Welcome Back to the Truth

In an attempt of suicide, you somehow wound up in a league of cloaked warriors. They called themselves Nobodies, and seemed to have the goal of becoming whole once more. Seeing as you still had a heart, this goal was nothing to you, but the mysterious man your heart longed for was certainly enough to make you want to help them. Supposedly you were the key to their success, but would your own heart lead you to your demise?


52. Chapter 47

Note by note replaying in memory, chilly metal that caused the admirer to jump when touched by it. Doubtlessly, it meant a lot to you that Demyx would go to such lengths just to apologize. You laid your hand upon the locket, removing it only when a certain brownie came into view.


A look of relief was plastered upon his face as you examined him with boredom. He came to a halt in front of you, breath coming in short gasps. The Keyblade was resting upon his shoulder in a casual manner, and its wielder looked nothing but battle weary.


"_(Name)_! You're alright!" heaved Sora, leaning down to lean on a knee in exhaustion. You grunted in amusement.


"Looks like you've had your hands full. Having fun pursuing the heartless?"


"That's not the only thing!" sounded Donald from behind him.


"We had a run-in with Organization XIII!" Goofy finished as though it were some dramatic tale that had an urgency of telling.


"Oh?" You crossed your arms and raised your eyebrows with interest.


"Yeah...worst group of villains we've ever laid eyes on! They use other Nobodies to do their dirty work while they sit around on their lazy butts," Sora complained, a hint of fear in his voice. As much as you hated to focus on something else other than a retort to his smart comment, you had to stop and think about this. So the Keyblade wielder was afraid. This was most likely due to the fact that he didn't know what to expect. How magnificent.


"Gee, that must be awful. Well...I suppose they should be no problem for a group of warriors like yourselves then, hm?" Hmph...as if. Oh great...now I'm sounding like Xigbar. The three, if you weren't just imagining it, looked every bit cockier than before.


"Not at all!" Sora boasted in agreement. "I'd like to see them try to battle us. It's like they can't even fight. I mean...this old man was pestering us earlier. He wouldn't even make a move!" It was effortful to keep yourself from bursting out laughing. That was Xigbar; all mouth. He only seemed to resort to physicals when it came to you...unfortunately.


"How cheap. Who do these weaklings think they are, messing with the Keyblade master?" Oh yes, flattery was your best friend in situations like these. It was the only thing you could resort to; otherwise, you'd give away your position.


"Who knows?" Donald pitched. A sigh escaped you as you leaned your back against a wall and began playing with the chain of your locket. It seemed the trio was indeed confident, much more than you had expected. If you could keep this going, it was possible they would even begin believing that the Organization was actually weak.


Closing your eyes, you let your thoughts wander for the moment. Xemnas would get a good laugh about some of the things these three were saying. It made you consider telling him about this particular session- the full outlook. The mention of your name snapped you from your daze and back to the present.


Eyes now open, you turned to look at Sora, your first victim. The other two didn't matter, you knew, for it was the cinnamon-head you had to con into your favor. A pair of blue optics stared back at you with unhidden interest. Whether it was one of those 'where-were-you-earlier' looks, it was hard to tell, but you were certain that was the message he was trying to get through to you.


"If you're questioning whether or not I was getting into dirty business, you're wrong. I was meandering the streets aimlessly, as usual. How was I to know the Organization showed?" Spite was most apparent in your tone, and did not go unnoticed by the young man.


"I didn't mean to pry, _(Name)_, but we didn't see you-"


"Do you think I'm out here all of the time? No, I have my shelter. Honestly, Sora...keep your big nose out of other people's business." The flattery was far out the door. A bashful hero was looking at you, clearly chocking on words. His gaze slowly lowered itself to the ground in shame.


"Sorry..." You stared at him for a moment with quick planning. It was either do something now or actually let him understand that you meant it. Cupping his chin, you lifted his head to force him to look you straight on.


"Don't be so hard on yourself. I'm just in a bad mood because...um...they ran out of my favorite ice cream at the...ice cream stand. Yeah, that's it. I apologize, Sora." The gullible boy ate it right up. A grin worked its way across his face as his orbs twinkled back at you. Smiling back, you removed your hand and nodded toward the entrance to the alleyway, where three more figures were standing. "It looks like your friends are waiting for you. You'd better be off."


He nodded before turning around on cue and dashing toward the silhouettes, Donald and Goofy tailing him. With a chuckle, you moved from view, glancing over your shoulder at the Keyblader. "Fool," you muttered before crying out; you'd run directly into the form of someone you quite often saw on a daily basis. "Saïx! What are you doing here?"


A smirk toyed at his lips, those yellow-amber eyes judging you for everything you had grown to be. Though he was not consciously doing it, you could feel it; it was always there, just as certain as Xigbar's dislike for you. Blue hair caught the sunlight as the Luna Diviner addressed your question.


"I came to make sure you were not fraternizing with that friend of yours," he droned coolly.


"Huh?" He sighed with obvious exasperation.


"Must I spell it out for you?" It was clear whom he was referring to at this point, for he had gained that look on his face that always meant one person was on his mind- Axel.


"Oh, Axel? Yes, Saïx, I'm off to sneak off with him again!!!" you taunted, feigning a devilish smile. "Honestly, does no one trust me? I'm very capable of handling that nuisance by myself."


"Despite your feeble attempts to explain yourself, I do believe your last session with our beloved traitor has spoken enough." His cold tone was enough to make your skin crawl. However, his choice of words overpowered it with an emotion much harder to maintain.


"Oh? I'll have you know that I was trying to throw him off! That asshole is persistent, you know," you retorted with as much hostility as you could manage at this point. Though you didn't hate Axel, you were working at it.


"Yes, and Xemnas thinks you did a splendid job of getting rid of him..." Your heart filled with pride; Xemnas had approved of your actions! "...for someone who does not truly desire for him to leave her alone."


Jaw agape, you faced him with eyes wide. Your fists clenched, your posture straightening. So much for that hope.


"Excuse me? How dare you!" came a roar of fury that exploded from your lungs. You weren't sure what it was, but ever since Axel had last visited you, you'd felt a strong desire to prove yourself. Maybe it was the words exchanged...


Saïx chuckled deeply, giving you goose bumps. He disappeared into a portal of darkness, leaving you yelling after him.


"Hey! Come back! I'm not done talking to you!" It was a miracle that Sora hadn't answered to your shouts. Normally you would have thought he'd investigate, meddling in another's affairs as usual. However, it seemed the brownie had retreated indoors.


Collapsing onto the ground, you cradled your knees and stared at the other side of the alley. So Xemnas was actually ashamed of you...what a surprise. You were never perfect, no matter what you did. Then again, had you ever really tried?


One day...one day, he'll be proud. I'll make him shine with glory from his apprentice's accomplishments. I won't fail this mission...no matter what the cost.


They were empty words, but you would fill them. Destiny awaited you, and it was time to return to your path once more. Your first priority was Xemnas.


Did the Superior feel the same way you did? Technically speaking, he couldn't, but if he had a heart...would he? The idea made your heart pound in its cage, its beat ringing in your ears. What an honor it was to even be connected with such a man.


The numb feeling of his arms around you still brought warmth all the way to your fingertips, and the feel of his lips...such an incredible memory. It almost seemed as though it were part of a dream, a fairytale. Had you been dreaming? No...it wasn't possible; the embrace was far too real.


"Xevia...you are wanted back at the castle." Turning your head, you looked up at the speaker. Xaldin's blue eyes were giving you an adamant stare, but you knew that if he did not return with you, there was a good chance he'd be in trouble. There was no getting out of this one, it seemed.


Standing up, you brushed yourself off with a groan. It was, to be honest, a pain to have to return to headquarters so soon. You'd just barely gotten out of the castle, and now they were beckoning for you to return. What would happen should Sora turn the corner and see the two of you conversing as though it were an everyday thing? Though it was, but the Keyblader didn't know such.


Xaldin held out his arm for you to take, clearly ordering you to join him. Gaze glued to the stone street, you entwined your arm with his and shamefully took your place at his side. As darkness overtook you, there was a moment where you almost wondered why you'd given up your freedom to join Organization XIII in the first place.

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