Welcome Back to the Truth

In an attempt of suicide, you somehow wound up in a league of cloaked warriors. They called themselves Nobodies, and seemed to have the goal of becoming whole once more. Seeing as you still had a heart, this goal was nothing to you, but the mysterious man your heart longed for was certainly enough to make you want to help them. Supposedly you were the key to their success, but would your own heart lead you to your demise?


29. Holiday Special #2: Happy Easter

"Psst...wake up!" Your shoulder was prodded with a finger, and you groaned before rolling over, wrapping the covers around your body in a defensive cocoon position. "Psst..._(Name)_!" Your shoulder was poked again, gaining another tired moan from you. "_(Name)_!"


"Demyx, not now...I'm not in the mood," you mumbled, heaving a yawn.


"Of course you are! You're always in the mood," came a cheerful reply. Your eyes flickered open with a frown of confusion before you turned over to glare at the water manipulator. He gave you a confused look, cocking his head to the side in an innocent gesture.


"Clearly you're not acting like the pervert I think you are. If you're waking me up because there's a meeting, you're a jerk, and no, I'm not in the mood." You rolled over again, closing your eyes once more.




"Mmph...sleeeeeeeeeeep," you insisted.


"I don't want to. I'm not even tired!"


"Not you...me...I need more sleep. Tell Xemnas he'll have to wait, and if he doesn't want to, he's a sorry assho-"




"Agh!" You whipped back around under the covers and looked at him. "I was only kidding. Don't tell him that!" Demyx started laughing, his aqua eyes glittering. You grunted and turned onto your stomach to bury your face into your pillow.


"Come on, get up. It's Easter."


"What the hell is that?" came your muffled reply.


"Uh...I don't really know, but the calendar says it's Easter."


"Oh...Easter?" You sat up, hair sticking out in every direction from a terrible case of bed-head. "I thought you said Yeaster." He raised a blonde eyebrow. "Easter...the true story is that on Good Friday, Jesus Christ died on the cross. They put him into his tomb, and then on Easter, he rose again. Though, us humans have pretty much made it into a holiday of happy bunnies, baby chickens like yourself, Easter egg hunts, and candy. Oh, happy day!"


"Sounds like fun. We should wake Axel!" he suggested eagerly. Man, he was annoying. What made him so childish that morning was a mystery to you.


"I don't think Axel would like us to-" Your eyes lit up in sadistic glee. "Then again, he would like to know it's Easter, now wouldn't he? I have an idea..."


The next fifteen minutes were spent with a quick shower and makeup before you quickly taught Demyx how to dye eggs. Oh, you were so wicked. But your fun would have to come later in the day...you figured that since it was Easter after all, you should at least have an Easter egg hunt. The Melodious Nocturne's eyes had brightened at the sound of it, so you might as well, though you dreaded the thought. There were plenty of places to hide the eggs around the castle, and there was really nothing better to do.


"While you're working on those then, I'll go see if I can find some candy..." So off you headed toward the kitchen. Finding nothing there (your heart desired chocolate...ah, sweet chocolate), you made your way back to Demyx, but lingered outside of Axel's door. It was possible he might have some candy. He should be helping, anyway! He could maybe announce that they would be celebrating Easter in the first place...unfortunately.


You felt the familiar chill of the blue flames on your face before a blast of heat hit your skin. Axel wasn't in his room. You frowned and left, heading for the bathroom. It was most likely he had awoken and was freshening up with a quick shower himself. Perhaps you could catch him after he was done with the shower...and already dressed. You shook the images from your mind.


Stopping beside the bathroom door that was closest to Proof of Existence, you pressed your ear against the white wood and listened carefully. There was no sound of a shower running, or even water at that matter. Surely it was safe to enter.


You walked in and turned the corner, stopping dead in your tracks. Axel was in there all right, and he was certainly clothed, but...oh my. The redhead stood in front of the mirrors with a black pencil, carefully applying eyeliner. You blinked and decided to watch a bit longer. It was very strange not to see the usual black markings beneath his eyes. It would prove interesting to see him make them.


Almost as soon as you'd decided to stay, he lowered the pencil to his right cheekbone and began to make a small strip downward. The Flurry of Dancing Flames repeated this procedure quite a few times before the strip was thick enough to move to the other side. A smirk remained on your face as you watched him make the second one.


"Well, aren't we feeling particularly pretty today, hm?" you asked, your voice reverberating off the walls. He jumped, a long black line streaking across the bridge of his nose. He glared at you through the mirror before he reached up to wipe it off. Grumbling under his breath, he touched the bottom of the line with his index finger. "No, wait!"


His green eyes flickered your way quizzically as you grabbed the black pencil and turned him around to face you. You reached up and made a perpendicular line that crossed the first one directly in the middle. Oh, how he would hate you if he were staring in the mirror.


"Perfect!" You spun him around so he could look. "Now you look like...a weird spiky redhead twin of Saïx!" Axel looked down at you dryly with a plain look of loathing. You grinned innocently and eagerly grabbed a towel. Wetting the corner, you laughed nervously as you removed the 'Saïx' markings. His form continued to remain stiff. "Relax! It's Easter."






"What the hell is Easter?" You opened your mouth to explain it, but closed it again, shaking your head.


"Never mind. The point is, you get to participate in the Easter Egg Hunt!" Ah, you loved torturing him.


"Easter Egg Hunt?"


"Easter Egg Hunt...got it memorized?" you added playfully, mocking him.


"That's my quote. Don't use it." He pointed a finger at you, drawing another innocent grin from your face.


"Come on, Carrottop. You get to tell everyone that it's Easter and that they need to join in on the hunt. Well, everyone except Xemnas." You truly couldn't imagine Xemnas hunting for colorful eggs. However, you could imagine him strangling you for making him do it. Not really, but the point was still significant.


"Why doesn't Xemnas have to-"


"Shut up and do it!" You gripped his shoulders and walked him out of the bathroom. "Otherwise I'm telling the entire Organization that I caught you playing with makeup in the bathroom." Axel turned his head to glare at you again in a warning, but you snorted with laughter. "Are you wearing mascara?"




"Are you sure?"




"Are you really, really sure?" Another glare made you laugh nervously and let go of him. "Right...that's just eyeliner. You know, you wear that stuff really thick for a guy?" His lips pursed. "Ehehe...I'll just be going. Demyx probably dropped an egg on the floor or something."


You had conveniently forgot to mention that the eggs had to be hardboiled, but it was all a part of your master plan. If this was going to work properly, the eggs had to be saucy. So if Demyx dropped an egg, it would be one heck of a mess.


You slipped into the doorway and observed the scene. Demyx hadn't broken any eggs, thankfully, though it might have been due to the fact that he was dying them on the floor. You sighed and sat down cross-legged, gazing at him contently.


"Did you wake Axel up?"


"Nope...he was already awake. Showered and everything...man, what a party pooper." The water manipulator smiled and shook his head. "You've made some progress, eh? You have...what? Thirteen eggs done?" He nodded. "Two more and you'll be finished. We can do the oh-so-exciting hunt."


"Why are you looking forward to this so much, anyway? You were complaining about it earlier," he pointed out.


"So what? Maybe I've gotten into the spirit!" He raised an eyebrow in disbelief. "OK, I'll tell you. Normally for dying eggs, the eggs are supposed to be hardboiled. I decided to leave the insides the way they are. Do you know why?"




"Because I'm going to bombard Axel with egg yolk." You chuckled. "Oh, sweet vengeance."


"Alright, then."


"Don't you want to? Oh, it'd be so much fun! Or what you could do is drench him afterwards. That would make his day. He would be so..." Your voice trailed off as a look of realization dawned upon your face. It only made you look forward to the prank even more.




"Excellent. Maybe Axel's rounded up everyone by now. I'll hide the eggs. You get everyone ready." Off you went, carrying the eggs carefully in a blanket. You placed them in various areas, carefully and masterfully hiding them. You kept one with you, however...you had to have one to hit Axel with. His black cloak would soon be beautiful with egg colors.


You returned to the group proudly. Saïx was mumbling, along with Xigbar and Xaldin. Axel just had enough decency to glare at you coldly. Since when did he hate you? It was probably more of the fact that he 'hated you' for making him do such an immature activity...especially with Saïx. Luxord was gazing at something in the corner of the ceiling.


"You may begin, men." You would have said gentlemen, but they weren't exactly...yeah. Demyx was the only one that actually set out. The rest of them just sort of lingered about, their arms crossed in a bored manner. You gave them an intensified glare. "NOW!"


Clearly that had enough power to send them off to search. Now all you had to do was stalk Axel until he was somewhere near Demyx. It didn't take long for the opportunity to show up. In fact, the pyro was practically stalking the water manipulator as well, eager to steal the eggs before the blonde could reach them.


Demyx looked up and caught your eye, grinning. You figured he was most likely smiling because he knew what you were about to do, but it turned out he was only doing it because he had already found six eggs.


You pulled a pink egg from your pocket and raised your arm into a throwing position. Axel's back was turned to you. It was only a matter of seconds before he turned around. Come on...come on, come on, come on!


The pyromaniac's abdomen shifted to the side. Perfect! You catapulted the egg and burst out laughing as it smacked against his chest. He looked down at it blankly, not really registering what happened. All that came to his mind was, 'Why do I have hot pink on my cloak?'


Demyx found his cue. A huge wave of water fell on top of Axel, flattening his hair and making him look like a drowned rat. When he glared at Demyx, you and the water manipulator both started laughing harder.


"What the-?" And there was Saïx, followed by the rest of the guys. Axel's glower slowly made its way to rest upon you. Black streaks were stretched all the way down his face from the makeup you'd seen him apply earlier. It looked as though he had worn emo makeup and had burst into tears for two hours.


A smirk came across his features gradually, making you stop laughing instantaneously. 'Uh-oh,' was all you could think. His leer widened until it stretched into an evil smile.


"What are you thinking?" you asked worriedly.


He chuckled. "Oh, revenge will be sweet."

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