Welcome Back to the Truth

In an attempt of suicide, you somehow wound up in a league of cloaked warriors. They called themselves Nobodies, and seemed to have the goal of becoming whole once more. Seeing as you still had a heart, this goal was nothing to you, but the mysterious man your heart longed for was certainly enough to make you want to help them. Supposedly you were the key to their success, but would your own heart lead you to your demise?


9. Chapter 9

You could feel the clip on your bra unhitch, and felt the familiar release of the support. Demyx pulled your arms from the sleeves of your open cloak and followed up by removing your black-laced bra. It was carelessly tossed to the side, and your heart pounded as the water manipulator's breath skimmed your exposed breasts.


His hands traveled down to the button on your pants, but you grasped them with your own, fixing him with an intense stare. He blinked in surprise, but you smiled mischievously before you took your hands off of his and grabbed the zipper on his cloak. You began to pull it upward, and as his cloak flew open, he straightened his arms to let it fall to the floor.


His fingers outstretched to your pants, but you shook your head with a tsk-tsk and reached forward again, your abs pulling you to a sitting position. Your fingers fumbled with the clip on his denims as they slipped the button loose.


He smirked down at you, and you responded with a quick smile before pulling down the zipper. You slowly pulled his pants down his legs, and he quickly stepped out of them. You then grasped the end of his boxers, pulling them downward as well. His "instrument" pulsed with its erection as he stepped out of his boxers and pulled off his boots and socks. He slipped the gloves from his fingers and tossed them to the floor.


Finally you allowed him to remove your pants. As they traveled down your legs, you shuddered. The shiver came again as he removed your panties that had matched the bra that had been tossed across the room. The Melodious Nocturne leaned down and breathed in your scent, causing you to inhale sharply and lean your head back.


The rain was still coming down in heavy sheets upon the glass ceiling. It looked like small waves of plenty rushing down the roof, its different layers making it hard to see anything other than the water. The moving of your leg brought your attention away from it and returned it to Demyx. If you didn't know better, you would have figured that was the entire reason he had done it.


He pushed your other leg aside and smirked at you devilishly. He kneeled at the end of the bed and set his head between your legs. You gritted your teeth in anticipation; you knew what he was about to do. Biting your lip, you prepared yourself before it happened.


His tongue delved into your core and you gasped stridently, shuddering and rolling your head back in ecstasy. Demyx took this as a note to go further, his tongue exploring your depths without mercy. You gripped the sheets tightly, moving forward slightly to increase the pleasure.


Sweat was already rolling down your face as your breaths came in rapid heaves. You held it for a moment before letting it out, followed by a gruff moan. A new light came to Demyx's eyes at just how much pleasure he was giving you.


Your hand flew to his hair as you clenched your teeth. Your eyes begged for mercy, but he wasn't paying attention. His own optics were closed in concentration. You groped at the sheets desperately as you froze in your struggles. You tried to resist the sensation pooling at your stomach, but when his tongue gave a quick change of angle, you released, and he eagerly lapped up your honey in satisfaction.


You gripped his bare shoulders and pulled yourself up and looked into his intense aqua eyes. You came face to face with the boyish figure before grinning; it was your turn. You leaned down and engulfed his lips with yours, getting a taste of yourself from the juices that still remained on his lips.


He stumbled to his feet and pressed into the kiss, his hands wrapping around your neck. Still gripping his shoulders, you flipped him onto the bed, your lips separating from his. He seemed to have a look of panic, making it clear he wasn't expecting such a quick action.


You moved over him and straddled his hips, your _(color)_ eyes twinkling with mischief. Demyx stared at you blankly, oblivious as to what you were about to do. You figured this must have been his first time with a woman in this sort of situation.


You grasped his erection and felt a sharp intake of breath come from the nobody. You smiled and gave a chuckle at his naïve mind. You lowered yourself onto him, letting go of his manhood. Uncertainty glittered in his eyes, but as you used your fingers to lift his chin, he seemed to be a bit surer of this.


Forcing him completely into yourself, you gasped in pain. He was bigger than you thought he'd be, especially for his young age. Demyx gave you a look of curiosity, which you answered with a weak smile.


You used your knees to make slow circles with your hips. His mouth hung agape, his lip quivering slightly at the sensation that was so new to him. You knew you were moving too slow for him, but the fact that you were doing so was what made you smile so wickedly. You wanted complete vengeance; the hair tickling you had inflicted had not been good enough for a payback, deeming the torture he had put you through. This was your own way of revenge.


He began to reach up to grasp your hips, but you shook your head in decline. He gritted his teeth and let out a gust of air. You smiled and figured you should probably speed up...and yet, you didn't. Your hips still moved in the same slow motion, and it seemed as though Demyx could hardly take any more of it.


His hands grasped your hips, and you noted he wasn't looking at you in case you would reject again. He moved your hips at a faster pace, making you chuckle softly. You waited to see how long he would continue moving you himself before he would finally realize you could do it on your own. After a few seconds you blinked and shook your head.


"Demyx." He stopped and looked up. You raised your eyebrows and gave him a look. He let go of your hips and allowed you to take control. You went back to work, this time putting in some strength from your abs. You gazed down at the water manipulator curiously. He was biting his lower lip in anticipation, his eyes flickering repeatedly.


You smiled and continued the motions, once again quite aware that after a while this would not be enough for him. He must have been thinking the same thing because a second later he had flipped you over and regained dominance. The song on the CD player changed, Out of Control beginning with the familiar guitar. The chorus, you knew, would almost seem fitting.


Your legs were spread apart roughly, widening your eyes in surprise. You raised your shoulders, wondering if he was going to pull the tongue approach again. A moment later your unasked question was answered.


He plunged into you and you cried out in rapture. He pulled out and delved in again, his hands resting on your upper thighs to allow him more access. He began to hammer into you repeatedly, and you started to pant and grip the sweaty sheets.


His entire body seemed to move in a wave with his actions, and you could see his muscles ripple with the strength he was putting into each thrust. Your back arched as you began to lose control over your nerves. The impact of skin against your clit was causing you to twist and turn in iniquitous protest.


"D-Demyx," you gasped. This seemed to encourage the Melodious Nocturne to press harder, and his eyes flashed with a devilish sparkle, which you easily found sexy, as he made another moan tear from your throat. He quickly silenced it with his lips, and you felt lost within him as his tongue pressed against your maw, asking for entry.


You opened your orifice and allowed him to explore. His tongue massaged yours gently and explored every corner of your mouth. His hips continued to crash against yours with each drive he gave you, and though both of your lips were locked together, a groan escaped the corner of your mouth.


Your tongues danced with the joy of which you were both experiencing. He ended the kiss and grasped your hips before speeding up his motions. You cried out in pleasure and threw your head against the bed. He smirked in satisfaction and increased the speed even more.


You cried out his name repetitively, soon screaming it as you felt the commotion in your abdomen for a second time. Your walls closed in around him in resistance as you fought it off. Demyx raised his eyebrow in surprise at the new feeling from your womanly region.


You gasped erratically, and felt your nails dig into your palms. He continued his movements, though he seemed a bit uncertain as to what was happening. It was an entirely different feel from the oral approach, he noted while watching you squirm beneath him.


Your cavity tightened even more as you finally allowed yourself to release around him. You could hear his own irregular breaths as your own release added to his pleasure. You were both shimmering with a coat of sweat, and you encouraged him to give in by rubbing your hands on his moist chest.


You saw his eyes flicker before a shiver ran down his spine. He shut his optics tightly, and you winced in mild pain as his fingers dug into the top of your thigh. He released into you, gasping for breath. You smiled in satisfaction and wrapped your hand around the back of his head before pulling him into another kiss.


He fell onto the bed beside you, returning the kiss eagerly, though he had to pause now and then to take a breath. His hand roamed along the comforter in search of the end of it. Pulling the sheets down, he sat up and gripped your sides. He slid you to the top of the bed and joined you without a word.


You slipped your legs under the covers and lay down, sinking into the soft mattress. He followed a moment later and pulled the covers up to your chin. Demyx's hand rested upon your cheek after he brushed away a few strands of hair. He leaned in and kissed you tenderly before wrapping his arm around your waist and closing his eyes. You smiled and followed in pursuit, sleep overcoming you quickly.

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