined forms, its flickering light casting friendly shadows wherever the light didn't touch. His hand slid to your upper back, gently lowering your body against his.


Your lips pressed firmly against his, your mouths colliding in a chaste kiss. When you pulled back, a small smile graced his visage, lighting up his eyes with a new and dreamy appearance. You allowed yourself to smile as well before you descended upon him again, taking his bottom lip between your own lips.


What had begun as innocence grew to be more passionate, and yet the two of you still manage to keep control. The motions were slow as he nibbled on your top lip, while you gave him similar treatment to the bottom. Your fingers slid to his locks, no longer supporting your weight, for you were now lying directly upon his physique.


His hair danced in your hands briefly before you broke the embrace, sliding back down beside him and resting your head beneath his chin. Axel took the hand that had slid up to his pecs in his own. You stared at it with curiosity, but asked nothing of it as he wrapped his gloved fingers around it slowly.


"Axel..." you whispered softly, bunching your brows in deep thought. "That kiss was almost..."


"Loving?" he finished instantly for you, rubbing his chin against your hair leisurely as he took in your scent. "What about it?"


"But...you don't have a heart. How can you-?"


"I don't need one, _(Name)_. As long as I'm with you, I see the worlds in a different light. You are my doorway to existence. You...are my heart."

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