Welcome Back to the Truth

In an attempt of suicide, you somehow wound up in a league of cloaked warriors. They called themselves Nobodies, and seemed to have the goal of becoming whole once more. Seeing as you still had a heart, this goal was nothing to you, but the mysterious man your heart longed for was certainly enough to make you want to help them. Supposedly you were the key to their success, but would your own heart lead you to your demise?


6. Chapter 6

After the awkward moment with Xemnas, you were doing all you could to avoid him. The times you knew you should be training, you confined yourself to your room. Whenever you spotted Saïx on his way to look for you, you quickly dashed to the showers so he couldn't pull you out. You couldn't explain it; you were embarrassed.


You had, however, taken this time you had to yourself to be working on different areas of your skills. You'd also done a good deal of thinking, and you thought you had come up with an Organization name. Not that you wanted to be called it, but for strangers, it was always a good backup. That way they couldn't track you down.


Though you figured Xemnas most likely expected you to choose a name to be generally addressed by. You personally preferred your own name, but if that was the case, you figured you'd better tell him you had chosen the name of Xevia. You weren't a nobody, so you didn't bother rearranging your real name and adding an x; you just thought the name you had chosen sounded cool.


Now as you practiced with a few other weapons you'd found collecting dust, you silently wondered if you could pull this Organization thing off. Many who knew about the Organization would automatically think you must be without a heart yourself, but that was untrue. If they knew that, you would doubtlessly be ridiculed.


A pair of sais felt cool between your fingers as you attempted to spin one like you had so often seen them used. You instantly dropped it, flinching at the loud clatter it made when it hit the marble floor. A solo applause made you jump and turn around in surprise, hiding the other sai behind your back.


"You really have some skills with those...knives, don't you?" Demyx wore an arrogant smirk upon his handsome features.


"They're sais," you corrected. "Besides, it's not like you could use them." You leered at him as he bent down to pick up the one you dropped and curled his fingers around the handles.


"What's so hard about them?" He tried to spin it, as you had done, achieving the same result. He stared down at it before gazing back at you. He shrugged nonchalantly and summoned his sitar. "Who cares if I can't use some stupid pies?"


"That's sais! Honestly, you're hopeless." You shook your head at him, but you only got a short glimpse of his eyes when he glanced up at you before he began to play a tune. You sat down on your cot to listen; you had to admit, even though he was as pathetic as they got sometimes, he was an awesome sitarist.


He looked up to make sure you were listening before continuing the melody, but suddenly stopped short when he saw you on the cot. He lowered the instrument and raised an eyebrow. "Dude! Don't you have any other furniture?"


"That's dudette," you muttered coolly. "And no. I think Axel might have burned it all when Larxene was destroyed; there were some ashes I had to clean up."


"'Want a butterfly chair?" he offered. You raised a brow.


"And what are you doing with a butterfly chair?" He opened his mouth to reply, but shut it again with uncertainty. "I knew it! You are such a pansy!"


"Am not!" Demyx made a slight pout at the insult. "I won't give you the chair then if you don't want it!"


"That's just because you'd like to keep it for yourself." You'd struck gold again, thinking if only you'd had a camera...


"Meanie," he mumbled.


"Oh, I'm so offended," you said sarcastically. "I'll take the chair. Sheesh, do you make a big deal out of everything." He grinned in a childlike manner and began to pluck the strings imperturbably, and you closed your eyes to take in the melody. Heck, if he could just stay here and perform for you that would be just fine.


You lay back on the cot and opened your optics to stare at the sky above you. You wondered to yourself why it was everyone else had some sort of a ceiling, but you just got a balcony? Clouds of different colors swirled in the heavens, lit dimly by the shimmering moon.


A rumble made your brows knot together. Sitting up, you blinked. Demyx hadn't seemed to notice, so was it just you? You watched him for a moment just to be sure. Just as you began to lean back again, a flash above you made you looked up, startled.


You felt something wet hit your nose and you quickly shook your head with irritation. "OK, Demyx, cut it out," you called, but by the confused expression he gave you, you could tell it wasn't his fault. "What-?"


The sound of rainfall echoed around the two of you as you both were splattered with large drops of water. In no time your hair was clinging to your neck and your cloak was heavy with the extra weight. You stood up suddenly and took a breath of air. Where had the storm come from?


You felt your chest vibrate with laughter that seemed to appear from nowhere. You hadn't felt the rain in ages, and here it was soaking you to the core. You began to laugh again and held out your hands to feel it against your palms.


You even went as far as raising your face to the sky and sticking out your tongue. You giggled again, most unusual for you, and looked down at Demyx with glittering eyes. He was watching with an amused curiosity before a smile spread across his face. Oh boy.


"Watch this," he said with a new cockiness. He gave a quick strum to his sitar and began to play rock style. The rain began to fall in a pattern as though dancing to the beat. Your cheeks tightened with the smile you were wearing. It looked completely awesome to see the rain swaying in a wavy form.


Apparently, this was only the beginning. After he gave a last chord, Demyx held out his hand and brought together quite a few drops. It appeared as though a puddle began to form on the ground.


"Oh, how fascinating. You can form a puddle." You put a different sort of sarcasm in your voice, picking on him lightly. The drops began to take a larger form, making a familiar silhouette. "You've got to be kidding me." You raised an eyebrow at the Melodious Nocturne.


The water had formed a replica of Demyx- same hair, same stance, same shape of eyes. He grinned, expecting you to be impressed. You cocked your head to the side to see it at a different angle.


"Come on; it's cool, right?" he asked, still wearing the over-confident grin.


"Demyx, how can it be cool when you're not even cool?" You received another pout, getting a chortle from you.


"You know you think it's awesome. I mean, it looks just like me."


"Yeah...you're right; it does look just like you."


"You must study me a lot to know that. Don't tell me you've fallen for my good looks?" He took the pose of a model, flashing you a charming smile. You raised an eyebrow.


"You really are hopeless."


"Wait, watch this." He brought up another form, this time making another you.


"Whoa! That's wild." You poked your water-twin, your finger sinking into the arm. You pulled it out in alarm and studied it with a strange look on your face.


"I'll show you more later. We'd better get inside before one of us catches a cold." He chuckled, apparently thinking the matter was humorous. You looked around at the cot and the rest of your room. It looked as though you'd be sleeping somewhere else that night. "You can use an extra cot and stay with me," said Demyx, solving the problem you had not announced.


The water forms exploded into large drops and joined the rest of the water flowing at the soles of your boots. All you wanted to do was get some dry clothes and curl up in front of a fire. Did that mean visiting Axel? The thought perturbed you.


The two of you stepped into the portal leading out of your room and into Proof of Existence. The familiar cold of the dark world suddenly seemed even colder against your wet stature. Shivers began to rack your body and you hugged yourself in attempt to keep warm.


"Come on; I'll get you some dry clothes and you can change." Demyx held out his hand, offering you to lead the way to his room. You were supposed to change...in there? You gave him an odd look, but he answered it with confusion glittering in his aqua eyes. It appeared he didn't catch on.


You stepped into the portal and looked upon the room you had been in only a day ago. The water manipulator didn't follow you in, so you took your own free will by finding the butterfly chair he'd given to you and sitting down in it. You looked up at the glass ceiling, feeling as though you were in a fishbowl with the rain falling onto the dome setup.


Demyx returned a moment later with a folded cot in one arm and clothing in the other. He set down the cot and handed you the clothes. You took them gratefully and searched for a place to change. He gave you a quizzical look.


"Is there something you need?" he asked.


"Privacy?" you asked hopefully.


"Why- oh!" He smiled sheepishly, a slight tint rising to his cheeks. "Right. You're a girl." He pointed at you, getting a raised eyebrow in return.


"I'm glad you made that observation. Now can you leave, or at least turn around?" He shrugged and threw up his hood, facing his back to you. You glanced at him apprehensively before pulling off pieces of your clothing.


"So you're an actual member of the Organization now, huh?" he asked.


"I have been," you replied. "For a few days now. Why?"


"I don't know," he called back. "Xaldin was talking about it. I guess you're stuck with us now!" You noted the tone of humor in his voice and smiled to yourself.


"You're absolutely right. I'll need some serious therapy by the time the Organization splits up."


"Why's that?" His head turned to the side, and considering you were half naked, your eyes snapped to the spot where he stood, and you instinctively covered your bosom.


"Keep your eyes forward, buddy!" you yelled at him. "I really am going to need therapy," you admitted. "I'm stuck in this place with you and the other lunatics."


"What's that supposed to mean?" he whined.


"Figure it out for yourself, pansy." You pulled on a dry shirt and began to work at your pants. You had to remove the soaked boots first. They were carefully lined at the brims with gold, though the design of the upper boot was rather ugly in your own opinion.


In about a minute you had a desiccated cloak over your body and were beginning to feel a bit warmer. You picked up the wet clothing and tossed them at the male before you, grinning as they successfully wrapped themselves around his head.


"What the-?" He ripped them off and stared at them blankly. You sat down on the bed and brought your legs into an Indian stance. "Anyway," he continued, tossing the clothes back on the floor and joining you on the bed, "If you're an Organization member, what's your name?"


"You know my name, you idiot." You frowned at him, your _(color)_ eyes blazing.


"No, you're Organization XIII name. You need a name with an x that is-"


"Xevia. I picked it out this morning."


"Zeviah?" he repeated.


"No! Do I have to sound it out for you? Here...I'll say it like it sounds, and slowly. Zay-veeah. X-E-V-I-A. Got it memorized now?" He gave you an odd look and you cocked your head before quickly putting a hand to your mouth. You had sounded almost like Axel for a brief moment. You would have to watch that in future conversations.


"Xevia, huh? I don't want to memorize it. Do I have to?" he whined. You sighed.


"You're hopeless."

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