Welcome Back to the Truth

In an attempt of suicide, you somehow wound up in a league of cloaked warriors. They called themselves Nobodies, and seemed to have the goal of becoming whole once more. Seeing as you still had a heart, this goal was nothing to you, but the mysterious man your heart longed for was certainly enough to make you want to help them. Supposedly you were the key to their success, but would your own heart lead you to your demise?


5. Chapter 5

"So...I just charge in a defensive position?" you asked hopefully. Xemnas's eyes flickered from across the room.


"Very good," he responded in a mild tone of surprise. "You are catching on faster than I imagined. Why don't you try it?" He motioned for you to attack. The two of you were back in The Hall of Empty Melodies, and you were back to training. You didn't like the fact that you needed training, though you admit you did need it, but it was rather an insult considering you had been out on your own for so long, and you hadn't ever lost a fight...until now.


You breathed deeply and closed your eyes, feeling your nails dig into the palm of your left hand. Your right hand gripped your bo staff with the vigor of battle. Xemnas was teaching you techniques of offense onto defense that day, which is what you would need in a true battle. The other strategy would be defense onto offense, but that would come later.


Your _(color)_ eyes shot open with willpower of marking the destination of your strike. Your opponent was already in a battle stance, wielding his aerial blades with his own confidence; he expected you to fail. How rude of him!


You gritted your teeth and knew that you probably looked rather stupid. You were doing all these pre-battle stress relievers, and there he was waiting for you to get past that point and get on with the spar. You would have to come up with some sort of tactic soon, or else Xemnas would more than likely get annoyed and attack without waiting.


Your feet began to charge blindly forward, even though you hadn't even told yourself what you'd be doing once you had closed in the distance between the two of you. Suddenly time began to slow...or it seemed like it did, anyway.


You felt the front of your right foot catch on the heel of your left, causing your torso to fly forward and toward an astonished superior. The bo fell from your hand before you crashed into Xemnas, and both of you hit the floor with almost no sound except the wind through your cloaks.


You had landed on top of him with heated embarrassment. Your hands rested upon his well-built chest, your body pressed against his as gravity weighed against the both of you. Color rose to your cheeks immediately, but you didn't even think to get off of him. In fact, you didn't even look at him at first, because the expression on his face would have instantly given you the notion to get off of him.


Your eyes flickered down upon his, and he stared back at you with a burning amber gaze. What you saw in his eyes that day changed your life forever. You couldn't explain it in words if someone ever asked you what it was, considering you weren't the greatest storyteller in the world. All you knew was that you took a sudden respect to the male beneath you.


A voice behind you made you jump in surprise, sending a jolt of nausea straight to your stomach.

"I'm sorry; am I interrupting something?" Xemnas tilted his chin up so he could see who had spoken. You could see his eyes waver before he sat straight up, sending you tumbling off of him and onto the chilly marble floor.


"Not at all." The Superior stood up and brushed off his cloak, not even offering a hand to help you up. Was that day just his rude day or something? You rose unsteadily to your feet and bent to pick up your bo. Your orbs glimpsed up and rested upon a stranger standing across the room.


A man with blue hair held a straight posture, his arms hanging against his sides. His own amber eyes locked gazes with you in an unpronounced interest. A scar in the shape of an x marked his face, actually doing the opposite of what a scar like that should do; it complimented his features quite nicely.


You straightened up as well and nodded in his direction. Xemnas seemed to take notice of the two of you before deciding to make introductions.


"_(Name)_, this is Saïx. He handles many of my engagements inside of the Organization." Saïx seemed pleased with the note of appreciation in his leader's voice. Your name sounded so different compared to the rest of the Organization members, and you suddenly realized Xemnas probably expected you to change your title to match the code of the rest of the group.

"It's a...pleasure, _(Name)_," said Saïx, blinking in greeting. You bowed respectfully, like you usually did before you began training with Xemnas, though not quite so deep.


"Likewise," you lied. Why did you care about meeting him? Though you should probably know your allies by name, it certainly wasn't pleasurable to meet him. Then again, he didn't seem terribly bad. He seemed to notice the lack of warmth in your voice, but must have mistaken it for the thought of you not having a heart. Hah...if only he knew...


"Saïx will be notifying you of any future missions or practice battles you should be attending to," Xemnas informed you. "He will not, however, be telling each of you when the meetings take place. That will be your own responsibility." You sighed; that was a long speech for Xemnas to say in his slow dialect.


"Understood," you muttered. How were you supposed to know when the meetings were going to be when no one was there to tell you? Of course, you could check that message board that was in the meeting hall...


"Saïx, since you are interrupting a training session, perhaps you would care to demonstrate to the student what a true struggle is approximating," Xemnas ordered. Saïx dipped his head in understanding and summoned his weapon.


You felt a jolt in your stomach that didn't feel so good. A claymore glinted in the Luna Diviner's hands, its size shocking you into a partially unconscious state. Staring at it for so long must have looked a bit out of the ordinary since Saïx began to give you an odd look. You gave yourself a quick shake and immediately got into your stance.


Xemnas stepped back and gave you guys some space to fight, smirking to himself; this would prove to be interesting. He knew you were no match for the moon element yet when bearing in mind that you didn't have as strong point of your own so far.


Here goes nothing. You used the offense you didn't learn, running toward the seniority figure with your eyes burning with potency. Too bad your muscles couldn't share some of that strength.


As soon as your proximity was small to your antagonist, you felt the side of the claymore give you a blow to the stomach. You flew rearward and onto your back, gasping for breath. Your mouth was open with the aftershock, but in a moment it was replaced with sheer determination; you were going to hit him if you collapsed trying.


As you ran forward again, your eyes fell to his right; the handle of his weapon was on that side, and if you were lucky you could jump and get a hit in over there if you had enough time before getting struck again. Concentrating on that spot, you prepared your bo for a pole-vaulting leap.


Before you got the chance, however, you felt yourself fade into nothingness. You couldn't even feel your weight; it was as though all gravity had left you. Was this some sort of battle technique of Saïx's? It was possible; with the element of moon, he could certainly do something like that.


Your quick reappearance answered your question as you found yourself at Saïx's right flank. Your bewilderment, however, had left you vulnerable. You shouldn't have hesitated. The claymore came across and hit you in the upper back, sending you onto your knees. Once again you struggled to regain the breath you had lost.


"That will be enough," Xemnas declared with a mixture of boredom and satisfaction in his voice. Saïx stepped backward, letting you get up, though you didn't do so. You were only beginning to breathe again, and you still leaned on your hands and knees, gasping desperately. Once you had recovered enough oxygen to speak, you turned your head to the side and began to get up.


Sharp pains arched up and down your spine, making you give a sharp cry. You tried again, only to achieve the same results. You had to ignore it and stand up; you couldn't continue to act like this in front of Xemnas.


"No, no, I got it, thanks," you said, waving Saïx away, though he hadn't even attempted to assist you. You finally managed to get to your feet, though you stumbled a bit, rubbing your back and forming a silent 'ouch' with your lips.


"What was it that you wanted?" Xemnas questioned the Lunar Diviner with interest.


"I finished checking on that thing you were wondering about," he answered.




"It was clear from what I could see. I think it might have just been in your imagination." Between friends, that would have been in good humor...so just how stiff were these guys?


"Hello?" you called, bringing the attention back to you. They didn't even look at you! How vulgar! "I'm still here, you know!" Saïx looked down at you finally.


"And you will have to learn to be quiet if you want to be entrusted at all around here," he droned coldly and turned around, disappearing into a dark portal. You gave a look of disgust to where he had vanished and looked up at Xemnas expectantly. You wanted an explanation for what just happened; how had you just shifted from one place to another like that?


But Xemnas didn't seem to be paying attention; he was gazing at the moon with a frown on his features. You sighed. It didn't work. You sighed louder: still no result. Giving the nobody a dry look, you decided now would a good time to leave. It didn't look as though he would be talking to you anytime soon, so there was no point in you staying.


With one last glance back at him, your eyebrows arched upward in a worried expression. You began to walk toward the door, wondering what was going on that had him so concerned. What was the problem he had speculated?

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