Welcome Back to the Truth

In an attempt of suicide, you somehow wound up in a league of cloaked warriors. They called themselves Nobodies, and seemed to have the goal of becoming whole once more. Seeing as you still had a heart, this goal was nothing to you, but the mysterious man your heart longed for was certainly enough to make you want to help them. Supposedly you were the key to their success, but would your own heart lead you to your demise?


7. Chapter 7

You could see it- the endless horizon of ocean blue, waves rolling against a white shore. The sun was setting, spreading vibrant color across the sky that was touched with thin clouds. You could hear the waves crash against the land and could actually feel the water lap at your ankles.


A smile reached your face as memories washed over you. You watched a young girl run past, her long hair flowing behind her. She was laughing and clearly running from something, but the next thing to pass answered your silent question.


A tall man followed her, and you could hear his throaty chuckles accompany the little girl's. You cocked your head to the side; all of this seemed so familiar. Where could you have seen it before? The maiden's pursuer stopped running and stared up at a cliff.


Your gaze followed his and you found yourself looking upon a lovely woman who happened to be dangling her legs over the edge. Her lengthy, dark, stringy hair almost touched the ground on which she sat, and her shocking neon green eyes stared blankly at the horizon.


Her lips were full and of a rich maroon, which seemed to contrast deeply with her fair skin and pink cheeks. She almost looked like a porcelain doll if you compared her. After the man continued to watch her for some time, the woman slowly turned her head and fixed her gaze on you.


The sudden impact of locking your eyes with her sent you further into the water as you gasped in astonishment. In her optics was such a deep sorrow it was hard to comprehend, but behind it all was a mysterious peace that you found yourself more curious about as the seconds passed.


The man followed the woman's stare and turned to face you. You let out a scream of shock and quickly found yourself sitting up in a cold sweat. Your breathing was rapid as you woke from your dream, and beads of moisture made its way down your forehead. How had you managed to doze off?


It wasn't even time to go to sleep. You mentally scolded yourself for being so foolish. You would need to get your sleep tonight; you weren't going to stay up and sit around Demyx's room. You looked around the familiar space filled with CD's and music assortments.


Speaking of which, where was the Melodious Nocturne? He seemed to be nowhere in sight, and you almost wondered if he were hiding to pull some sort of prank on you. It seemed like something the fool would do.


You stood up and yawned, giving your head a quick scratch. Your wet clothes were still strewn about, giving you an idea that Demyx wasn't the neat type. Shivers rippled down your spine, and you hugged yourself in attempt to keep warm. Your hair still remained damp from the rain, not to mention the fact that you were now covered in a cold sweat.


What was that dream? It seemed so familiar, and yet you couldn't quite think of why it would be. You hadn't seen the woman in your life, but that man...you knew him from somewhere.


Demyx carelessly walked in, strolling about without even bothering to watch where he was going. You silently wondered just how many different rooms he had walked into before he had successfully found his own. The nobody appeared to be tuning his sitar, and by the looks of it, was failing in doing so.


He gave a grunt of frustration and stopped plodding for a moment. He gave the strings a strum, and you quickly covered your ears in protection from the hideous shriek that erupted from the instrument.


"Gah! Can't you do that somewhere else?" you yelled angrily. Demyx looked up at you in surprise. It almost looked as though he'd forgotten you'd be staying with him for the night.


"It's my room," he replied defensively. "Besides, if I could just get this thing tuned..." He ran his fingers down the strings again, only to receive the same screech as the last time. You covered your ears with more force.


"But I'm in this room! Please, it's going to make me go deaf!" You knew you were being a bit dramatic, but it was such a high-pitched wail you were almost tempted to smash the stupid thing.


"Oh, you won't go deaf. I just need to find my tuner. Don't be mad." His eyebrows were curled up in what almost appeared to be pity. Why did he pity you?! Didn't he get the fact that he was the reason you were going through torture?!


You glared daggers at him as he put down the instrument and began digging through a bunch of junk in the closet. You gave an exasperated sigh and decided you'd attempt to help. If he found his tuner, maybe listening wouldn't be quite as bad.


First things first, though: the room needed to be picked up. With the way his CD's were organized, you might have thought his clothes would be as well. But as you collected the dirty clothes strewn about, you found the same undergarments in the same corner as last time, still laying exactly how you left them.


"Demyx!" you whined. It appeared it was your turn to complain. "Don't you ever clean up?" The blonde looked over his shoulder and shrugged, shaking his head and chuckling. You rolled your eyes and picked them back up in disgust.


Adding them to the pile, you found an empty container to put them in. You could take them out and wash them later. A few music magazines were scattered about the floor. You bent down and shuffled them together, placing them on a nearby shelf. As you looked around, you found one good thing: at least the bed was made.


"Found it!" he exclaimed, standing up straight and holding up the tuner for all the world to see.


"Gee, that's fascinating. I think I'll go take care of the laundry while you play the pretty music," you muttered dryly and grabbed a container before shoving the clothes into it. He shrugged and picked up his sitar. Shaking your head, you walked out of the room.


Now you just needed to find the washing machines. The castle seemed completely vacant while you wandered down the hallways. It was as though the mansion wanted you to feel the emptiness it held. You shuddered and ignored the fact that there was no sign of life anywhere near you.


A piece of paper lying on the floor caught your attention. You didn't hesitate to put down the basket and pick it up. It seemed to be some sort of research paper. Frowning, you placed it on top of the garments, picked the container back up, and continued on your way.


Your eyes scanned the paper briefly. The words spoke of hearts and their components. What made them whole seemed to basic idea of the whole article, and you inquired as to why someone here would want something like this. This sort of thing was for scientists, not villains.


Your carelessness led you to bump into a tall figure. You blinked and looked up. Your mind immediately sent the message to your body to follow your instinct and jump back. A cold yellow eye glared down at you menacingly, its partner covered up with a black eye patch.


The man was hideously scarred and had a daunting look about him. His dark hair had many large streaks of gray, pulled back into a long ponytail, giving you the impression that this was most certainly an aged man. There was also no doubt he was your superior; you were the newest member. As revolting as he was, you had to pay your respect.


"Excuse me," you said politely, though it was through clenched teeth. He gave you an ignorant snort and you could see the right side of his face curl up in what looked to be a smirk. "Excuse me," you repeated, not bothering to hold back the annoyance in your voice.


He raised his eyebrow and looked off to the side. You could feel a vein begin to pulse in your forehead. What didn't this guy get about move? He was blocking the doorway you were just about to enter; the doorway that you assumed led to what you would guess to be the laundry room.


"Hey...pal...please move. I have to-" His sudden glare silenced you instantly and you backed up a few steps. He seemed to chuckle.


"Do I...intimidate you?"


"Well, if your appearance doesn't do the trick, your breath certainly will," you blurted without thinking. Now it seemed as though his vein wouldn't stay still. He clenched his fists, and for a moment you thought he was about to strike you. Wow, was he ever sensitive to comments on his looks...though he had none worth talking about.


"I would expect you should watch your tongue," he said coolly. "You think that just because you're Xemnas's new pet you'll be protected. I'd recalculate." He pushed aside you, rudely smacking into your shoulder as he passed. Finally! Your entrance was cleared! You wanted to throw your arms up and rejoice.


"Thanks, scarface!" you yelled after him and entered the room. Not a moment later you were spun around and found yourself face to face with a not-so-happy nobody. Though he did seem amused at the flicker of uncertainty in your eyes. He cocked his head slightly before you felt fingers tighten around your neck.


He raised you off the ground and brought you to a higher level than he, staring up at you with an entertained expression upon his features. You groped at his fingers, desperately trying to get air. He gave a throaty laugh at your efforts and didn't move to help you down.


You closed your eyes for a brief moment before your foot shot out in a powerful kick to his cheekbone. "What the-? You little!" His grip tightened on your throat and you could feel consciousness begin to disappear. Without another word he dropped you on the floor.


You gasped for breath and clutched your neck in pain. Though you couldn't see them, bruises were already forming where his fingertips had gripped. There was a cold ferocity in his eyes as you struggled to your feet. Your knees shook beneath you from the previous lack of oxygen, but you were determined to avenge your reputation.


"You," you rasped, your throat scratchy and sore. You opened your mouth, but resorted to just pointing at him angrily. He gave you an odd look and crossed his arms. "You- you...grr..." You narrowed your eyes and summoned your bo from your belt.


You spun it between your fingers, your feet quickly moving to a more stable position. The staff came to an abrupt stop as you held it fast within your palm, your other arm out for balance. The man scoffed and summoned two oddly shaped guns. Your eyes flickered for a brief moment, but you held your stance. Gritting your teeth, you pushed off from the ground and raised your bo to strike.

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