Welcome Back to the Truth

In an attempt of suicide, you somehow wound up in a league of cloaked warriors. They called themselves Nobodies, and seemed to have the goal of becoming whole once more. Seeing as you still had a heart, this goal was nothing to you, but the mysterious man your heart longed for was certainly enough to make you want to help them. Supposedly you were the key to their success, but would your own heart lead you to your demise?


57. Chapter 52

Groaning softly, you stirred within the sheets, linen brushing lightly against your bare legs. In an instant, it all came flooding back to you. The recent events that so seemed impossible had really happened, for if they hadn't, why had you woken here?


Such thoughts brought a smile to your lips as you turned over to greet Xemnas. Just like it had been after you'd first spent the night with Demyx, the opposite side of the mattress was empty. With a gasp, you sat up abruptly and stared around the room for any sign of the man that had welcomed your touch the preceding night. However, the chamber was just as desolate as the furniture in which you lay.


Snatching up a spare cloak from his collection, you threw it around your body and zipped it shut. Oh, how the thought of a shower welcomed you. Accompanied by a final glance to your mentor's cell, you departed and began your journey to Proof of Existence. Quickly stopping into your room, you were able to grab your own uniform.


In a few minutes, hot and steaming water was cascading down your bare body. Sighing with contentment, your mood was far from bilious. This would last, most likely, until you had a run-in with Xigbar, which happened nearly every day. Although things were warming up a little bit, arguments remained to be rather frequent. Considering his attitude was immensely benighted, it would be no surprise if he managed to tick you off some time that day.


At least the two of you no longer had altercations, which seemed to draw the attention of the most superior of the members. If he picked a fight with you again, doubtlessly you'd lose. Not only were you a Bantam, as Xemnas called it, but you were now blind, and such modifications did not help the situation.


Turning the faucets off, you stepped from the shower and wrapped a towel around your abdomen. Light was captured within the drops that still clung to your eyelashes, and with the notation that something so simple was near futile to see really struck pain into your gut. After dressing as best you could, you at last emerged from the bathroom, steam billowing outward behind you.


"Good morning, Xevia." The voice made you jump, but you graced the man with a smile. His tone was even and normal, if not slightly cheerful.


"Glad to hear all is well, Xemnas. I thought I might have done something wrong," you teased.


"If you had, you would have known," chimed Saïx acrimoniously. It was funny, but the very feeling you had just then almost made you presume they had been talking about you until the moment you turned the door handle. Such petty imaginations would get you nowhere, you knew, but the concept continued to make you uneasy.


"Er...right. Well, I'm off," you chirped before striding away from them. Your destination? Demyx would have an old visitor. His doorway greeted your presence (once you'd found it), sucking you into the room of the water manipulator. By the sounds of it, he was already awake and moving, for his sitar strings sung like the ocean. "Demyx? Have you seen that locket you gave me?"


In your mind was the image of a spider web, created with care by the arachnid. This is what you were doing- creating a web of your own so that you too could catch prey in its sticky strands. Since Sora was so easily cajoled, it had been easy enough to convince him that you'd desired for him to keep your locket for luck. However, the leading events were your way of spinning those beautiful threads to lure victims to your advantage.


The sitar strumming came to a sudden halt, and you immediately felt those intense aqua eyes upon you. Demyx studied your neck with a puzzled expression as he struggled to recall whether or not he had, and at the same time, wonder how in the world you'd lost such an artifact.


"Nope. You lost it?"


"I just...can't seem to find it is all. I must have taken it off for some reason, and it really doesn't help that I can't see what I'm doing..."


"Hm...well, I hope you find it." Throwing him a weak smile, you nodded.


"Thank you. Hey, Demyx?" The usual grunt of response. "Will you do me a favor by meeting me in Hallow Bastion a week from now?"


"A week? What for?"


"Well, I figured with Christmas approaching, you might want your present now, while you can use it." The both of you were quite aware that he wouldn't last much longer, provided he did not successfully escape the grasp of Organization XIII. Sora was on the loose, and most of the members would soon be doomed to perish at his Keyblade.


"Really?" The excitement could be heard in his voice; he seemed almost baffled that you would have thought of going out of your way to get him a gift.


"You're my best friend," you replied, laughing. "Of course."


"A-alright. Thanks!"


"Sure," you countered with fake happiness. "I'll catch you later." With a wave over your shoulder, you left the room. Now there was one more thing to do- get Sora to show up.



One week later, as promised, you waited in Hallow Bastion, dressed in the clothes the trio normally spotted you wearing. Drumming your fingers against the wall supporting your weight, you hummed a tune to keep yourself amused. It wasn't long before approaching footsteps alerted you of the brownie's arrival.


"Sora!" called your accent in greeting. He stopped, slightly out of breath.


"Hey, _(Name)_...we're here. What did you want to show us?" Shrugging, you pushed off from the wall.


"I just wanted to see you guys before I go away for a while. I mean, we're friends...right?" Ooh, you go girl...that was convincing.


"Y-yeah, of course!"


"Heh, cool. So how have you guys been?" Basically, this was how the system worked: Sora did all of the talking, and Donald and Goofy sat back to listen, all the while making sure to add corrections when needed.


Thus, you listened to their little tales of different worlds. Oh, what was that? Wasn't that meddling? Oh well.


"So that was that. The Organization is really starting to get on my nerves. And now Kairi-"


"Kairi?" you echoed.


"Yeah, she's a friend of mine from Destiny Islands. Anyway, they're apparently holding her captive." This was entirely new information to you. Since when had the Organization obtained a prisoner? And why didn't they plan on telling you? Was the risk of Kairi spreading the word to the young hero too high?


"Well, that's too bad."


"And that friend of yours...Axel...he's the one that kidnapped her in the first place!" Throwing a fake gasp, you raised your hand to cover your mouth to imitate shock.


"My gosh, Sora! I'm so sorry!" you voiced, tone dripping with skillful acting. He muttered an inaudible 'thanks' before sighing. "Y'know, I'm sure things will be alright. You're her hero, right? So act heroic and rescue her! It shouldn't take too long; Organization XIII are a bunch of pansies."


"Yeah! They're no match for us!" spoke Donald in his usual confidence.


"Hah! Exactly! That Keyblade is going to kick some major Nobody butt." This sentence was followed up by a frown. It was your turn to finally accomplish what you had been scheming. "It's interesting...what is it like to hold a Keyblade, anyway?"


Sora's eyes widened at this as he looked down to examine the weapon in his grasp. Its mystery was of great magnificence, of which you could even feel reverberating from its aura.


"May I...try a few swings?" This was it; your mission's true purpose.


"Sure," Sora agreed, handing it over to you. You lifted it with amazement, for it was almost both light and heavy at the same time. A great weapon for speed and strength, that was apparent.


"Wow! This thing must really pack a punch!" You swiped it through the air with a followed-up test move. Beyond what you could see, Sora was holding his hand outstretched in expectancy that his weapon would return to him at any second. Much to his astonishment, it remained to be wielded by a knowing you.


"Wha-?" he exclaimed in confusion, looking at his hand and trying again. Still nothing. This was your gift- to be able to use any weapon, Keyblade included. It didn't matter that you weren't its chosen master, for in this case it had no choice in the matter.


The sound of the usual dark orbs used to teleport reached your ears. Clearly, Demyx had arrived on time. His wide eyes spoke unvoiced thoughts; The Melodious Nocturne couldn't seem to figure out just why you and Sora were in each other's presence. Light catching on a small piece of metal caught his immediate attention.


"Xevia! Look! Xevia, look; it's your locket!"


"What?" Sora sputters. "Xevia?" the boy echoed in confusion.


"You...you stole it!" accused the blonde, jumping to conclusions as usual...just as you'd hoped.


"She- she gave it to me!" Sora protested.


"Bullshit! You expect me to buy that when you're our enemy?" Feeling Sora's pleading gaze upon you, you gifted him with a smirk etched with sadism.


"Thanks for the Keyblade, Sora. I'm sure Organization XIII will find a great use for it." Darkness shrouded around you, taking you back home while leaving the brunette to spar with a protective Demyx.




The corridors were chilly, quite a contrast from Hallow Bastion's mild climate. Air tickled the skin beneath your cloak, making your hairs stand on end. You were making your way back to your room, though another arrival stopped you in your tracks.


"How could you?" Demyx growled behind your back. You turned your head to the side with eyebrows raised to show you were listening. "You...used me," he whispered in disbelief. You laughed mirthlessly.


"Awww...is wittle Demyx huwrt? Hah! So what if I used you?" You spun around to give him a look of pure wickedness. An expression of pain was pasted upon his visage. "Oh, Demyx..." you soothed without feeling, cupping his chin in your hand. "It was for the best of the Organization."


He yanked his head away from you in astonishment. "You never changed back...you were always like this. Ever since you and Xemnas-"


"Yes?" you snapped in retort. "There's no point in trying to reminisce of what we had, Melodious Nocturne. That tune has died out. Now a new voice resounds through the crisp night air...and it isn't yours."

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