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In an attempt of suicide, you somehow wound up in a league of cloaked warriors. They called themselves Nobodies, and seemed to have the goal of becoming whole once more. Seeing as you still had a heart, this goal was nothing to you, but the mysterious man your heart longed for was certainly enough to make you want to help them. Supposedly you were the key to their success, but would your own heart lead you to your demise?


35. Holiday Special #3: A Deadly Mother's Day

The mystery of Aimi's and Korin's death still had you baffled, and you were in quite the predicament. Not only had the screech of the spirit echoed through your ears for the next few days, but now you were seeing green eyes everywhere. It was a never-ending cycle; you would even spot a pair on Luxord when he was staring at you.


If that weren't bad enough, Xemnas was now assigning you missions like crazy. They weren't shopping sprees, but they certainly weren't far from it. You had truly no idea of the significance of these tasks, but because you were inferior to the rest of the Organization, you were forced to follow it.


Apparently some big event was coming up as well, for Xemnas had doubled your training. This, of course, had your hopes up that maybe you would be ordered to do something important...something thrilling and risky. The thought of it made the tips of your fingers tingle in excitement. You were beginning to think of yourself as a baby bird that had just learned how to use its wings, and was being let out from the next little by little until it would finally be allowed to fly freely.


It wasn't as though you were complaining about the extra time with Xemnas either, though he'd been acting a bit distant recently. You couldn't say why, but it almost seemed like when he wasn't training you, he was avoiding you at all costs.


Demyx, naturally, was as annoying as ever. You hadn't minded his company so much earlier, but now that you were actually busy with things, and actually quite a bit busier than the rest of the members surprisingly, his childlike manner seemed to tweak your nerves. You didn't know if it was the stress, or if you were changing, but whatever it may be, you had to stay away from him in case you snapped.


Meditation was rare now that you were flying from world to world doing little tasks such as delivering a letter. It wasn't so much teleporting as it was finding the recipient. It had shocked you at just how much Xemnas really wrote a day. With as many notes as he wrote, he could have finished a 1,000,000,000-page book that would be equivalent to just how many you had to deliver each day. It certainly made a change; you were actually exhausted and would fall asleep as soon as your head hit the pillow.


This night, however, you found you could not sleep even if you tried. Actually, you did try...for three hours, and though your body screamed for sleep, your mind was restless. Thus, you decided a walk might soothe your troubles.


Thundering echoes reverberated against the wall as you took your stroll through the castle. How you would have killed to have Axel beside you again and discussing the Organization's latest events. He would never be there again, however, and it was something you would just have to accept.


You stopped in The Hall of Empty Melodies, many memories washing over you like waves in the moonlit tide. This had been where you'd first met Demyx, and where all your training sessions had taken place. Not only that, but you'd shared some priceless memories with those certain nobodies there.


You had no idea what led you to do it, but you soon found yourself standing in front of the door to your old room...Larxene's old room. The flames felt cool to the touch, as always, and you found yourself staring at a bright moon in the shape of a heart in an instant. Had it really been so long ago that you had been out on this very balcony when the rain had begun to poor, forcing you to join Demyx in his room?


Different events had led up to the climax of that night, and you certainly hadn't expected your relationship with the water manipulator to go so far. You weren't quite so sure if you regretted what the two of you had done that night or not, but circumstances had made it to the point where you didn't have to regret what happened with Axel; that had been an impulse. Urge it might have been, but you still missed him like a fish misses the ocean when it is first caught.


Your feet led to you to the railing of the veranda, and you found yourself gazing upon a sight that you had never really taken notice of before. A nation of neon lights lay beneath you as tall skyscrapers made the city truly extraordinary. You had visited it before, but it had never struck you as so beautiful as it did that night.


With your heart longing for a path to open to your believed destiny, and your body wishing for a moment's peace, the balcony almost seemed like a haven of isolation. It appeared you had spent so much time complaining about having a room without the protection and luxury of a roof that you hadn't taken the time to notice the true quality of the room you had once occupied.


Your gaze flickered to a large building that seemed to strike a memory. It certainly wasn't a building you'd seen before, but it was so similar to one that had certain significance in your life, you just knew it. You soon found yourself backing up in fear as a pair of green eyes gazed at you steadily.


The transparent form of Aimi advanced upon you, and it almost seemed as though she had been trying to catch your attention ever since you had taken a visit to her island. Had she been trying to put you into a trance? You had often been caught up in the shocking color of her optics, but it had never put you into a daze, so what would be the difference now?


"Xevia, do you remember?" A look of puzzlement crossed your features as you stared at her without understanding.




"You know me, Xevia...deep in your heart, not your memory, for that has already been taken from you. The curse of this castle, I am afraid, has taken its effect on you at last. You are doomed to have memories that sleep, and those are most often the most useful."


"What are you talking about? My memory is just fine!"


"What is your original name?" This made you hesitate.




"No, your true name. Do you remember?" Muscles in your face had spasms as your mind strained to remember its lost information. Sadly, you shook your head in defeat. "It is _(Name)_. Do not forget it again."


It struck you odd that you would have the same name as her daughter, but you would soon find out why; Aimi was turning around slowly to gaze at the building with grief. Curiously, you stepped forward and stood beside her. Her long hair hung limp at her sides, and though you found no luck in studying her pattern of the kimono she wore, you found that her facial expressions read quite clearly. Not only that, but her features were becoming clearer the longer she stood there.


"You remember it as well as I, do you not?" she asked, referring to the skyscraper. "That evening that changed both of our destinies forever."


"Huh?" You looked at her with wide eyes, but she didn't bother to return the gaze.


"You do not recall? We had been sightseeing, and had taken the elevator..."



The lift made a soft hum as it rose to its pointed destination. Fluorescent lights made the small area as bright as if the sun were shining radiantly through a window during summertime. Buttons upon the elevator glowed a dull yellow, and looked dull next to the bright emergency button installed nearby.


The doors opened with the same sound as a cart being pushed down a hospital floor. A little girl stepped out vigorously and took in her surroundings. Her parents followed closely behind, their fingers intertwined with one another's.


The young child ran to the edge of the building, her eyes traveling over the sights of the city...the city that was so familiar to you. This was the city you had taken by force, the one you had victimized beneath your careful skills.



She stepped forward slightly to get a better look at the bustling streets beneath her, but her foot didn't quite catch hold with the proper friction. In an awkward motion, her body had slipped over the edge, though her hand had luckily caught the edge of the roof.


The two adults rushed to the edge, but the girl's fingers were already slipping. At almost the same moment she'd let go, a petite hand had caught her wrist and held fast. However, its owner had been surprised at the sudden weight and had fallen forward as well.


All of this you could see as sort of a dream replaying before your eyes, though it was like reviewing your life over again. Emerald eyes filled with anxiety, but the determination of the woman was enough to bring her to swing the child up to her father's waiting arms. Before the man could help his wife to safety, however, she lost grip and let go.


It was Aimi's face you saw, her usually so calm face full of sheer terror as she plummeted to the ground below. It was your scream, not the girl's, that filled your ears and cried out her name...your mother's name.


Her optics were shimmering with melancholy, and that was the last time you had ever seen your mother alive. Her emotions showing from within had haunted you ever since, though you had grown so used to it that it had become as routinely as waking up in the morning.


Burly arms had grabbed you around your waist, and you could no longer see the young girl; you were the girl, the daughter that had been traumatized at the tragic death of her mother. Your hair had indeed been different back then, assumingly changing as you got older, for you were certain you had never colored your hair.


You had given once last desperate cry as Aimi disappeared into the distance, most likely lost within the moving traffic. Her life had ended then and there, but her spirit had lived on for an unknown cause. Perhaps she was here to keep her living husband company as a deceased mistress, or it was possible she was here to guide you, though you needed nothing of the sort. Your father had put his hands over your eyes that night, and that was the last you remembered until the night of your leaving.

~*End of Flashback*~

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