Welcome Back to the Truth

In an attempt of suicide, you somehow wound up in a league of cloaked warriors. They called themselves Nobodies, and seemed to have the goal of becoming whole once more. Seeing as you still had a heart, this goal was nothing to you, but the mysterious man your heart longed for was certainly enough to make you want to help them. Supposedly you were the key to their success, but would your own heart lead you to your demise?


56. Chapter 51

"Let me guess; the great Xemnas wants a sparring session to check up on my progress." The striking man you had addressed turned to gaze at you with amused acknowledgement. A small chuckle, though sounding more like a grunt due to his gruff voice, could be heard by listening ears as they awaited orders.


"You are beginning to know me far too well." A smile graced your lips at this response, but there was no time to dawdle. In a flash, your bo staff was summoned and in position for battle. "However, I will not be the only one sparring with you today."


The reverberating sound of two doors creaking open brought you to alert attention. Footsteps echoed in a step so familiar to you, you knew it as well as your own. There was only one man who walked like that, and the thought of battling him struck fear into your heart. But what was this? A second presence pursued this one, and evidently the second man had a great deal more weight than the first.


Saïx came to a halt and dipped his abdomen to his superior in a bow, murmuring something. Xemnas nodded and sent him away with a wave of his hand before turning to observe the current scene more closely. Your opponent was positioned about ten yards away from your stance, weapons in hand, muscles tensed and ready for battle.


"Xevia, where is your antagonist?" voiced Xemnas. Your breath came in shallow gasps as you attempted to regain your posture. Something didn't feel right; were you sick? No, that couldn't be it, for you'd felt fine just a moment earlier. The arena must have changed its aura, for there was no other explanation to be offered. Even so, it weakened you for the briefest second, causing you to stumble in posture.


"In the range of twenty-five to thirty-five feet away, Sir."


"Very good. And no doubt you can tell his size without having felt him?"


"Yes." There was a moment of silence before you swallowed and took a deep breath to prepare your body for what was to come. "May I ask something, Sir?"




"Is he one of our own?" Xemnas gave yet another grunt of amusement.


"Yes." The moment he had spoken, sharp winds picked up around your ankles, unsteadying you and nearly knocking you over. Giving a cry of surprise, you hastily regained battle stance, suspicions now confirmed. This mystery sparring-buddy was none other than Xaldin, someone you had only truly come in contact with during team meetings. His true power was unknown to you, though you were aware of his basic strength.


Time felt as though it were ticking as each moment flew past that you stood in the gusts of air that so threatened to suck you into their depths. Your hair flew about you wildly, stinging your eyes and making you grit your teeth in pain. Slowly, your hand moved into your pocket and removed a strip of black cloth. Reaching back, you tied it around your eyes to shield them from the _(color)_ locks that lashed about. If your comrades hadn't known you to be blind, they would have immediately taken such actions as a note of confidence, which was all the more reason to go hard on you, for a blindfold was something Axel would pull when playing his cocky role.


 A voice lathered with a light British accent reached your ears, but words were inaudible over the airstreams. You had no choice but to attack, for it seemed the only thing Xaldin was willing to do was apply the winds that whipped beneath you. Concentrating, you shifted your body behind him swiftly, giving you the feeling of nothingness that normally came with teleportation.


Your bo found his lance, striking with a loud pang. His weapons formed a helicopter-shaped form, spinning and twirling their blades in your direction. This battle was sure to be over soon; you were still no match for his power. Blocking a few of the advancements, you gritted your teeth in the effort of merely defending yourself from getting speared.


Just as you predicted, one blow knocked your wielding from your hands, and another from the butt of his lance sent you sprawling upon the floor. You raised your hands in defense, shielding yourself from the temporary enemy. Silence met your ears as the winds ceased.


"Thank you, Xaldin; that will be enough. I have learned all I needed to know." Xemnas dismissed Number 3. Once the Wind Lancer had left, your mentor kneeled beside you and offered an arm of support to raise you to a sitting position.


"I'm sorry, Xemnas...it's so hard to see out on the battlefield, I-" You were silenced by a pair of lips that claimed yours. Fingers released the knot securing the blindfold upon your face before they removed it entirely, allowing it to fall to the floor.


Your hands wrapped themselves around Xemnas's neck as you returned the favor, all the while wondering how in the world the previous scene was able to turn him on. Your lips worked his, and reverse fashion. His form was soon pressed against yours as he cradled you in his arms before standing.


Breaking the passionate lock, you stared up at him, relieved that his touch had brought sight to your eyes. The darkness-wielder was gazing at you as well, his majestic amber eyes full of thought and judgment. Reaching upward, you brushed a strand of silver hair from his face tenderly, your eyes taking in all they could while possible.


This was the man you loved; the one that had saved you from the brink of death, taken you in his care, and offered a new life to someone who hadn't a chance to finish life the way she had planned. And now here you were, lying within his embrace. There was no place you felt safer.


Darkness shrouded about the two of you, taking you elsewhere. As soft padding hit your back a moment later, sight was stolen from you yet again. Hands feeling around, you touched his cloaked chest before grabbing onto his collar and pulling him down for another passionate kiss as you leaned upward and into him, savoring the very taste his lips offered; the extreme thrill such exotics sent through your spine.


Nimble fingers found the strings that closed the front of your bustier, pulling them loose and releasing their grip. You let out a gasp at the feel of cold air against your bare flesh, arching your back in discomfort. Xemnas, however, took this in a different translation.


Suckling on your neck, he slowly moved downward, leaving a trail of kisses through the valley of your breasts. Whimpers escaped from you as you squirmed beneath his form, powerless to object to such torture. How strange it was that you'd gone from fighting a fellow member to...this.


The Superior's frustration was soon heard as he struggled to remove the rest of your attire. You laughed and assisted him, making sure some part of you was touching his body to allow you to see what you were doing. In a minute's time, your body was free of its covers. This seemed to be an invitation for more teasing, for Xemnas continued his free range.


However, such things were not acceptable for you. With a shove, you forced him to separate from your figure, allowing you to remove his cloak. Once it had dropped to the floor, he moved in to capture your lips yet again. At last, your hands were allowed to roam bare flesh as they observed his muscular chest, natural movements coursing through your fingers as they went over each hill and cranny available.


In what seemed like no time at all, there was much more to offer as Xemnas removed himself of the rest of his uniform. Thick fingers entered your womanhood, and with a great gasp, you arched your back in protest. Actions like this only appeared to encourage him further, as it did with any typical male; the speed was quickened without question, already leaving you in a mewling mess.


This brought a smirk to the man's lips. There was no way you were getting out of this easily; he would make you beg before he'd take you. Thus, the sinful torture pursued for a while longer before you gave into the tight knot that had formed in your abdomen, and with a small sigh, his hand was flooded with your juices.


Eyes pleading with his, you grabbed his shoulders and pulled him downward before you locked lips. He apparently found this a suitable solicit, for the man entered you without warning, bringing a shriek of pain from a helpless you.


Such incredibility that a man like Xemnas could melt by the touch of a woman, or even sweat from heated sex, for it hardly seemed like something he was capable of doing. Nevertheless, his breath was shaking as you raked your nails across his back in ecstasy as he worked to pleasure you further. Few words were whispered between the both of you; mostly names, which were shortly covered up by a following groan or gasp. It was overwhelming to think that you had come this far to reach him, and suddenly here you were, receiving his love.


Once having released within you, his body collapsed against yours, his breath hot against your neck. With your arms still wrapped around him, you tilted your head back and heaved air into your lungs. The sheets were stuck to your back, which was rather unsettling, but there was nothing you could do until Xemnas moved.


In what seemed like forever, and yet like nothing at all, he shifted himself to be within the covers. You followed suit, laying your head upon the pillow beneath and closing your eyes. Xemnas made no reach for you, but rather allowed you to move to drape your arm across his bare chest and nestle against his shoulder. Apparently, the man was already asleep, for his breathing was slowed and relaxed, bringing a soft smile to your lips. Your unimaginable dreams had come true.


Was this really the man that had caught your wrist so many months ago? He'd changed somehow...or maybe you had? Either way, it was difficult to comprehend just how you'd gone from that position to this one. Even though you'd hoped for this for so long, it still seemed like a fantasy that hadn't yet become real. Sighing, you shut your eyes. Perhaps this was just a dream, never-ending, holding you within the coma of its trap. Maybe you'd really died, and this was heaven. Whichever direction you looked, you were just pleased that it had finally become reality, and Xemnas's warmth was there to lull you off into your own sleep.

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