Welcome Back to the Truth

In an attempt of suicide, you somehow wound up in a league of cloaked warriors. They called themselves Nobodies, and seemed to have the goal of becoming whole once more. Seeing as you still had a heart, this goal was nothing to you, but the mysterious man your heart longed for was certainly enough to make you want to help them. Supposedly you were the key to their success, but would your own heart lead you to your demise?


59. Chapter 54

"I've met my mother, my father...I've even met an alternative me. What a strange experience it was to be looking at myself as another being. 'Why me?' I asked. The answer was evident. She said, 'Because if not you, someone else.'" You had left them that day. Who? The unspoken.



The door took a moment to open, but the apprentice managed to release its tight fit, and stepped in. Placing his arm across his waist, he bowed politely before straightening his posture. The man's mentor was apparently visiting with an old friend of his.


"Master Ansem. Regarding the experiment I presented the other day...with your permission, I'd like to proceed-" The mentor slammed his palm upon his desk, standing up in immediate protest.


"I forbid it! Forget this talk about doors, and the heart of all worlds. That place must not be defiled," he declared, removing his hand from the desk and enclosing it into a fist.


"But Master Ansem! I've been thinking..." continued the young man, though the scientist he addressed merely shook his head in declination.


"Xehanort...those thoughts are best forgotten." This was apparently Ansem's last word on the matter. Nevertheless, there seemed to be a brief hesitation as Xehanort thought this over. In the end, he settled on his teacher's words, taking a bow of respect and grunting in frustration upon standing. Backing out of the room, he closed the door behind him.


This young man ignored such a meeting, for he pursued the experiments of the topic he desired. Other apprentices followed suit, believing it would be best for their research. Actions like these cost them their hearts, their existence. Thus was born the beginning of Organization XIII.


This was Xemnas's story, the birth of a murderer. He'd lost his memories, and, taken in by Ansem the Wise as an apprentice, fulfilled the life he knew to exist with science. When these experiments got out of control, he sacrificed his heart to know darkness's true existence. What's more is, he pulled others down with him. This man could never create; only destroy.


Xemnas met his demise at the hands of Sora and Riku when he battled for his life and his Kingdom Hearts. If his words were true, and darkness truly is eternal, then perhaps his being will never truly fade. Nonetheless, Xemnas, leader of Organization XIII, has ceased to exist.




"He made me feel...like I had a heart. Heh...it's funny; you make me feel...the same. Kairi's in the castle dungeon. Now go!" A portal was opened by a shaking hand, swirling greens, purples, and blacks showing the entrance to a new world. Lowering this arm, The Flurry of Dancing Flames closed his eyes and allowed darkness to overtake him at last.


"Axel..." murmured a young hero, whom the firebug had died to save.


Axel's days of womanizing had come to an end when putting his whole being into an attack. Having been surrounded by thousands of Dusks, he was left with no choice but to get things over with and finish them off with one blow. Doubtlessly, this was the plan of the Organization the entire time, and it is needless to say they succeeded. Axel no longer roams the worlds, and only the memory of his being allows us to know he was ever there.




The instrument disappeared in a shower of bubbles, leaving an empty hand raised within the air. It was quickly lowered and gazed upon by a pair of horrified aqua eyes. Demyx's jaw dropped open as realization of what was coming hit him like a tidal wave.


"No way!" he yelled out in disbelief before collapsing to his knees, hands resting against the ground as he faded away into nothingness. His life had been taken by an overly cocky Sora, the teenage punk's innocent caricature blown away with his very existence.


Demyx would no longer feign his boyish nature, having fought Sora to avenge the woman he loved. His failure led to his death, and not even those that cared for him exist. Any trace of his life rests within Sora, Donald, and Goofy's memories, but that is hardly enough. The ghost of an empty melody resounds throughout Hollow Bastion, reminding those that listen that there wasn't always happiness and glee in the world reborn.




Her eyes stung with salty tears that never seemed to go away. Her sorrow was finished. In fact, so was everything. Her emotions had vanished along with the heart that had set her apart from her comrades. Already memories of her true existence were fading. She could no longer remember her true name. All she recalled now was her life with the Organization, and what she'd known since she'd become a true Nobody.


Memories of life- true life- were like clouds, sometimes there, but drifting. Not having a heart, though she was supposed to be emotionless, was the greatest pain she could ever experience. Her hollow chest longed to be full once more, but fate argued.


She had indeed returned to Castle Oblivion in search of the only life she knew, which had disappeared with her existence. Kingdom Hearts was a gaping hole, and the palace itself was cracking with age.  In fact, the Alter of Naught had tilted, or so it felt like so, for the whole tower was angled.


When she'd visited Demyx's room in reminiscence, she tried to remember what it felt like. How it felt to feel emotions for the water manipulator. The CDs were scattered along the floor, some even broken.


She found the Brittany Spears album, and had smiled in remembrance. Something else had caught her attention, however. She'd picked up each half of a broken disc, connecting the text that lined the surface. Never again would she hear the sweet tunes of the Hoobastank CD that had played such an important part in her memories.


Glancing around, she took notice of something else. The sitar...it was still there. Her eyes had widened. She'd picked it up...


The absence of the Organization was haunting. Xevia found she could not remain in the ghosts of her past life. Her leaving was a result, and she soon took a position back in her old city. She stands yet again as a villain, although more so with much less pity. The absence of a heart made it so much easier to live without remorse.


You would wait for a sign...any sign that might be a clue as to where your destiny lies. Until then, you would have patience for your next calling, whether it be life, or...

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