Welcome Back to the Truth

In an attempt of suicide, you somehow wound up in a league of cloaked warriors. They called themselves Nobodies, and seemed to have the goal of becoming whole once more. Seeing as you still had a heart, this goal was nothing to you, but the mysterious man your heart longed for was certainly enough to make you want to help them. Supposedly you were the key to their success, but would your own heart lead you to your demise?


54. Chapter 49

"Aimi?" There was complete silence, solely darkness. However, a presence was indeed there, and from what it felt like, that company was your mother. Aimi, clad in her kimono, made her way over to you and knelt, tucking the material beneath her knees. A hand caressed your cheek with a caring softness that could only belong to one's conceiver.


"My beloved daughter," she cooed gently, eyes sparkling with compassion. The woman sighed and cradled you, despite the terrible attitude written all over your face. Your form fell into her arms, and for the first time since you were a young child, you felt as though you were rightfully dependent. Nevertheless, there was still that formidable hatred you harbored for her within your heart; even though she'd died to save you, she'd left you. This was something you could never find yourself forgiving.


The silence was unnerving, and you silently prayed something would happen...something to get you away from this woman. You, of course, would normally get away yourself, but there was no telling how the dead would react. Aimi was an imprint within your life; the Undead, and you had no desire to break her heart and let her take revenge.


"Dear _(Name)_, you are speechless. Good heavens, you cannot even see, can you?" When you didn't respond, the woman seemed to take this as a reinforcement of her suspicion. She gave a laugh of pity. "Fear not, my child, for crossroads approach."


"What do you mean by that?" you droned in befuddlement.


"The crossroads within your life. It will be a Yin-Yang fashion, and the choice will be entirely up to you. You will make the decision to either have eyes unclouded, or to have mind of elation."


"You're speaking in riddles, you stupid woman," came a bitter reply. Quite frankly, you did not like knowing you couldn't see the expression upon one's face as they spoke, or the very position in which they stood. You hated the world for doing such a thing to you, for taking your sight away. But the world didn't care, did it?


Your heart was filled with resentment and abhorrence, engulfed in the jealousy you felt for those that still had their five senses. But what had Aimi meant by 'eyes unclouded'? Surely she wasn't implying...


Aimi giggled and swept you into her arms once more. Her face nuzzled your cheek, making you snarl with annoyance. This only seemed to amuse her to a greater extent.


"My beautiful _(Name)_...you despise me with a scar so deep, it can never heal, and yet I love you with my entire being. All the spunk you show just makes me adore you more. Can you not see this?"


"I cannot see a damn thing right now, so will you please stop referring to such stupid metaphors and get to the freaking point?" Though you did not view it, your mother's lips were pulled into a sad smile.


"You may not prefer such riddles, but I am not here to prophesier the future for you. However, I will continue if you desire." Silence. "Your eyesight is your ultimate obstacle at this point in time. However, this can be overcome. There is only one man that can show you the world around you once more, but he leads a path of pain and destruction. If you are willing to make such a sacrifice, you may choose to do so.


"While there is such a beast as he, there is also a young man that can never restore what you seek, but can open the door to the light in your heart. Accompanied with such a bright demeanor, your happiness will come bountifully, and your life will be full of laughter and gaiety.


"The third of these suitors carries sharp wits. Though his sometimes-intimidating presence can be mildly frightening, the bride of such a knight would be eternally cared for. There would be no question of whether or not your life is in good hands, for his strength and courage would keep you safe with or without battle.


"Your decision must be made soon, I am afraid. Xevia, I do hope you will choose the right one. One wrong move could mean your very existence, I will warn you."


"But who are each of these men? I mean...I can pick out Demyx without a problem. But the other two sound fairly the same. They fit both of the two males I have in mind, for both could bring sadness and destruction, and both could care well for me. How am I supposed to know?"


"Your heart will have the answer."


"Then the last one...is Xemnas," you mused knowingly. "But Axel can cure my sight for good. Hmm...you didn't say Xemnas could not cure it temporarily..."


"This Esuna will take time, Xevia. A cure will not be immediate, so if it is merely sight you search for, give it patience." This seemed to send you into deeper thought. If Xemnas could help you out, that's all you needed, right? Even if Axel could heal you completely, he was indeed an assassin, and could only bring unhappiness.


"Understood. I already have made my decision, I think." Stumbling to your feet, you reached out for something to latch onto to steady yourself. Your mother took your hand and aided you. A shimmering light caught your attention. It was the glowing figure of a woman, slowly fading into darkness. How could you see her...?


"Reminisce of the battle you once fought,
Remember the skills you were once taught.
Our lives are on the brink of despair.
We can't see it, but we know it's there." In the blink of an eye, she vanished. Your mother was gone, and in your gut, you knew it would be the final visit you would receive from her.


Once again, you were plunged into blackness, but sounds now rang in your ears. The scratching of a pen against parchment was the loudest of them all, but you swore to hear a faint breathing pattern. Though it was impossible to see, you opened your eyes anyway. Said writer seemed to jump in his chair before standing and plodding over to you. Gentle hands raised you to a sitting position, and from the familiar smell, you could predict just who it was helping you.


"Xemnas..." you greeted with a nod. He responded with empty silence while sitting down upon the bed.


"Your training will have to take an alternate turn. We will be focusing more on hearing what your enemy is doing, rather than seeing. You will need to learn how far away they are standing, compared to the volume of which you hear them."


"I know," you choked. It would prove to be difficult, especially knowing The Superior would have no intention of taking it easy on you. Falling forward, you collided with his chest, where you buried your face and held him. Xemnas seemed surprised, if anything, for you to turn to him for emotional support.


Upper limbs wrapped around you and pulled you further against a broad form. Shimmering silver caught your eye, and you looked up suddenly, astonished at what your gaze was taking in. Xemnas's own optics were closed, his face inclined toward you. His eyebrows seemed to have lowered to a frown of what appeared to be concern, though with him, one could never be certain.


The room he'd taken you to was indeed his quarters. Only having seen it once, you were delighted to view such fascinating things. Objects of interest were placed upon numerous shelves, and photos decorated the walls. Allowing your eyes to wander, you quietly wondered just why your sight had returned.


Xemnas had apparently noticed your curiosity, for he moved away from your figure to watch you. The moment the two of you had ended the embrace, darkness overtook you once more. Heaving a sigh of frustration, you rested your forehead on his collarbone. Once more, you could see.


At last, things were beginning to make sense...or so you thought. Looking up instantly, you sent him a smile. Number 1 cocked his head and presented an expression of utter bewilderment.


"Xemnas, will you do me a favor and cast darkness upon my eyes?" A moment passed before he obliged, the element shrouding your upper visage. For a simple glance, you could see patience and curiousness set upon his face before light faded again. "I understand! I can see within the darkness!"


Such a thought gave you joy, though it would be arduous to succeed in keeping your sight. Darkness was chilling, and you had no intention of giving full access to such a thing. Surprisingly, you could actually hear the smile of amusement spread onto the silver-haired man's features. He pulled you against him once more, though this time you remained having your optics closed.


"Do you remember that world we visited?" he whispered, breath tickling against your ear.


"Yes...what about it?" Black flames engulfed the both of you, and then you were separated. Massive purple swirls danced above you and beneath your feet. It was a world made by the Heartless, and even without Xemnas in contact with you, everything was visible.


"This is a world of darkness. Whenever you reside here, sight will be an option." Smiling, you nodded gratefully to your leader. Melding against his figure yet again, you reveled in his presence. Just knowing he was there made this battle in your heart much less of a fight. This battle of light and darkness, each side pulling in opposite directions.


An arm draped itself across your waistline for support, and you leaned into the man you so sinfully adored. The memory of his kiss sent tingles up and down your spine, and it was unquestionable just how powerful the desire to be with him was.

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